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AnnaTess |
Listener - Veteran 10

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5.0 star rating

Hi there, I'm Anna (she/her). Let's chat!

You feeling heard, respected, and comfortable are my top priorities.


I'm a Canadian in my twenties and an incoming graduate student in psychology and neuroscience. I love literature, yoga, hockey, baking very badly, cooking even worse, music, and exploring.


While I am happy to talk about most topics, I have the most experience with: anxiety + panic attacks, breakups, motivation and setting goals, lgbtq+, chronic pain, psychosis + hallucinations, grief, trauma, and general stress. I will not take chat topics dealing with terminal illness or cancer. 


- Quality Mentor

- Chatroom Mentor

- Chat Support & Peer Support

- Sharing Circle Support Room Leader 

- Global Moderator

- Group Support Mentor Leader - Sharing Circle

- Adult-Teen Listener <3 

Listener Twin to @ifyouknowtocountcountwithme & @PuzichkinCat & @LuluRings

Catanna!  ⸜(· O · )⸝

Number of Ratings: 46
Number of Reviews: 42
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 25, 2020
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Progress Path Step 247
Cheers 146,420
People Helped 146
Chats 1,065
Group Support Chats 1,133
Listener Group Chats 530
Forum Posts 100
Forum Upvotes 322
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Feedback & Reviews
Very good listener. Caring and sincere.
Sweet, and great listener
I really appreciate you taking some time to actually listen to me, you're one of the most kind, patient and calming listeners. So helpful!
Really nice and kind! Listened to me patiently and understood how I feel. 100% recommendable!
great moderator!
Great Friend/Trainer/Mod. They will go far here at 7cups. Hard working.
So very helpful, very understanding. Amazing Mod and Great Leader and Trainer.
A realllyyy calm and soft spoken listener. Listens to you patiently and understands you very well. 10/10 would recommend!
Anna basically ROCKS❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amazing chat, doesn’t judge and made me feel like a friend
Wonderful and attentive listener! Empathetic and really took the time to understand the situation and talk it through with me. Thank you!!!
Nice person,very easy to talk with.
This person is very understanding. They said very nice things to me and I love talking to them.
Anna was so sweet and incredibly empathetic. She is an amazing active listener, and I feel much better after speaking with her.
Very patient listner and gives you a valid reason to not doubt yourself and helps you out
Was a really good and patient listener. Let me rant about my problems and offered some helpful insight. Overall just a good neutral listener that helped guide my feelings.
Really wonderful, kind respectful knowing good!
Great and calm listener
This is the best listener. Totally took an uncomfortable conversation and made it comfortable, light, and a positive outcome. Turned my night around
I like her a lot!
She is amazing. Really good listener.
Great at listening. Positive, and tries to understand all that has been tried to cope. Very kind and saw her in action as a host for sharing circle. She was also kind and encouraging in chat.
AnnaTess is probably one of the best listeners I've come across. She checks up on me which means so much. It feels like she really cares about anyone she listens to. She never judges when I talk about seeing and hearing things. Thank you!!!!
really put things into perspective
Thanks for being so friendly
Great listener..........
Thank you for listening!
The chat was absolutely great. Very professional and understanding yet honest listener that knows how to make use of reflection and validation in an appropriate manner.
Really kind, caring & understanding. Great listener.
She is so sweet that she checked in on me 💖
A caring person
Thanks. Really helpful.
Really understanding and caring.
Anna is really patient, emphatic and thoughtful. It really helped me.
Very much kind and understanding. Thank you.
Very patient and attentive
She was very kind and interactive
Very intuitive!
Anna was very patient. Didn't even push me to talk but tried to match with my pace.
WOW this person was an amazing listener
Thoughtful, kind, reflective. I felt really listened to.
So patient and uplifting!
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