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Aylexis |
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Please read before messaging me.
Welcome, I'm glad you're here! 

Topics I don't take: career/financial stress, politics, religion, cheating, chronic pain, disability issues. I am also happy with casual conversations or to keep you company! 
Or if you want some funny/cute YouTube videos.

My chat style: I'm very patient, down to earth, I try my best to understand everything and prefer a friendlier approach than most listeners, but am mostly practical and logical. I don't give fake validation or tell you what you want to hear. I never disappear mid chat and reply as fast as possible. I am also quite talkative, so you can feel free to ask me anything!

I'm a very honest and direct person, so please keep that in mind if you are very sensitive. I prefer a tough love approach to life. And don't be afraid to message me anytime even offline, I am very open and friendly!

About meMy name is Alexis but you can call me Lexi or Alex! I'm 22, study medicine and worked part time as a nurse. I'm very extroverted and active with a lot of hobbies and obligations! I train gymnastics, play the violin, design clothes, paint, run workshops and I'm a big fan of horror movies and have a lot of pets. I love to travel and learn new things, meet new people. I've been through a lot in the past so I have quite the experience with many issues and people. I'm happily married to my husband and am a proud parent.

Things I have experience in: relationships/people, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, violence, managing emotions, narcissism, guilt, LGBT, kinks, incest, night terrors, parenting, anger issues and work/college issues.

I am fine with sexual, taboo and embarrassing issues as well, and won't judge you. But please don't make any advances towards me, ask me for my social media or demand a solution from me. I'm just a regular student doing their best, and not a licesened therapist.
Thank you for reading, and I hope I can be of some help! 

✰ My roles (feel free to reach out anytime if you need it!): 
- Peer support 
- Safety patrol 

What's your gender really?
- I get asked this so much. I'm male biologically but I just look and live as a woman. I didn't take any hormones and I'm happy this way.
What's your sexuality?
- I don't have one. I've only felt something for one person my whole life. Anyone else never interested me or will. And I don't see the point of labels.
Why don't you take chats related to studies and career?
- It's not something I'm really interested in or that knowledgeable. So it wouldn't be a good time for either of us.
When can I message you?
- You can message me whenever, and I'll respond when I can. But if you'd like a chat please ask me if I'm available first.
Why don't you tell me what to do/give advice?
- I'm not a professional therapist, I'm not the expert on you or your situation and it is against the site rules. So please don't demand answers or solutions from me.
Can I ask you personal questions?
- Yes you can, as long as you don't ask me information that could be traced back to me or reveal my full identity. Especially not social media.

Number of Ratings: 567
Number of Reviews: 433
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Languages English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian
Listener Since Feb 14, 2015
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Cheers 452,850
People Helped 2,164
Chats 8,496
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Feedback & Reviews
Lovely listener
Kind, patient and helpfull
Amazing acctually under stands me
Really Helped me.
very nice, best listener
Great listener. Willing to help.
just very understanding and calm
Very friendly and helpful person, really appreciate the time taken to help and chat
Understanding, non judgemental, and understands where I'm coming from
amazing, fast replier and really helped out
she’s really amazing
Love her............
amazing listener, you will love her
Thanks for the father talk, I really appreciate your listening. Great responding time, and over all, a very comfortable chat. I came into the chat depressed and confused, I feel you helped me, getting more clear. And for that, thanks. 10/10 :)
Very patient and a good listener
बहुत अच्छा श्रोता Aylexix एक अद्भुत मानव है। वास्तव में चौकस और दयालु वास्तविक और बहुत उपयोगी है। आपको सुनता है और आप के साथ एक अद्भुत अनुभव साझा करने के लिए आभारी और आपके विचारों को समझने और उनसे संबंधित होने के लिए तैयार है।
Alex is such a sweetheart ❤️
Very good person to speak to
A keen person and was kind . I felt relaxed.
Patiently listened to me. She's great!
She is really good listener
It went okay nd amazing
Good listener and open to hearing al you have to say
Very understanding and open.
Is very understanding. Good listener
She's responsive and replies attentively. Great listener!
Kind and professional
nice listener. thank you for the support.
Great listener. They were awesome.
She listened to every single word even if i was telling her the some facts over and over again. She made me feel comfortable
She's such a sweetheart!
She's really supportive and an excellent listener. I felt good speaking to her.
Feeling connected and fast response. She looks like good person. Thank you for listening to me
They were very kind and helpful
I like how Alexis listens first and then provides support. It's logical and empathetic.
Loved her she's awesome
This listener was GREAT. It was my first time using the site as a member. She was kind and reassured me about the situation I told her about. Highly recommend!
Kind listener. Asked questions and chatted. Thank you
Thanks, I think he is very interested
Good listener. Cares about people. Replying fast. Thanks for the support!
So sweet and calm. 💗
I loved it!, awesome listener!
Good listener and patient
Alex is so caring and made me feel safe and hopeful towards the issues I've been dealing with. Thank you so so much!
Veryvery insightful understanding
Good listening 👌,, fast messaging
Such an amazing listener, was there to help me and I feel so much better after. Highly recommended!
kind honest and straight to the point
they are a very kind and caring person
Really good listener, helped us in a very difficult situation..... My girlfriend and I are thankful.
nice and really helpful
Very kind and patient.
Very good listener!
Excellent listener, very compassionate.
Took the time to talk
Great listener :)
thanks a lot sorry for my english ❤️
This person understands my point of view without judging
very nice patient listener it was awesome connecting with :)
so chill and friendly and funny. thank you
Sweet, honest, full of understanding. I was glad to find someone I could relate. Great and supportive listener.
A good conversation with a patient individual who provided me with a safe space to have a conversation.
Really listens and tries to find the root of your feelings. Very lovely.
Good listener, level and kind
Didnt give up on me. Was very patient. Thank you
Alex was awesome! She listened and was very supportive. She even made me laugh out loud before we were finished. I feel much better after talking with Alex
Super caring, nice, friendly, helpful. The best chat I've ever had here, super recommended
Very friendly and nice
Very friendly, very patient
greet listener he was really comforting
Awesome thanks for helping me
Very helpful with talking me through a problem I'd been having
Seems very helpful!
Very cooperative and interactive Listener, with a much appreciative patience.
I'm feeling relieved and happy for someone listening and pointing out the basics facts that I keep on ignoring. Now I can sleep
Amazing, so helpful and attentive
The best conversation I ever had on 7 cups since now! Totally awesome!
The listener couldnt be more better
she really helped me, such a beautiful soul
Practical and a good listener! Exc
wonderful :) id happily talk to Alex again.
Very kind and patient
My listener is comfortable with my topic and engages with me. That's all I could really ask for in a listener.
Very helpful chat. Patient and good perspective.
Love her attitude
Great listener with empathy
A really nice listener so far 😊
She’s really nice and listens well
She’s a nice listener
Listened to me and guided me for the most likely rational path, I just have to thank for clearing up my mind.
She is very caring and helpful
Excellent insight and response time, one of the better listeners I've chatted to in a long time.
Aylexis was a great listener
seems chill enjoyed conversation
Have great insights on what I knew was true but I didn't want to be true. Very helpful!
He is the best eveeer! Kind and friendly and so caring!! I felt like my close friend is talking to me!
amazing listener. thank you x
Very cooperative. She is a truly lovely and interactive person
Loved it! Awesome chat!
loved it awesome chat
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