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I'm a guy who likes helping on my spare time. I became a listener because it's so common that people feel bad and i wanna be there for people because i love making a difference.

facts: I’m honest and straight forward, what i say can have a deeper meaning behind it. What i say is not to offend or waste time but to make you think and see a different perspective.

Love problems has been a experienced of mine for a long time with my own past and I've learned a lot from them. I NEVER judge anyone. We all got a past or issues. So hopefully i can help you with your concern or problem. Lots of stress in life and it's about overcoming the struggles and not escaping from them. Escape solves nothing and will only come back sooner or later, so why not deal with it now so you're done with it :D

Every hardship is tough and takes time to solve and through that you will grow and hopefully improve being you. Improvement comes from experience, experience comes from actions, actions comes from willpower and energy. Use the willpower to use the energy that you have and do something. If you got a goal you know why you have willpower to fulfill your dreams or goals. Every succes starts with a step towards that destination. Let me help you with the steps :)

Thank you for reading.

If you got any questions I'm always happy to answer them :)

Peace out~


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Feedback & Reviews
Good listener. Helped put things into perspective
The listener was really helpful and nice
Just awesome no more words
Excellent listener. Very patient and provided good feedback. Would highly recommend.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Good listener recommended
Best listener i have talked to so far!
This is one smart kitten !
very good listener
Thanks for ur time
it was insightful
The first listener who actually listened
Great listener, and very understanding
a good listener inddedddd
They r nice lol
Was calm and non judgemental. Helped create understanding and gave patient guidance.
Really considerate person! I'm really grateful for the help! :)
Super down to earth listenner. It definetly help reading his bio. Would comeback to vent again.
He is an amazing listener. Friendly, lovely and super funny. Thank you for everything. =]
Such a kind person! Listens to you and does the best to help you.
Good listener, allowed me to talk I felt heard
BearCat was so patient with listening to my long story, and was able to remind me about what's really important. I'm feeling much better and I have BearCat to thank! Thank you so so much you have no idea how much I needed this
Amazing advice! :D
Very kind and helpful :D
Very good at listening. Kind and respectful
Understands, listens, and helps
Good listener!!!
they are very helpful and they helped me calm down
Amazing listener. Great advice
Very nice guy, straight forward and helpful. I would definitely recommend talking to him. He is awesome! :)
Nice to chat with
He is awesome.... Thank you so much for helping meπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
good listener, tries to help as best as she can
Heard some things I needed to hear. Honesty is highly appreciated ☺️
Honest and a very good listener
Thank you for chatting with me. I really enjoy it
If you are looking for a friend to listen and help you though a tough time, BearCatTheCalm3 is who you are looking for. I had a wonderfully calming session with BearCatTheCalm3 and he helped me with many of my issues and let me rant about all of my problems offering companionship and good advice but above all, he was a great friend.
He helped me have a new perspective on a problem I've had for such a long time.
good listener and able to helped me realize what is going on
Good listener, seemed to care about the person talking
he's great. answers very quickly. gives relevant advice
The listener was responsive and non-judgmental.
Cool dude, helped me understand my issues from a wider perspective and he was patient and caring. - that friendzoned guy
thank you, such a good person
Liked it :) Thank you.
Thanks for your help
Great person to chat with
One of the best listeners I've ever talked to! He's kind and caring, always has the right thing to say
great listener
She was cool and helpful.
great listener and great responses
BearCatTheCalm3 really listened and made me feel like I wasn't crazy for how I was feeling.
They have listened to me and given me great advice !!!
Really caring and supportive!
Great listener, honest
Real nice person. Reality check right here.
A good listener
Awesome bearcat! Gives suggestions to relax
great help in being able to talk about any issue
this was good, helpful, clarifying my situation and i came to a conclusion about my options
I liked it, helpful chat.
Very supportive n helpful:))
Wonderful. I appreciate it.
He's super insightful and listens really well, it made me feel better knowing I wasn't hurting someone else.
thanks for the chat
This listener was helpful and sympathetic, and offered support and ideas for self-help. Very encouraging!
One of the best listeners here, wise friendly and helped me a lot ;)
A good listener
Made me feel better. And I felt at ease
Nice to talk to u..
Good listener and advicer
BearCatTheCalm3 was encouraging and non judgemental. I thought at first it was just general platitudes but it really felt supportive.
Very empathetic and kind!
Very warm and helpful
such a nice person who is willing to listen and care for u
good listener, good advice, response time was quick, made me feel less alone
Good listener quick responses, likes people to be clear and straight to the point,
Really chill and calm guy, helped me motivate me and clean my conscious.
Helped me with my mental break down πŸ™‚ made me feel less alone
Kind and helpful. Pleasure to talk
This person was very helpful
Very polite and supportive gave me some direction!
Great listener!
It was really helpful just to be able to talk things out and this listener was willing to discuss grief which I loved. A lot of listeners seem to have a hard time with that.
Like chatting to a friend. Very good listener
Great listener and give you very helpful tips!
Understanding :)
Fantastic very honest and a great listener
Thanks BearCat!
Thanks BearCat!
They were great
Great listener, I feel really heard and understood
Really empathic
A great help when I needed it most, listening and helping me to find the answers
So incredibly good at listening. Thank you, buddy! ❀️
He was excellent, not just for helping me realise what to do, but even more so for helping me see where I was wrong, without me feeling like he was blaming me or taking sides. That's where the real learning comes in, I think, and I appreciate that. Win or lose, I learned something. Thank you so much for not sucking.
Every listener should take a leaf out of this listener's book. There's no sugar coating here, just kindness, generosity and tips on how to ease your situation. Stay awesome! :)
Really chill and empathetic
A super cool person! Thank you!
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