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BlackRose522 |
Listener - Virtuoso 7

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Hello! I'm Black Rose, Verified listener =). 

Due to my Irregular shedule I no longer accept long-term chats (I'm sorry!)

Note: I do not accept chats related to romantic relationships(Be it issues, break ups, etc). I am willing to talk about most other topics without problem! I believe I can be the most helpful at the ones I have tagged :).

My schedule is very hectic and random, so I don't accept scheduled or regular chats(Sorry!), however, if you see me online, please free free to message!

I don't like big fancy flashy intros, but I'll leave you a poem.

When the rain pours down, without hesitation
When your feet can't move, lacking motivation

When all you can do is break down and cry.
Let the tears flow, because no man can fly.

Number of Ratings: 208
Number of Reviews: 108
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Languages English
Listener Since Jun 17, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
My favourite listener ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
such an amazing listener!
the individual stayed with the conversation the whole time.
THANKYOU SO SO MUCH!! Best listener so far🌸
Good listener…….
They observed my situation really well and gave me a different perspective.
Oh my gosh, you have no idea oh much you have helped me . I and beyond grateful I was able to talk to you! Thank you so much !💖
Very kind and insightful.
Awesome listener. Very understanding. I recommend them.
Excellent listener
Thank You , great listener , doesn't judge
Very very understanding and Very very helpful
Wonderful listener and gave good advice.
A kind and peaceful soul
Incredibly wise and a good listener
A Kind and patient listener.
A great listener and gave me exactly what I was searching for.
Amazing person and great listener.
Great listener!
Great listener and observer
Awesome support!
Thank you for listening😊
This person helped me so mutch, they were so involved in my questions and thoughts!
Very understanding, compassionate and helpful.
Very very concentrated and helpful.
BlackRose is one of the best.
Very nice and funny person
Very comforting
Really helpful 😊
So polite..makes you feel real comfortable
veryy good listener
Such a lovely experience!
Great listener
Comforting and supportive
wonderful. understanding. patient. and just the kindest person ive met. because of her i may actually turn my life around.
it is nice to have someone reach out and actually spend time on someone like me thank you
She's awesomely patient and caring
Very kind and good listener.
Attentive, offered feedback w/o judgement
Good listener had a great time!
Lovely listener
He's kind and sweet. Thank you.
Good listener, understanding
I guess I wanted to talk to Rose because he was so supportive when I talked to him before. I am really thankful to be able to talk through my issues and feel like he understands and is there for me. You rule, Rose☺!
Had an amazing conversation with this listener. Definitely recommend him.
Awesome listener
Amazing listener, helps you alot. Very caring ! Thank you 😊
Very kind. Didn't try to convince me I was wrong for beeing the way I was but still led me to reisations that helped me to understand the situation I was in
a hood listner
A very kind , understanding and cheerful person😊I absolutely recommend blackrose522
Help you when you're down, ready to give you a hand and get you on feet!
He gave me full of his attention and time! I felt really heard and cared for! Thanks for being around! :)
This listener really helped me to put things into perspective. BlackRose is so understanding of everything and really helped me with the things that I am going through. They’re also super patient and it meant so much that I had someone to just simply actively listen. Thank you -Ruth
Great feedback and conversationalists
Roses was very kind and caring. I loved talking with them.
very helpful, also suggests some calming techniques through your breath
they were really helpful and a good listener
This listener seems to have x-ray vison. It took some time, but sticking on the same topic and getting into it let both him and I understand it better. He made astounding observations that I hadn't made of myself but totally agree with. I've never had a listening experience like this before. Amazing.
thanks a lot!!!
Listened well and gave good insight into my situation. Very pleasantly surprised how just over chatting online she understood me! I feel relieved 😅
Lovely and understanding. They really put a new perspective on my problems.
Thank you very much for listen to me and help me out. You are really nice ♥
He is cool to talk to about anxiety
Extremely helpful and understanding. Knew exactly what it was I needed to hear and felt considerably better after one conversation.
The best! Even with things not within his areas of expertise I couldn't have asked for better and more patient support
thank you very much! A truly great listener!
Thanks for hearing out my childish issues
Amazing! So willing to lend a listening ear and help me make the best decisions for myself.
She's listening and working well with me. I feel like someone is actually hearing me out for once
good listener with sharp thoughts and point of views
Very caring person.
Perfect support, amazing human being
very nice listener. it helped me so much
They're very sweet and empathic, helpful and just lovely
Was very empathetic :)
Sooooo empathetic and kind! Perfect listener, takes his time for you patiently. Knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. Thanks 💜
very helpful
Good listener
Thank you for listening and being honest in your response. I needed it direly!
very good
provides great help and full support.
She/He was great
a wonderful and kind person 💕💕
Through our chat and the way that BlackRose522 could summarise everything that I was saying, what I perceived as a big confusing mess, become much more clear and simple. I didn't feel so overwhelmed, and felt the weight of stress/anxiety/worry lifted. I have found somewhere to turn to for comfort and support, when I otherwise felt very alone. I look forward to future chats.
Just great. Absolutely understands.
Extremely empathetic human being, without coming off strong or weak and rapid response time. I'll definitely bug Rose some more in the near future.
It was really nice to talk to rose. His response time was amazingly fast, he listened and summarized and paraphrased as well as asked really tough questions and made me analyze the situation offering his insights. I really felt better afterwards. Thank you very much. Your style and way of thinking is quite unique.
a good listener,empathetic,
Your a lovely listener .... And your name is just awesome . I don't know who's behind that name but I do know the fact that your beautiful at heart. God bless You.
Fast response... well done.
Great analyzer and really helpful in making sense of confusing situations
Lovely chat!
BlackRose522 better understood my situation than my psychologist...
He accepted to discuss existential matters with me.
He was very empathetic and competent even when I challenged him.
His analyses are spot-on.
His active listening skills are so good.
He gives helpful suggestions.
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