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Hello, Everyone. I am the Cosmic Ishan. I vow to practice giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration, and wisdom to fulfill my purpose to aim of attaining Enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

I have come to this app because I have seen the suffering around the world and how everyday people are constantly ablaze with the suffering of self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. It's just my goal by helping others find peace and also find peace myself by helping others to make the world a better place by creating positive karma. I am powerless to do any miracle so I give my best to help and be grateful even if one person finds their peace there will be more peace in the world. The world is filled with hatred, violence, and anyone who is suffering right now could cause suffering in the lives of people around them and their negative action would cause a cycle of hatred that will devour so many people in hatred. So if I help at least one person find peace, they can be a positive impact on the life of people around them and the world can be a little better place. That's my goal because I don't wanna make anyone go through what my Precious has gone through. I am not a Buddha or anything. All I can do is give them a conversation.

I need to realize that there is suffering in the world and I will be a listener for the victims of those suffering who can join and get helped. But nobody can carry the world on their shoulders and erase the suffering of everyone, that is simply too heavy of a burden to carry for a single human being, but if we join together probably we can have a more peaceful impact. A simple easy act of kindness that is within my reach, maybe having created an account of a listener could be a good start for me. It won't save the world, but that's okay, it's still a wonderful thing and it'll bring a little joy for both me and the members we are trying to help.

I will try to be as kind as I can to the people whose suffering and to understand what kindness really means. I will try to keep my heart open and to recognize the suffering of all the members; I will try to recognize what makes them suffer, which is usually pain. Part of my path is looking at these members' pain that makes them clam up, shut down, and collapse around their concerns. The other part is being inspired by the possibility of dissolving their suffering.

My way of assisting others on the cessation of suffering is by being mindful; I must understand their words with care and consideration, I must tend to their actions with grace, and assure their thoughts do not become tainted. While I cannot make a mystical fix for the universe and make everyone causelessly blissful, I will spread the ways I understand from experience on how I overcome my Obstacles. 

Knowing the truth is a domino effect because everything is interconnected and nothing is separated. To use this blessing existence of mine to attain liberation from habitual limitations of Mind, and to penetrate the nature of reality and experience it without the mind grasping the reaction with being hurter, To activates the functions of great compassion and wisdom so I can attain true understanding and freedom from suffering where I can share the experience with others. By reaching the state of complete bliss, liberation from the limitations and desires of the physical world, and the end of the cycle of pain and suffering. 

It is a vehicle, after all. The taste of truth. A path to the pathless land I choose to walk. 
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very good listener
good person. thanks
good listener and helpful long responses
This listener is very kind, warm, wise, faithful - a very fine and good friend.
Very enlightening.
Very helpful, kind and nice
Very patient in helping me see that I have options available that should work.
Best listener 🙌❤
Very patient and friendly
Listener is very very positive they make you feel enlightened and in the times of darkness this listener can really bring a lot of light and positivity to you. A great great listener thank you so much for your positive guidance
great and loving, feels safe, very comforting
Great and enlightening listener
amazing person. very helpful and aware
Really helps, talking to him really makes things easier. his words made sense and and calmed the overthinker in me. thankyou. he got great insights about life
very good insight
Good listener amd helpful
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