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"Got called an alien for being myself, but ain’t got the patience to be someone else." YUNGBLUD<3

I’ve overcome a lot in my life and have had experience with a lot of different things, feel free to talk to me about anything I will never judge and everything’s confidential, just know that you a worth it and you are amazing and I am here for you just drop me a message ❤️ I’m weird/ a freak and I like reading, Everyone should be proud of their inner freak it makes you unique 😊
Number of Ratings: 141
Number of Reviews: 113
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Languages English
Listener Since Dec 6, 2018
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 364
Cheers 151,559
People Helped 590
Chats 2,497
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Feedback & Reviews
I love how she is always happy to help me. SHe's really nice.
Just amazing and so nice
Great person😃 I admire them
Great listener. Helped ease me through a very specific and difficult issue of mine, with no judgement or dismissal.
Shared a bit about herself with me. A hard worker who is dedicated to others. She has had struggles and is the perfect person to help you through yours. Highly recommend.
they are very sweet and very helpful when i am feeling down
She was an amazing help . She sounds like a beautiful human who lives to see others smile and it also brings her pure joy .
shes like one of the best therapist out here! i really recommend her (:
seems very nice :)
She is an amazing listener she will be here for you anytime
This person is the greatest listener ever
The best you could ever ask for
Patient and comforting :)
a really good listener!!! makes you feel comfortable and safe:)
loved it! awesome!
I love here she is sweet andeasy to talk to.
she's really sweet
She is a great listener! Was comforting me through out the whole process! She is indeed a good friend and gives you great amount support by just texts and that holds huge amount of power to me. Loved talking with her! She made me release myself from the hold of depression to an extend which i was actually wanting at the moment.. highly recommendable listener! Thank you!!
Clicked as soon as we started talking and with me being a DID system its hard to find someone willing to try and understand and she did. Think I got a friend ❤
♥️She is awesome and is really helpful ♥️
She's really caring
Amazing listener
She's really sweet
I like chatting with you
Very helpful and relatable!
This person makes sure you are taken care of. She will not leave you hanging and will offer you top-notch advise.
The listener made me overcome my fear.
Will listen to you and try to get to know you
She's really nice, helped me work out a lot of stuff even though we only talked for about twenty minutes. Highly recommended.
Very nice listener
very nice. understood me and helped me through my questions
Very kind and compassionate. Thank you so much xx
Awesome listener!
Thank you so much, you good woman. Good luck♡
The best listener 💕💕💕
Roxy is awesome. I love Roxy. Roxy is a good listener and roxy knows how to make me feel better
She helped me a lot
helpful very kind and much needed
Very kind and open-minded
A good listener I'm better now
She’s legit amazing and she may think things about herself but they aren’t true😊
She talked to me so nice and sweet, did everything she could to help me, she responded pretty fast which is what I needed lol, made me feel comfortable talking about my feeling and stuff to her pretty easily, SHES GOT GOOD VIBES can feel it though the phone their so strong! Lol but love talking to her and definitely would talk to her about any problem I was having for sure and would recommend her to be one of the best I've found on here so far!!!
so helpful and she helps me with my trubels
they did very well
She is so kind and open
she had the same ideas and oppinions as me, helped me to understamd a girl
Really kind and understanding listener. :)
Actually understood what I was going through and provided hope support and encouragement. I am grateful for every moment I spent talking and feel infinitely better now
incredible. it was the best, most helpful conversation I've had in God knows how long. she understood exactly what I meant (even when I wasn't entirely sure what I was trying to say), and always knew exactly what to say to break me out of my self-doubt spiral. highly, highly recommend.
Amazing listener, great humour!
Braver than i could EVER be.
She is AMAZING!! She's so cool! Super nice and very understanding! She's the bestest friend you can ever make! Totally go and chat with her! She is such an angel! She'll help you through all your problems! TRUST ME!
very kind human being
Is a really good listener and has helped me a lot.
A very good listner
Really nice person, who is great to talk to
Very caring person, glad to have Roxy.
Amazing listener!! So kind and supportive. They were super polite and an awesome person to talk to!
Really helpful and empathetic
i like how your 16 like me lol
really nice person!! One of the best talks I’ve had on here honestly
she is amazing ........
Great listener! Really motivated me :)
Gives good solutions. Very helpful. Listens to my problems well.
She was very understanding
Awesome great person to talk to
Great and relatable listener.
Roxy is a great listener and provides good advice
Great listener. Really helped talking to her and felt better
Very understanding and has a great way of making the person feel better!
Lovely person, checked up a few times
Very amazing. Understanding. Helped me a lot.
Very supportive.She gives me hope
amazing listener . Made me feel incredibly better just with some messages.
She’s a good listener ♥️
I love her she understands me
Best listener out there 👍🏻
She’s great I actually feel like I have a support system!
loved it she’s so awesome hehe
Very good converstion
It was a pleasure chatting with her.
Amazing so helpful
has a very supportive attitude.
Roxy was fantastic!
She helped me, and understands what I’m going through... thank you.
very kind, helping me
Understanding and nice
best listener ever wish them epic luck
She inspired me to keep going and we didn't even talk much. A few words were really enough.
They let you vent which I really like
She is nice and she listens to everything you say and tells you what she thinks can help your problem
Great listener!
She is very helpful and very supportive!
Roxy is a great listener and so far shes helping really well
Listened well , calmed me down a lot , and gave me the advice I needed
This person was amazing, they were extremely helpful and seemed to know exactly what to say at pretty much all times. They seemed very professional and I could feel the compassion for the subject that they had in their texts, not even needing to hear a voice. Amazing.
Roxy is an amazing listener and provides helpful and guiding feedback.
I liked how you gave me a way to help cope. I appreciated having someone to listen, so thank you
Has been helping me a ton. Never gives up on me. Renews my will to live.
They were awesome at listening and reassured me everything will be ok in the midst of an anxiety attack.
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