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CallMeNaman2002 |
Listener - Exemplar 12

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5.0 star rating

​​ "Don't give up even if you feel like giving up, because once it's over you'll regret it. So what if you fell down today you can still stretch your back and start again"

Heyyy Do you like Music?!?! If yes, do you mind taking a moment and check this out!?!?

Hello I'm glad you've found me, I'm a Trained Active Adult & Teen Listener and Verified Listener. I can listen to to you ,don't think you can annoy me. I am just a small human over earth. I will never judge you. I can even suggest you.

Look I'm not perfect and i am proud of it because this makes me unique. People i suggest you that no one is perfect and you should be proud of who you are.


And one more thing. I'm 20 years old, deep down I'm still a teen. Makes sense right? 😀 i believe that age is just a number so i can listen to you.

Points to be noted :

• I talk really a lot

• I like to listen music a lot



​​@DrNinja - My meme brother 😂


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@Skybar @Imogene @Emikokokoro @brilliantTurtle89 @Ashvillium (Bisleri) @Vivianta


Penguin buddy 🐧

@SilverKnight007 @RadiantParadise8490 

@Sarah4u & @Ollen78 Miss having those conversations with you guysz!!

Number of Ratings: 106
Number of Reviews: 44
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Apr 17, 2017
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 362
Cheers 427,257
People Helped 320
Chats 3,524
Group Support Chats 342
Listener Group Chats 2,111
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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener! Glad I got the time to speak to them, felt like they really understood my situation and helped me work on a plan for the future! Thank you so much Naman! You are awesome!
thank you for helping me!!
She or he is absolutely amazing
Very kind, caring listener. Always trying to be helpful.
He just listened and helped me see see my problem from a different perspective I never thought of
He is very nice and listens very closely about my problems.
he was sooooooooooo kind to me and is helping me get through my break up and hes so nice and hes very funny and a intelligent person and his name is Naman. anyways he is so helpful
Has a lot of empathy
The listener is best and make me feel valued and validated keep doing the good work hero😃
Very nice listener.
He's a very helpful, supportive, and kind listener. He listened to my problems and lended a sympathetic ear, it really helped because I was feeling like crap but he brightened my mood up considerably. 10/10, would recommend.
He is very understanding and is a grate listener.
Best listener keep it up!
He's a brilliant Listener. Takes time to listen and understand. Very insightful and easy to talk to. Genuine and honest. Replies quickly. I always feel better after our chat. Thank you, Naman! ❤️
very good listener !!totally recommend him.
very friendly! i got a little confused but i'm not very good w/ social interactions so it could be on my end. other than that, very sweet!!
Helped me calm down, nice guy
Very welcoming and respectful and weren't too intrusive.
It was a really nice chat, helped me calm down and think clearly, loved it ^^
He’s such a great guy, he’s genuine, he’s talkative in a good way when you get closer to him, and he has a big heart. He never stops understanding and tries everytime to see the bright side in you. He’s worth talking to and a great rant buddy too.
Nice and caring, he's perfect
Very kind and an excellent listener. Helped me to realize things about my current situation. Good at conversation!
One of the best listeners and best music buddies I ever had..........Recommended me good songs to soothe my mind, Thanks buddy a lot:)
He's an awesome listener and he's the best!
Welcoming and understanding
amazing person to speak to
Naman is one of the most empathetic listener I have ever met. Thank you so much for spending so much time in listening to me even though I wasted a lot of time of yours which I think I shouldn't have.. I had a great experience with callmenaman2002.
Kindest and the best, thank you very much and I'm sorry for the confusion
They really helped me and I felt that for the first time in a long time, I had someone who would help give advice that would help my situation (friends all giving the same solution and it wasn't one I wanted to do) thank you do do much
Thanks for being there all the time
thanks again
really thankful!!!
Great man!!! helped me alot
i love you bro. you are amazing ;)
bro bohat accha hai:)
Naman.. He is so caring, compassionate, loving.. Just love you Naman!
Very nice and polite person.
Nice fellow!
thank you sososo much! i can't send you enough positive vibes!
Very analytical and understanding.
Thanks. :)
they are really nice and are good at responding
Again really awesome.
Youre awesome.
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