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CaringSweetheart96 |
Listener - Master 2

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Please take time to read through my profile as to know if I'm best suited to your needs and topics smiley
(I'm not online during the weekends, And I only accept a few chats at once) 

I do not accept or discuss any issues and topics regarding LGBT, Transgender, Sex, Kinks & Fetishes and Masturbation.  

Hi there! Welcome to 7 Cups of Tea! laugh I'm so grateful that you're here and you're alive. Thank you for taking the time to check my profile out. I am not a qualified counsellor but I can share my experiences, provide you with encouragement and the support that you need. I have been through all kinds of turmoils and hardships and I'm not afraid to share my own experiences and on how I was able to recover and reach a much better place so feel free to ask me questions! smiley 

Just a side note, I am brutally honest with my experiences and words so if I am not the listener best suited for your needs, don't be discouraged. There's plenty of listeners here who can help!

Here's a list of the topics I do accept and can talk about:
1. Breakups
2. Bullying
3. College and University Life
4. Depression
5. Eating Disorder
6. Forgiveness
7. General Chats
8. General and Social Anxiety 
9. Panic Attacks
10. Parenting
11. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
12. Marriage life
13. Relationship Stress
14. Self harm
15. Sexual, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Verbal Abuse

If you're dealing with any of the above topics, or you'd like to ask me any questions regarding the above topic, or you'd just like a general chat, please feel free to connect with me. The key is to not go through things alone heart

Number of Ratings: 125
Number of Reviews: 63
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since May 4, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 251
Cheers 76,162
People Helped 409
Chats 1,410
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Forum Posts 112
Forum Upvotes 101
Feedback & Reviews
We talked about a relationship issue of mine. Such nuanced and realistic feedback! I recommend her to anyone, who seeks to do what is good for themselves and is ready to face the reality of their situation.
Great, powerful listener. Amazing!
Helpful, openminded and thoughtful listener.
Very kind and compassionate! Thanks so much for the chat! I appreciate it.
Very supportive and helpful
Amazing to talk to. very compassionate and actually listens to you
thank you thank you thank you T^T
I'm really glad talking to you. I wish you could get the best thing that you want.
Exceptional listening quality. She is confident in her truth, and can show it to whoever is ready to listen to it & accept it. Left everything toxic behind and is living to the fullest and can give you a hand and lead you to a better life, to understand yourself better and set clear, reachable goals. It's so great to have here here.
Outstanding and insightful listener. She is truly a listener, remembering what I wrote previous day and connecting the dots during the conversation! So thankful to her.
Really good listener. Gives an honest opinion but is also compassionate. Highly recommended.
Honestly really good feedback and advice. I felt like she really gave thought into my issue and that she cared about it. Great listener, would recommend to anyone.
Very good listener as asked good open ended questions and it opened my eye in dealing with such an issues
A great listener.
Your great love you
Great kind caring
very nice person
Excellent, calming ... Sweet ... Attentive ... Never judged me ... Offered support when no one else was there ... Thank you ...
Awesome listner
was so good,really helped me a lot
You have really shown wisdom and helped me talk through some difficult issues.
Did a great job in listening and making me feel confident and ready to face my situation
Very helpful really good listener
her username is apt for her . she is a sweetheart . Very intelligent and straight forward :) . She is so sweet :) ...Best listener
A perfect and very smart listener!
really cool. sympathetic. thank you so much
Very helpful. Caring. And is committed to her work by providing tips and being a good listener.
Great kind caring amazing
Great person to chat with!
Great listener, helped me with my anxiety a lot
She is great..she understood my problem so well and really gave me appropriate solutions..thanks :)
She was a very caring and insightful listener. She opened my mind and helped me understand my problems. Thank you! Your awesome!
Just all around great and caring
She was really great.
Great chat! A compassionate, intelligent and caring listener. I totally recommend her :)
She was extremely helpful and went above and beyond talking to me.
Beyond helpful, thank you so much!!!
She's cute and sweet and pretty darn smart.
Very friendly, genuine and understanding listener. It felt like talking to a friend
I had a wonderful and productive chat that really helped me get to the core of my problems and what to do next
A good heart
Thank you Audrey for listening to me and being a open minded person! Your each words were every supportive and encouraging! Thank you!
I was made to feel like I mattered. What I had to say was important. I was listened to and was not ignored or made to feel worse. I came in nervous but left feeling I could accomplish anything. This listener truly touched me with her kind heart and patience I could not ask for a better person to hear my problems Thank you so much 💖
thanks for your advice
A Great lestener
She is so nice and the bast
Honors her username really well :)
Very sweet and caring heart. She is there for the right reasons and truly cares and listens. Many thanks :)
Great listener
Faced down a train at the beginning of this chat, jumped on and stayed with me for the ride which was actually quite pleasant. :) Attentive and non-judgmental. Thank you :D
Understood my issue, recommended some pads to me - lovely!
She was very undertsanding and helpful, plus very quick at responding.
very sweet
Nice Girl, easy to talk to thanks :)
She helped me out and she's a great listener.
Very good listener, really nice and caring. Will tell the truth and not with you want to here. :)
She is a great listener. I was in a dark place and was very difficult. She was the only one who didn't give up because she had a similar experience. She is amazing.
Great help with a sensitive issue
Great listener, was very helpful with a very sensitive subject
She was very understanding I will come back to her.
Caring, helpful, great listener, great advice
Positive, warming, fast and informing replies.
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Questions Answered
I have trouble with my school work due to procrastinating. And my anxiety always gets in the way. How do I get things done?
September 21st, 2018 10:26am
How do I support my child or teen that has been sexually assaulted?
March 12th, 2019 12:55pm
What do I say to people that ask about my scars without making them uncomfortable?
September 21st, 2018 10:21am
Do rebound relationships ever work?
September 21st, 2018 10:17am
What can I talk about with my boyfriend on the phone?
March 9th, 2019 7:05pm
What is the best way to get revenge on an ex?
March 6th, 2016 2:58pm
How do I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to be with him? (anymore)
August 11th, 2017 2:11am
Ive felt like after my last relationship that no one will ever love me again and usually im pretty optimistic about these situations but i feel different this time, Will someone ever love me again?
November 4th, 2018 11:40pm
Should I date someone who has cheated on someone before in the past?
October 26th, 2018 1:13pm
Can you forgive someone who left you for someone else ?
October 26th, 2018 1:08pm
What effect on later life does living with someone with an addiction have?
January 29th, 2017 11:42pm
Is it okay to distance yourself from your parents if you feel as if you're in a toxic relationship with them?
October 1st, 2018 12:57pm
I think I'm falling in love with someone online. Is it possible ? I feel so bad
February 1st, 2018 10:22pm
I have a crush on a guy who is 5 years younger than me, i told him that i love him but he said that he can't love me but i asked him to come over my house and he said why not! how to make him love me?
February 1st, 2018 10:19pm