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I'm a verified and an active listener. If you are sending a personal request make sure to check if your desired topic is mentioned in my list. I'm glad you came here to talk. I hope you have a positive experience with me. Thank you for reading. (:
Number of Ratings: 165
Number of Reviews: 127
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi, Urdu
Listener Since Jul 2, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 379
Cheers 184,156
People Helped 659
Chats 3,116
Group Support Chats 8
Listener Group Chats 47
Forum Posts 4
Forum Upvotes 2
Feedback & Reviews
She’s such a sweetheart ❤️
Very sweet and kind listener
Very good listener. She helped me a lot. I recommend!
Cherry really does help.
Good listening skills
great chat and lovely listener
Really kind and honest listener, talking to her just made me feel like I was talking to a close friend. She is really empathetic and passionate about listening and helping people. She's the best listener I've ever talked to till now.
I was able to say what I want.
Friendly and helpful
They were really nice and Gave me a full understanding of how to solve my problem.
she is great and very helpful and a good listner
She is really good, thanks
Thank you so much for being there. Thanks for listening and understanding about my fear of abandonment
She's good Had a great session.
Thank you so much for listening and understanding my anxiety.
Thank you so much for understanding and validating my emotions. It feels like a great relief now and I am feelings so much better now
I met a Special person finally.Like the song goes "I found you when I was on my knees and your life brought me back again.I was lost until I found you."
Very understanding . Has been there for me through several months.!
Great listener. Recommend!
You have been really understanding and kind, thank you so much for being there to listen to me today and for allowing me to vent my frustrations. I am truly grateful to you
She was there with all her heart!
Thank you so much. I am feeling a lot better about myself now, after talking to you. Your understanding and encouragement have cleared the darkness around me, so thank you so much.
Thank you ever so much for listening and understanding me. Your support means a lot to me and I am truly grateful.
She provided recommendations for what i needed 😊
Amazing help and so friendly, easy to talk to about everything
Thank uu cherry, u honestly listened to me & paid attention to every detail.. it meant a lot to me
its helpful to have someone let you get things off your chest
Patient and respectful, responsive and encouraging. Made my self esteem better, even though I didn't know that it needed help. Feels just like a friend.
Really helpful, gave a great perspective
I love her! She's the best listener!
Really listened to everything and helped me understand my situation more. Thank you soo much!!
Very nice and listens
Great person to talk to
she is an excellent listener. very calm and not judgemental at all
Wonderful listener
This person is such a good support. She thoroughly listens and gives good feedback. One feels light after sharing with her. Recommended
Thank you so much for giving me the confidence that it is normal to feel and express emotions.
Thank you so much cherry :)
Good thank you
She was a good listener and very reasonable. Thank you for your time :)
I was going through some serious stuff, and she created a safe space for me to express my feelings.
Extremely helpful!!!
Was good. Nice talk
The best Listener. I recommend!
She is an amazing listener and understands every bit of the situation you are in. Thank you for listening :) You are one pure soul on earth, stay the same :)
Very empathetic and kind person very present and is positive will loft you up and give courage one of the best people I came across
Amazing amazing amazing. She is really kind and mature. Very proactive and made me feel like i matter. World needs more people like this
She's amazing and logical
This listener gave thoughtful and clear solutions to my problems. I felt like I could share easily without judgement.
Good talk with an insightful, caring person
Amazing listener with a great way to re-frame my thinking in a more positive direction.
very good listener , it was very helpful , thank you
Thank you so much for listening and understanding my social media depression
Super motivating and sweet
I am really thankful for being able to talks to them ^~^ they helped me alot
Listener was great. Gave suggestions that are very helpful. Kind. Responds fast
Thank you SweetPotato, our chat was unconclusive as you said and yet I feel better. your empathy and understanding was touching and encouraged me to lower down my emotional barriers a little. I would definitly recommand you as a listener
She was nice, comprehensive and even though my problem wasn't really significant, she did help. Would recommend as someone to talk to :)
I was a listener here once. Today i came back as a member years later and talked to this person who's the same age i was back then. It reminded me of my younger self. This listener had the right words to speak, helped me introspect and even made me feel a lot better. Thank you for being an amazing listener. Truly empathetic and says the right words. Thank you!
Thank you so so so much for giving me the confidence to express my feelings. You are the best listener, I have ever talked to on 7cups!
Thank you so so so so much for understanding and validating my feelings. It means a lot to me and I am feeling so much better now. You are truly amazing :)
They realled helped me a lot, esepcially in a dire situation, talked it through almost as if they were in my situation. The empathy, the understanding, they knew what I was going through and talked it out with me until I felt completely calm about my situation. Really one of the best listeners out there!!
Shebwas an excellent listener and really empathized with me! I felt truly seen. Thank you sweet potato!
Thank you for listening.
Dear Sweetpotato, thank you for being so patient and giving me the space to share about my situation, sometimes all we need is a ear, or kindness..and you were just that. Thank you!
Really kind and encouraging!!!
she was very kind and lend me a listening ear.
Good listener.
great conversationalist
Loved it! Awesome chat! she is really empathetic, best listener and a very good human
Gave me all the space I needed. Did not talk untill I finished, I felt truly listened.
Was very kind, gave helpful advice, and listened to what I had to say. I feel a lot better after speaking with her
An amazing listener, very open minded, and safe to talk to, thank you !
Very kind and understanding! Felt a lot better after talking to her.
Very good listener!
they were awesome
Very sweet and reassuring, letting me know that everything will be okay and encouraging me to keep improving!
I appreciate all her help. She listened and showed genuine kindness and respect. She I the most loving person you can ask for. She's truly amazing. (Here's an extra star) 🌟 Thank you for listening!
SweetPotato0 is quite possibly the best listener on the site. Understanding, asks good questions, and listens to what you have to say. Perfect. I hope to chat again in the future.
She is so sweet and a great listener
Very wise and helpful .
really sweet, i liked the reassurance and affection. Because that’s what i want, not always advice.
First impression was wonderful and i feel better ! Thank you !
Very good listener and helpful. Genuinely listens to all your problems and a pure soul💜
Kind listener! great person to talk to
Truely amazing person. Never have i encountered such an understanding and cultured friend. Thank you so much.
You’re a good listener. (,:
Was very helpful
Love chatting with this person, non judgemental, really listens, and is caring of feelings. Thank you for being there for me.
Very sweet and supportive, an attentive listener who knows how to cheer someone up and offers valuable insights. I loved this chat.
this listener is very kind and compassionate, I appreciated them talking with me about my issues
Awesome listener! Super sweet, super helpful and great
such a lovely person they were very nice to me made me feel safe. they were very calming and understanding
amazing listening. thanks so much!
OMG she is so amazingly understanding!
She just let me tell my whole story, and offered some good advice after
So far it’s nice
Really nice person and a very good listener. Enjoyed my chat with her. Thanks for your time.
Great Listener. Felt so good after talking to her
Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Just talking things out helps a lot.
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