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CommunityModElliot |
Listener - Paragon 9

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Hello! My name is Elliot and I am a Community moderator. I'm unfortunately not available for 1-1 chats.

Number of Ratings: 31
Number of Reviews: 28
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 2, 2020
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 6
Cheers 339,704
People Helped 129
Chats 1,592
Group Support Chats 4,707
Listener Group Chats 118
Forum Posts 37
Forum Upvotes 136
Feedback & Reviews
I was literally Losing my mind and after talking with CommunityModElliot I was grounded and felt more β€œnormal” (as if i knew what normal was πŸ˜…) really great person to talk to!
Sooo helpful and very quick to respond
πŸ˜ƒ Elliot is legendarily awesome
so fast! I love the replies
Best mod ever!
super kind and compassionate, he listened no matter what my circumstances were, and he was super kind about it.
he's amazing, i love it
Elliot is honestly so amazing. I ALWAYS look forward to seeing him on shift. Elliot was so patient with me even when I messed things up. Elliot guided me and backed me up numerous times. I am the well known and well respected host I am today thanks to him. He deserves much more credit than he gets. Looking forward to his next shift and helping out with hosting. :D
Incredibly helpful in regards to an account issue, reassuring me things will be fine and giving me the resources to contact the proper individuals.
I wrote this to Elliot this evening. We have talked several times, usually just short here or there. Tonight I said: "I like talking with you Elliot. It is fun - for random things. And you seem to explain things well if I come to you with a serious Q." --2:08 AM USA-CDT "And (You do) not get upset if I don't understand your answer." --2:08 AM "So thank you." --2:08 AM He was appropriately appreciative. But I think someone else should know too. I don't know who reads these "Leave a review for," but just me here bragging on our CommMod Elliot :)
Just one of the greatest eva 😁
what is Elliot? dang i cant even go on about his kindness his lovingness his funniness. Elliot is a great rolemodel and com mod and a friend. i love to host sc when hes online bc hes always backing me up at time. Keep up the great work elliot from your friend annoymous
elliot was always a great friend a great com mod he has always been a friend and will be he listens to me understands me i wish him the best in becomig what ever his dream is etc ty elliot for listening to me
They are very Helpful, Kind, Compassionate, Understanding, Chill, Friendly, Calm, Sweet, Humble, Genuine and an Amazing Person. They are my most favourite Mod Here and I so much appreciate their presence. Thank You So Much Elliot!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ°
Elliott was a treasure. Very helpful and kind.
Ellibot is the best mod ever. Super nice super kind super helpful. always giving a helpful hand in a time of need
Has been an amazing mod over the time ive met them and they help everyone they can and do there best thank you for being there for everyone and my self -rhinodino777
Ellibot is a amazing mod!!! Very kind, and caring!
Elliot is amazing and listens so well and I would recommend him!
Elliot is an awesome person. They are really nice, caring, and understanding.
Always, upbeat and helpful. Great sense of humor in chat. Is uplifting and shows compassion for everyone!
I love Elliot very good listener definitely recommend 10/10 very good job Elliot. Hope I get Elliot again
he really helps please listen to him
Elliot is empathetic and supportive when I was facing a difficult time. I am grateful for their time & support. Their sense of humor is slighly crazy good lol πŸ˜‚ but that was appropriate in cheering up a distressed member. Thank you 😊
To the one of my favorite mods on the site, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for joining cups and being a bright light each time you enter the room. Thank you for always supporting everyone in your own special way. Thank you for always putting a smile on a face. I'm glad I got to connect with you and I'm always excited to see you around. Keep on keeping on πŸ’•
Elliot is helpful and compassionate.
This listener is fantastic! Thank you for your time and effort. You are a gem for this community
Wonderful listener
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