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Listener - Specialist 2

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"Hear the voice of the Bard! Who Present, Past, and Future sees; whose ears have heard The Holy Word that walk'd among the ancient trees" - William Blake

Blessings and felicitations; welcome to 7cups! I have been a member here since late 2014 finally crossing the threshold in becoming a listener. Thank you for taking a moment to look over my profile here. It will give you a much better impression as to my style of listening and whether or not I will be a good fit for your needs.

I must reiterate that 7cups is a forum of kindness, acceptance, and healing. Everyone has their faults and ignorance is often obscured by comedy. I understand some apprehension comes with facing the unknown, but at no time will I tolerate any conscious hateful comments or prejudices. If at any moment you feel uncomfortable as a member, you simply have to say so and I will do my best to refer another listener who will be more than happy to help you. I value and appreciate your understanding and responsibility to this. As with any community, we are all learning and want to do our best how we can here.

My approach as a listener is a little different than most. I know the road to a healthy mind can take a long time to traverse, especially as Western culture and influences further alienate us from our feelings and true ambitions. As such I would like to offer my long-term support to you, if applicable, in doing what I can do help guide you on that path. Being an apprentice shaman and official Druid-in-training I have many tools and energies to assist in this through basic archetypical and personality study, dream interpretation, animalism, divinatory readings, understanding chakras and the flow of life-energy (called Prana, Qi, Nwyfre), as well as breathing and meditation exercises. Of course I am also here just for a friendly chat or as a quick confidant should you need me.

Just a little more about myself really quickly. I am the single parent of a young teen. We are both native to and still living in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Until recently I was suffering from some very debilitating issues including but not limited to those listed in my areas of expertise. Since the new calendar year I have been working more on life goals including giving back, helping others, enacting random deeds of kindness, etc. so here I am :) I have many hobbies and interests, some of which are music, reading and writing, hiking, fishing, general time outdoors lol, both video and tabletop games, building toys likes model kits and LEGOs, playing with our cat, so basically being a big kid when I can afford to be rofl. I've been studying psychology since a teenager myself, Wicca and taoism almost as long, and practicing a whole myriad of "new age" or "mystical" methods since becoming a Bard initiate about a year ago. My next grade of learning is called Ovate that will begin once my Bardic lessons have concluded. Life is full of changes so lets do the best we can in making it the best! I look forward to chatting with you.
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Feedback & Reviews
Faithful listener who is there when available.
Always faithful in replying to what I share with him.
Another pleasant chat to help calm my nerves.
Always a pleasure to talk with.
Always helpful with his unique way to share things.
Very nice of him to put a different spin on his answers than most other listeners.
Awesome listerner! Has a wide knowledge on various type of philosophies and spirituality. Very compassionate and down to earth despite being very knowledgeable able!
The best listener on here. Supports you, is non-judgemental, genuinely nice and interesting person. Thank you for everything. -Sophia
You're great!!! :)
Spiritual listener who gives you personalized help, willing to listen and to understand your mentality, issues and objections. Felt free talking to them with their flexible method. Thank you so much Rian
This listener has been the best listener so far of all the listeners I came across. They are very caring and made me feel so much better than I first was when I came here. Thank you so much for your kindness couldn't ask for more.
I hope to continue our chat. I like you very much. Lori
Absolutely amazing! Made me feel heard and was very understanding, patient and compassionate!
Love this listener
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