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Listener - Specialist 1

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LIE (ENTj) in Socionics, Enneagram 3w4, Sp, Sx, Tritype 358, Avoident-Secure Attachment style **Due to high demand for requests, if unavailable I prefer to correspond on a message-to-message basis. My typical availabilities are some nights and weekends. Thank you.  
Number of Ratings: 99
Number of Reviews: 30
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Languages English
Listener Since Sep 26, 2015
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 44
Cheers 50,652
People Helped 209
Chats 725
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Listener Group Chats 12
Forum Posts 15
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Feedback & Reviews
Great. He was really open to listening.
He's way nice. Thankyou Daniel
Would recommend! Offered great advice!
He is patient and understanding. Goes straight to the point and so knowledgeable. Am so grateful for his time.
A very patient, attentive and non robotic listener also very understanding and positive with an intuitive grasp on what you need to resolve.
I came in with a jumbled head and no idea where to go. But talking about them helped me to get a clear direction on all fronts. It was a great experience.
Very helpful, empathic and a joy to speak to
My quick chat with Daniel was very helpful! He was quick and to the point and helped me clear up my concerns!
AMAZING LISTENER!! LITERALLY THE BEST ON THIS ENTIRE SITE! He is very blunt and to the point, which I admire, and he offers amazing advice. I would definitely pay to talk to this guy more. :)
Don't think I can thank you enough! You were able to see the root of an issue immediately, without much background info. Also confirmed something I already knew inside, just didn't know how to put into words. Would love to come back, and thank you again for your service here on this site!!
Awesome listener with equally awesome resources to offer :):)
Very supportive listener, objective and straight to the point. It was very helpful and an eyeopening experience. Thank you so much!
Very professional and realistic
Clearly a very experienced listener and expert in the field of relationships. A highly professional and empathetic listener.
Thanks very much for the chat - it was great to get a different point of view. Also a boost to be encouraged in an area of m life that often gets overlooked and minimized. Thanks for sending my thoughts off in that direction.
Took the time to listen, and gave excellent resources
Very Honest, Non-Judgemental and Quick In Response.

Very Helpful Tips.
He is more than just a listener, he inspires and supports you, I feel lot better!!
While talking to Daniel, I felt like I was having a cup of tea, talking to someone reliable on my concerns. Both professional and casual in conversation. Highly recommended!
Very worth talking to! Would recommend him. Thank you so much.
Very patient person. Aided me address my issues right. It can feel really awesome when you desperately need someone to talk to and a really insightful person becomes available to you, and you find this person is eager to help you. Just restores your faith in human-kind. I just ended a chat with this person feeling REALLY content.
He was excellent, I was very pleased to have chatted with him. Nice work!
Like a close friend, easy to talk to!
amazing.He is really deeps and helps you to feel better and take the right decisions for your situation.
Truly helpful and to the point :)
Daniel is really caring and understand our problems. He give motivating and helpful advice.
One of the best conversation ever. He took the time to really understand my problem. And his advices were priceless. He really helped me overcoming the impossible. Thank you so much!
He was the only person on 7 cups making me feel not alone after sharing my story.. .. He is defenetly the best person. I have met. !!!
A quick ear to listen.
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