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I'm a 50 year old male with life experience in the categories listed. I truly care about the people I talk to and absolutely want to help. If that is ok with you then great. If it's not, that's ok too and there are other great listeners available to help you. And the 666? Just numbers. 
Number of Ratings: 92
Number of Reviews: 74
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 6, 2020
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Gender Male
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Cheers 113,585
People Helped 342
Chats 2,966
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Feedback & Reviews
wonderful support
Very understanding and patient with me. They did not judge me at all or considered what i was sharing as silly
Amazing listener, very kind, very calm and gave support. Thank you
He is a patient listener who would read your words carefully, and help you communicate your thoughts rationally, his patience helped me let out my fears, and I feel comfortable as I write this review.
He is a really great listener
good person, know your limits, not intrusive and very wise aura
He helped me alot.
Really appreciated his perspective and support
Very patient listener
Thank you for listening to me. They were really kind and listened to me without judging me even when i shared things sensitive to me. It made me feel lighter
Calm listener. Helped me relief a lot and felt as if I was speaking to an neighbor
They were present with me as I talked about what was on my mind and they were very supportive didn't judge me at all. I felt like someone was really listening to me and it made me feel like I wasn't just invisible. Thank you for making me feel safe enough to share and for listening to me
thoughtful, non-judgemental, relaxing. gives solid reassurance instead of generic answers and makes you feel comfortable
Very helpful and good feedback
The most grounded, rational listener of all time. Thank you for your all your patience and insights 🙏
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Wonderful helped me so much I appreciate it
a really good listener
Very patient. Really enjoyed talking to him, really thinks of practical ways to help. Big thank you and big thumbs up to Derek!
Good listener, considerate, seemed to care about what I have to say.
I liked that he spent time talking to me.. I appreciate his life experience and his encouragement for me to step out of my comfort zone.
Awesome one of the best up here!!
Thank you for listening
My Support system and my Friend ! I’m lucky to have such a gem for a human . Thank you for everything you do Derek !
Such a amazing friend:) his picture of how amazing he is doesn’t do Justice. Fun and exciting listener time he puts in to chatting with people like me I value it a lot. Your super amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Awesome help, knowledgeable and kind
A very understanding and completely non judgemental man. Glad I found him.
A very kind and sympathetic listener that answers you in a timely and thoughtful manner
Thank you for providing me with the chats I've needed to have.
Incredibly understanding and sympathetic toward my situation. Not judgemental in any way, incredible listener. 10/10 would recommend and will be chatting again.
Amazing listener. Derek is to nice and has helped me a lot just by allowing me to talk. Great friend and listener 100000/10
Derek is really nice and he is great at keeping me company when I need someone to just chat with❤️ 1000/10 great guy
Good kind gentle nice
Great listener and not judgemental at all
Fun and serious as the moment calls for. Not as scary as he looks. 😀
A trully listener, he listen ,understands,helps to solve your issue💜
Asked thoughtful questions
understanding, authentic, down to earth kinda guy who just wanted to support me and guide me, I feel in a better frame of mind after the chat. He asked good questions and helped me gain perspective. Definitely recommend him
insightful, easy to talk to, felt like Derek666 understood me
Derek listened to me without judgement and helped me face the truth about myself that i couldn't face before. He helped me take the first step towards becoming someone i can be proud of.
he's good at what he do, i will talk to him again
Very supporting and caring listener. He is very attendant! Highly recommend
Patient, insightful, and truly compassionate. One of the best out there
so amazing and supportive, thank you so much. so calm and sweet and smart, thank you for helping me realise what the smartest things were to do in my situation, helping me stay calm and just being an overall wonderful person x
A very great listener
Extremely helpful, friendly, caring, and understanding. Easily one of the best listeners I've ever had on this site.
Derek made me feel really good and he listened to what i had to say, i really liked it -ocean
Very supportive, kind and understanding
Derek is very relatable and understanding, I appreciate his time
Really chill guy. Hella nice would recommend a good chat with him.
A very patient listener who could relate to much on the emotional tolls of BPD among other things. Highly recommended.
Great listener!
Amazing Conversation very great listener.
He listens to me :)
Very kind, very helpful & motivating!
Good listener!
Loved it! Awesome chat!!!
Great listener. Very helpful and confident. I felt better after the chat.
Great guy, good conversation and open and warm chat.
Great listener, calm.
Thanks for listening!
Good listener, with a wide range of knowlege about a lot of things and who can actually make a good conversation.
Great listener. Replies accordingly.
Definitely recommend this listener. Very kind and felt caring. Also just wanted to thank you Derek for being there for me on here. 💕
Good vibes all around, easy and fun to talk with. interesting views when asked about them. Fun guy dig it.
Supportive of your decision and choices
great listener and very positive.
He is thorough. Im glad he was there for me.
Very attentive. Derek asks questions instead of imposing an advice. This helps draw out insights.
- Really attentive, quick responses and provided a comfortable environment to discuss difficult matters. Thank-you, I really appreciated the patience and support!
amazing listener
very easy to chat with. would recommend
Very patient and wise. Had great insights on all topics. Almost like a professional but had a sense of sincerity, was genuine and can relate.
He was really kind. I had a more positive perspective after we talked.
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