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Dinoprincess12 |
Listener - Maven 8

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 Hello there! I'm Dino (she/her) and I'm a listener. I'm here for you to listen to anything on your mind. I'll do my best to be supportive and understanding :) Feel free to message me at any time even if offline, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am accepting requests for long term support. *Majorly reducing hours on Cups for the next two weeks response time will be longer*  I'm a verified listener and I'm on the Safety Patrol team to keep 7cups safe, and the Q&A team. I am also a Peer Supporter and you can reach out after a difficult chat. If you're a member, you can also message me for long term support  *Think like a proton, always positive* *When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on*  My personality type is ISTJ and I met my super duper birthday twinnie friendo @goldenJoy721! And my listener twinnie @optimisticMagic0014 who's always positive and supportive and catches me lurking :) Heads up: I'm never on 7Cups on Friday night and Saturday day, so if you message me, I'm sorry if I miss it, I'll get back to you when I can. Thanks for reading!
Number of Ratings: 58
Number of Reviews: 53
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Hebrew
Listener Since Jan 15, 2020
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 473
Cheers 94,376
People Helped 198
Chats 1,526
Group Support Chats 76
Listener Group Chats 152
Forum Posts 174
Forum Upvotes 212
Feedback & Reviews
she or he is very good, is giving me a lot of options
She's very nice
Always there to help
Provides great long term support
The listener was really kind and supportive, I felt really relaxed and protected in a sort of way❤️
She was available when my therapist wasn't
Great to talk with!
listened to my concerns and helped me through my worries
amazing listener
Very good listener, made me feel less alone
Talking to her helps a lot
I love how they come up with a solution for every problem and listens till you finish you chat then they start talking
Amazing help and kindness!
Best! Kind! Helpful!
Nice and helpful
nice and thankful
She is so nice and understanding. She makes me feel comfortable.
Great listener!
She is a really great listener!
I felt great after the chat. Its awesome.
Really helpful and helped me out
A very good human being
Love her !:)she is understanding!:)
Really motivating, and changed my way of thinking about something.
They were very invested in the conversation, it was actually a conversation, not a monologue of me talking to no one, very caring and nice, very professional.They would tell me if she needs to leave the chat in a few minutes, they were responding quickly to my messages, didnt leave me alone in a lonely time.
Thank you for being so supportive and kind
Really helpful:)😀😁😀😁
She was very easy to talk to
Very helpful and calming. Makes sure you feel important and valid.
Amazing and super understanding
I haven’t had any thing to really compare it to, but I believe they’ve done a wonderful job of being kind and empathetic to my situation. Thank you
It is very hard to find a app like to his it is helping me alot.five Stars
She listens very well and caring!!
Really comforting and listened well to me
Very nice and helpful.
Good listener, she truly tries to interact with me.
Dinoprincess12 really helped my problems by listening to me and being there for me. She is an amazing listener!
I’m new to 7cups, but this listener was helpful and supportive!
helped me with understaning to talk t people and was there for me
Amazing they really helped me out and now i can get the help i need
They're great at helping you see a more positive outlook on your problems.
Such a good listener. Didn’t just refer me to crisis when I was struggling but tried to help me through.
Really kind caring and helpful
Supportive, professional and understanding and just the nicest person
Very kind, very patient, kept her cool when I talked to her, really felt better after the chat :)
Very helpful and caring person.
she is very nice and i feel good talking too her
They were extremely polite and understanding!
Smart and really great help!
Made me feel better about myself and I was able to talk about anything without feeling judged.
Is very good with addressing and presenting problems and solutions.
really positive outlook even if negative things, strives to shine for a good outlook
It was definitely helpful and i was definitely able to let stuff out with them as well as explore other things.
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