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Howdy call me Adrien I love all things ninjago, anime, and video games. Don't be afraid to talk to me! my pronouns are he/them sometimes zer/zir. But prefered to use drag/drags. We are also a system so please ask whos fronting instead of assuming. going *nom* is my way of saying i love you <3

We are a system With Max (he/them pan), Adrien, (drag/drags pan), Aj (they/them omnisexual) Jay (he/him straight) and Millie (they/them bi). 

Not all of us go into little space only 2, Max and Adrien

Max little space: shy and wants people to say they're proud of him. favorie toy is his bunny

Adrien: loud lots of noises always wants uppies and stuffies. favorite toy yes

People I trust a lot: Hunter, Blue, Jemmy, Spruca, Fluffy Jeffy <3

If I say a color please read down Triggers: caps, talking about broken bones, or organs, curse words, getting yelled at, and quiet rooms, smoking, vapes getting high, nicotine, any kind of death, animal death, 
If I tell you to go here it means i'm speaking 1 word at a time which means i'm feeling really bad/depressed or scared and really need someone to cling to for a bit since I tend to get clingy when i'm feeling this way

If I say this it means i'm really triggered (list of triggers in begining of bio) i'll start stuttering and not talk much and might go into little space to try and not thing about it
If I tell you to go here it means i'm in little space. when i'm in little space I try to scare people by saying boo (thing I did when I was little)  and i get clingy I also talk in sentances with not many words. Words that I like/make me regress sometimes or help me: Uppies, bubbles, little dragon, bluey, anything bluey related, *pats*, sometimes animals, and pinto
If I tell you to go here i'm not having a good day so please try to talk to me i'll put .... sometimes so you know im still there in case u wanna say anything to me I also am non-verbal during this time. Some things that help: talking about story ideas, talking about ninjago, talking about pixal from ninjago or things that make me little.
If I tell you to go here it means i'm really scared about something and need hugs and to cling to someone this could be anything like a firework shooting blackouts nightmares etc

If I tell you to go hear i'm in little space but non-verbal
(Idea from blue ily mate)
"Ace remember its only illegal if you get caught"- BookishBlue13

"man im beyond concerned with you- you seem indestructible 😀"-Axtyn
"i think adrien got the cat nip"- Wefington
"*bonl arien*"- Jefferythebunny319
"Start off the trauma young 💀"- Astraeuss
"yes" - KingAgustinAndQueenLillianaOfGreatRoyalMajesticMysticalKingAgustinAndQueen
"Leave my legs"- CommunityModWilllow
"Lmao the knowledge is held in the scalp"- Astraeus
"I'll look for a good one next time I go on a kidney harvest"- Jefferythebunny319
"i dont like the word ears 😀" -Axtyn
"i once had a joke 😔"- Axtyn
"never trust shampoo-" Axtyn
"*cuts off elbow* Simple solution"- KaikaiKitan
"ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっ" - ALeXaNdEr0712
"jokes on u cause i stole ur toes"-Jefferythebunny319
""tell drags im a minimalist. i just need food, water, and adriens hair""-Jefferythebunny319
"*noms hot mod’s cookie*" -FluffySheep8
"adrien why does the cow look like a disabled porcupine??" -Nomifordays
"Also somehow my naked butt activated my facial recognition on my phone" -JefferyTheBunny319
"Torture is fun" -Jefferythebunny319
"haha you sound like a disabled train 😭😭😭😭😭" -Nomifordays
I dont like the way rubbing alcohol tastes but the feeling is nice 😔" -Jefferythebunny319
"Remember when cupsing in class was a federal offense? 😔" -Kaikaikitan
"nice toes"-Jefferythebunny319
"What if a blind person see that"- applepie7327

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