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Welcome! My name is Felipe, I am here to help people who may go through difficult times, to listen, to give a word of encouragement or push or simple motivation to get out of a difficult or hard moment. Situations can be tougher when someone is already in pain, we all go through that at some point.
I really feel like I can understand the pain when someone is really on edge. I think it is very important to become aware in our societies of what mental health really means.

I am from Chile but lived in India, South Africa, and New Zealand, for a time in my life. Also, I've been to Zurich, Switzerland, and California, USA. I'm a Computer Scientist Engineer but, I've always been interested in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, like many other fields too, and Buddhism, especially Zen, which I think is a great way to understand suffering and the cycle or circle of life. I am Buddhist. I study almost a little of everything, my idea is to have a holistic point of view, hopefully, about everything in life.

I always try to ideally approach like-minded people and find ways to build a better world. I practice Zen and Buddhism as a non-theistic philosophy and a way of life, as I explained earlier. Let's talk and find together the wheel, cycle, or circle of life through a conversation.

Just don't be disrespectful, be nice! Because I am serious about being able to help people, with respect and compassion. For me this is serious. So be respectful. It is important.
Let's schedule a conversation! One important thing!: You must be registered here! I prefer to chat with registered members ideally!
I could be here anytime online. But you can consider my time zone, currently, which is GMT-3.


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Feedback & Reviews
Very good listener who helps you visualize your situation and think of ways to approach it yourself
So nice and understanding! Super helpful and didn’t judge me. So nice!
Felipe, you are so kind. Thank you so much
He's great!
An amazing partner. His views on life are beyond amazing, and the way he expresses them are positive and uplifting. Such a great partner to have been paired up with.
the most kind , adorable , sweet and understanding person ever . Thank you so much for your time , patience and kindness , I really appreciate all you efforts , you are doing awesome ❤️Thanks a million
Felipe was actually very helpful to me. And a genuinely interesting person. Definitely recommend
Amazing listener, told me about the idea of writing down what I thought and felt. A truly helpfull listener
they connected me with other resources, and provided a fantastic listening ear and advice. thank you so much!
Good listener
Felipe was really nice to talk to and helped me get to the core of my problem right away
Gave me a good insight and thoughtful replies
Thank you, just thank you.
the way he explains the value of your life is amazing. the empathy he shows helps in relieving stress.
Helpful advice and tips! Very knowledgeable listener. Grateful for his time
He's the best thing you'll meet here. You know this site isn't helping but the people here are. It's different, and with people like him onboard, it can make a difference as well. Learn from him like I Do, and you'll grow out of your Trouble once for all. This man
very wise , very compassionate , gives insight
like if you need someone who've read a 1000 book and traveled the world , oh felipe is .
great listener , Starstuff.
This is an incredible experience! I did not even think that I could get such professional support from a complete stranger, but it is very comfortable and pleasant to talk with him. I feel much better now and will certainly turn to him again!
He has a very kind soul. He will give you hope.
FelipeAG, thank you, thank you for responding when I was really at my lowest and thank you for taking so much time to listen to me and to encourage me and to share your story to help me. Really appreciate your insights and your willingness to be here. Thank you
Wow this listener is so amazing. I was in a lot of pain. He helped me so much put a smile on my face. He's very compassionate and shows a lot of empathy.
I will come in touch with you soon. Thanks.
Felipe gets to the point and helps in a dynamic way. He really helped me clear my mind off the troubles I was having. Great listener.

Felipe te ayuda a llegar directo al asunto en problema fácilmente. Me ayudó mucho a despejar mi mente de los problemas que me aquejaban. Excelente Oyente.
Truly amazing, this person knew exactly where to steer the conversation to help me the most at any given time. I would definitely recommend them
I had truly been lifted by Felipe, he helped me understand my situation and how to go forth about it. Thanks!
Very active and helpful in times of need
His responses were short and to the point, he asked everything that needed to be asked, and let me steer conversation, honestly he provided me with exactly what i needed, he is perfect and a fantastic listener!
Genuinely a nice person. Willing to hear you out.
This listener was very kind and helpful. I did not feel alone after talking with them. They were very caring and open-minded. I appreciated their help!!
Very Empathetic, but won't let you beat around the bush all day, tells it how it is kinda feedback, pretty much if you wanna get threw it, your going to feel it before you heal it.
Kind, empathetic listener, would recommend, thank you!
I'd like to thank FelipeAG for caring to ask me questions about the issues I'm going through at the moment, and for offering me advice on how to see a better side in life.

Wishing you all the best.
Compassionate listener, thank you!
Very thoughtful responses. Very good listener.
Very Compassionate and helpful in a sensitive situation.
He really helped me
U ll love the each second ....I gained my smile back..thank u
He is very smart, very engaging. He is still helping me through some of my problems that affect me. He is very willing to help, god bless.
It was very motivating and encouraging. The listener was patient and helped me understand from a deeper sense of life. Taught me not to be hopeless and there is always an opportunity. Very helpful.
Felipe is such an amazing human being. It didn't take him too long to figure out what I was going through. He not only helped me clear my mind, focus and stay calm, he also helped out with a plan ease my pain. Thank you Felipe.
Very helpful
Thanks a lot for showing me the path..........
Felipe is an amazing compassionate listener who really helped me get through a very tough moment.
Great listener that takes his time and really focuses on solutions for now and in the future. Great talk, I do feel better now, thank you
FelipeAG is a very good listener, he helped me a lot. I'm very thankful for him.
He is a critical thinker and will not just say "Yeah" to your issues. He tries to help you through it from an outsider's perspective, which is usually what we need the most.
Coe was great
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