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FennecDaFurry |
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helloooooo 💜 my name is fennec and im a furry!

things fennec does
i like to draw. one of fennecs drawings

i love to solve rubiks cubes

i also love to do origami 

fennec's friends




@Selfless spruce 1515


if your not okay with being here.. just ask me to remove ya. 💜

funny nicnames/typos

"dennec" -elliot

"fenfen" -rhi

"nonk" -me trying to type noni

movies fennec likes



starwars ( 1-6) 

the speed cubers

the wizard of oz


lord of the rings

triggers ⤵️ (TW)

conflict ( isnt that bad )

red lights ( minor )

computer errors (extreamly effecting right now)

full caps lock as it reminds me of yelling ( minor )

Microwave ovens :/

wow! you read this far? have a cookie🍪 or if you dont like cookies....watermelon 🍉!

feel free to pm me anytime! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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