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GlowingMoonlight |
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Hellooo, call me El. I'm here to help you! 
 heartCurrently, I will be accepting every personal request if I am not dealing with more than one person. If I get another personal request I will ask you if I can take another chat along with you. I may not accept every general chat request. -- heart

*Please read full profile.*
 I have worked my way through my own personal struggles. YOU CAN TOO!

I am not comfortable with speaking on these topics:

(Any other topics are okay!)

When am I online?

8:50 am - 12:00 pm LUNCH 12:40pm-2:30pm -cst-
(If I'm on later, I won't listen I'm checking in or doing training!)

What do I believe in?
won't judge you. If I judge you, I am not creating a safe space for you to share.
I won't judge you depending on your culture, religion, belief, opinion, etc because I want you to feel loved for who you are.
Please, don't be afraid to share. This is a safe space for you.

My role:
Verified Listener:
I have passed a mock chat and have been verified as a high-quality listener.

Long Term Listener:
I am able to provide support to members who want long term support.

Who am I?

My name is El. 
I enjoy doing Arts & Crafts.
I *love* anime.
I like anything physical/sports.
I'm apart of the LGBTQ+ community.

Random Stuff-
I love u so much. <3


That's it! You made it to the end. Feel free to PM anytime. :)
Number of Ratings: 26
Number of Reviews: 22
Listens to Teens
Languages English
Listener Since Sep 18, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Non-Binary
Progress Path Step 106
Cheers 15,558
People Helped 69
Chats 223
Group Support Chats 2
Listener Group Chats 2
Forum Posts 10
Forum Upvotes 6
Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener, truly blessed with a good heart, very helpful. Thankful for having her !!!
It made my day cause some one listened to me and i really appreciate it
It can help a lot.
Great listener...always helpss
By fad the best listener on this app they have better talking skills then pretty much anyone else on here they can relate to you which makes you feel like you have someone who understands you keep up the good work your a good human 🖤
Great listener good listener great listener
An amazing listener! They’re so nice and helpful. They helped and talked me through my problem. Thank you El! 🥰
Amazing, response, Very helpful, very patient and really helped me cope with my problem! There should be more and more Angels like them. I really enjoyed talking to the,m. Tysm!! - SadVibes15
it was a good chat.
El was really caring! I highly recommend them. El helped me through what I was going through. They brought me up when I was feeling down. I can't say thank you enough!!! AWESOME CHAT!! :))))
I've chat with glowing many times and they are so nice. they don't judge me. they are the best listener I've talked to so far.
This listener's specialized knowledge and experience are perfectly aligned with the exact support I need. We spoke extensively about language as a gateway to understanding ourselves and others; empowering ourselves by reclaiming our words, and forgiving ourselves when these words accidentally cause stress for others even when intentions were good. This listener has been consistently warm, compassionate, and deeply respectful during each conversation, with so much amazing feedback to give about how we can view situations in a different way, with a focus on true harmony. I feel like it is a blessing to speak with someone so genuinely self-aware and human. I couldn't have asked for anything different in our conversations. This person is truly a sage. They were amazing.
real nice, understanding
They were a great listener, and it really helped since they were experienced in the topic
She's a good listener, and a writer too! 😊
They were very nice and caring. i could tell she cared about me. they taught me something new. they let me know that people actually love me and im not alone. i just want to say thank you times a million.
She's good at what she does, and I wish I was able to speak with her more.
Amazing :3 X3 ~cynthia
El is very good. I would actually recommend El.
El. was great, very mature and understanding listener. I highly recommend!
She was so caring. She helped me with my personal issues. After chatting with her I feel so much better and loved. She made me realize people actually do care about me. I highly recommend her. :)
Nice to met this random person :)
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