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Hello there , everyone in this world go through some amount of suffering. It's all about the intensity of suffering and ability to receive the suffering that makes the difference.

So rather than getting control of the outer situations or other people always, which is impossible most of the times, it's best to turn inward, work on to make our body and mind more powerful and mature as first priority to avoid friction.

I have gone through things, so it's a small attempt to spread the wisdom and knowledge to people who needs help.

#Master your perception, Master your life 

Janata Garage 

ఇచట అన్ని సంభాషణలు స్వీకరించబడును 

यहां सभी प्रकार की चैट स्वीकार की जाती हैं !

All kinds of chats are accepted here !!

Love all  Serve all

Krishnarpanam !!
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Number of Reviews: 185
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Listener Since May 25, 2020
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Feedback & Reviews
Really helpful I could channelise my thoughts
A very understanding person and a great listener
It was a great chat, I loved the fact we discussed poetry as a form of trauma healing, this is such a unique listener. You're the best!
She is very good
He is an excellent listener
Understanding and empathetic
He's a True soul brother. The best of the best.
kind and compassionate listener.. appreciated their time :)
A good listener
Very kind and patient
Great listener.
Very nice fellow
Calm, attentive and patient. I am very happy I found him!
Very nice and attentive, appreciate their time and help 🙏❤️
He was an amazing listener. He was kind and understanding. A+
He/She is so good at this. Thanks so much for giving me your time and not making me feel judged.
A very kind listener.He is not judgmental and really listens to what you have on your mind.
Very cool dude. Was an active participant in the conversation, which is always appreciated.
He is kind, compassionate, caring, genuinely wants to help. He is non-judgemental, understanding, has good suggestions for coping with the impact of trauma on mental health. He is there for you, an amazing person and an inspiration. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you so much for being here for us all.
Thank you for listening to me, it was very helpful.
Awesome listener
A non judgemental listener who is compassionate.
I feel like he is actually listening to me, and he is kind and calm :)
thank you , very insightful and helpful
Listened to me very patiently and managed to comfort me when I was extremely anxious about a situation. I am glad to have met them here. Amazing listener💙💙
Thank you for listening
They are really smart and give you well though-out advice. Caring and helpful
Thank you so much. I let it out my pain and she helped me by giving valuable advice to overcome the issues. 🙏
Have no words to say! He is so dedicated!
A good listener. Felt pretty much good after the conversation
After ages I felt a listener had a very nuanced understanding of emotional intelligence and also a non - judgemental view of another person. I recommend Arjun. I felt lighter and had some tangible advice to work with. Excellent chat.
Genuine and really trying to understand
very helpful
So kind and informative. Really helpful.
Had a great talk, lovely person!! Thank you!
Good listener , empathetic
“What separates happy and unhappy people is their ability to control and suppress negative thoughts- everyone has them”. Thank you for your help👊🏻
Good listener, very nice and responds in good time. Thank you for being awesome 
He is a good listner.. Helped me a lot.completely i have a hope to get better.. 😊♥️..he didnt jugde me and motivated me
Very very helpful! Thank you.
Amazing listener, very open to viewing my side understanding
She's listing so that's a plus
Best listener i ever chat so far!Give good advices.
Heftyarjun knew when they should have texted and waited for me to finish texting first. They have been respectful towards me and gave me their thoughtful strategies. Thank you 💜
Cool 😎 dude awesome
A very nice and caring person
So good and kind and helpful
Great chat loved it
It was ok and it went smoothly
Great listener, helped a lot when I was having an anxiety attack.
Considerate listener.
good understanding
Very patient and a very good listener
Very helpful person. Has great knowledge about meditation. Kind and helpful listener. Thank you.
My listener is a long term listener. I am a sexual abuse survivor. This listener has made my life worth living again. He shows me so much compassion, understanding, hope, connection to a higher purpose, healing, kindness, and strength. I have done much processing with him and I feel stronger bit by bit every week. Thank you for being in this world and sharing your light with us on seven cups.
Very patient, listens everything and give good guidance. U feel like u have some trusted company
Very good person
The most amazing caring and kind and understanding listener in the world.
thank you great listener
very kind and helpful
Helped me alot in analysing my thoughts and deciding in what is right thing for me
He is very good listener. I felt as if he knows me better than me and his feedback really helped me to understand my issue and work on that. Thanks Arjun.. 😊🙏
seems extremely helpful
Really nice and understanding
very good listener
My saviour 😭 I swear I was so lost a few days back and he was the one who made me realise so many things. I don't know what I would have done to myself if I didn't get the right help when I needed it the most! He is the BEST listener any one could ever need! His efforts are just amazing!
Very good listener. Didnt just tell me to get a therapist
Great listener!!
awsome listener always his help mode on
Good guy. Kind and calm
Perfect balance of hearing my situation with being willing to open to personal insight. Admittedly, I'm a bit wary of male listeners, but Arjun did a great job, including his own perspective without forcing agreement. Very well done. Thoughtful and sincere.
Good Listener. Should try him for sure
Very nice and good listener
Great lissener! Helped me so much!
good listener and helpful
Nice listener 🤗
Very helpful and kind, truly a great listener
they listened to me and helped me understand a lot of things, thank you for making me feel less alone
Friendly caring person
Heftyarjun was really helpful. He/She let me speak my mind about my problems and listened to everything I said. His insights were really helpful and made me see the better options that I can take. He reminded me to good to myself as well. Had a great chat with him. Would definitely love to talk again if possible.
awesome thanks nice and polite
great listener! truly enjoyed the conversation
Good and fast responder
Great person. I liked it.
I like their thoughts/ feedbacks
Good listener...relatable. Easy to talk to.
A good listener
very good listener, very kind and helpful. wish you the best, you are a great person.
Very understanding and provides a wonderful safe space. I feel so much better to have found this person.
Great guy. Truly wants the best for people. Simply amazing!
Was awesome helped me alot
Nice person and good to talk to. Has your best interests at heart.
They really listened and helped.
Very respectful of any beliefs outside Heftyarjun's. Very awesome to chat with. Very nice, 10/10 would recommend.
loove her shes so sweet!
thanks a lot....
wonderful listener
A wise person who speaks from the heart. I can't thank them enough. 🥺❤ He helped me and left a message that would last. I will remember these words Heft!
Thanks Arjun. Your responses, especially the last one, really took me aback and I really appreciate your perspective. Thanks again.
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