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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulledΒ was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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Listener Since Nov 30, 2014
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Feedback & Reviews
He really worked to help me get closer to my goal of managing my anxiety and depression. He really listened and tried to understand where I came from. Real cool dude
Great dude, 5/5
Made me see things from a different angle, much appreciated!!
he is being a great listener.
Very kind, patient, real. I feel him helping others helps him in a way so he takes it very serious. πŸ™πŸ»
He's Awsome
Non judgemental. Really tried to get to the root of the issue. Thanks again
Jolly bloody good πŸ˜‚β€
Awesome chat thank you so much for listening
Great listener
Very patient and genuine listener. Thank you so much.
Helpful, to say the very least.
Funny, smart guy
quick replies, great
He's a fluffball πŸ₯ very sweet.
Great guy, very understanding and helpful
He is very cool and caring and respectful and gave me insightful advice. He's a compassionate and intelligent soul
I think he's lovely
Amazing person
Kind and considerate
Cool and down to earth guy.
Fast and helpful. Easy to talk to. Listened to me when others ignored me. A great Helper!!
Really good at helping you analyze your thoughts :)
lovely guy, great listener, doesn't judge
a very persistent listener who asks questions and genuinely likes to listen.
HelperStealer is by far the best Listener I've spoken to, he is second to none. Speedy response time, sincere, empathetic and professional. Talking with him was pleasant, because of his helpfulness and understanding, he made me feel much better about my life.. my future.
Spectacular Listener! He is funny and understanding, he's very helpful especially when I was having a stressful time at The Office.. he made me smile and laugh.
What an incredible listener!
A very good listener and very thoughtful!fully recommend
The most amazing listener I met here. Told me how it was, and did not sugarcoat it. And, that was exactly what I needed to put things into perspective. Thank you, HelperStealer! He's definitely highly recommended.
Great fun to talk to, especially if just seeking a distraction from difficult or negative thoughts. Quick responses which did not read as though you were a chore to be listened to. 100% recommend!
Nicest person I've ever talk
This Listener, he's funny, insightful and level-headed. Ultimately, an above average Listener!!
This girl really helped me with my depression. She is a diamond in the rough.
Thank you for listening to me and you are great to talk to and made me feel a lot better :)
help me a lot thank
You are an amazing person!
Awesome guy!
A great listener! Sunshine on a rainy day
An amazing person and I enjoyed talking with him about my relationship troubles. Glad people like him exist. :) Kat
He help me with break up and listen me nicely
helped me feel better with my grades thank you i will try harder
- Sam
Great listener and wonderful person :) Thanks
An amazing person, and listened to me very patiently with care and empathy. Thank you
Best Listener ever!!! Very empathetic and kind!! Woo-hoo!5/5 stars!
He brought such light to me in my most lonely moment.. his sincere kindness, affection and understanding makes me truly feel happy.. he doesn't just believe me--he believe in me... some people listen but don't hear... with him I felt heard like, I truly matter.
Great listener from 2 minutes onwards ;)
-Hannah x
Very helpful! Thank you!
Again Helpful was such a good listener. You couldn't ask for more from a listener. Compassionate, funny when he needed to be. Thanks again for being there when I needed someone to listen :)
Absolutely great guy, made my night a lot better. I would love to talk to him again sometime.
bae since day one. how can the moon shine this bright, when helper shines brighter. I love you
beautiful, she did me good
Great listener :)
great person!
Incredibly comforting and helpful. Thank you for listening to me.
Helper is an amazing listener. Funny, wise and caring.
HelperStealer sure stole my heart as she helped me going through rough episodes of my depression. Thank you
Great listener.
Best listener I talked to, really felt like he understood the way I felt. He adapted well between light hearted joking and deep chat. Helped me feel human again.
He is very nice, sweet, funny and keeps a positive vibe no matter what I said. (:
Made my day :D
Thanks for help
Thank you for listening!
Wow what a guy! Helper really did help, He put in time and effort and was so sincere and compassionate. i really appreciated him in doing that. MAX karma man :) My thx!
He really helped me gain an understanding of my problems, I felt safe when speaking with him and he was very fun to talk to. The sad thing is despite his humorous, friendly tone, I sensed someone who isn't as happy as they seem, which is sad as he deserves all the happiness in the world for doing what he does.
Best listener ever fam
Really lovely guy
Made me laugh and see the brighter side of life!! Would recommend,
Very very good listener was polite had time for me dispite other msgs and such patience !!
Highly recomened 😊
Very easy to talk to
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