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I've been through alot in my life and would like to use my vast experience, dealing with alot of situations, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, friendship issues, loneliness, trauma, drug abuse, addicition, family issues, etc to help people become better versions of themselves.
Number of Ratings: 167
Number of Reviews: 128
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Languages English
Listener Since Dec 20, 2019
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People Helped 660
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Feedback & Reviews
Listener did respond and gave me something to think about
Amazing person to listen to others and great human
Absolutely fantastic
Cooperative and helpful
Listened well and helped me feel okay.
I feel like Issak has my back and was very easy to talk to
She provided me with a lot of insight! felt great
Helped me understand my anxiety a little bit better.
he seems so cool
Very responsive, very kind, easy to talk to.
So helpful, kind, and understanding. I really appreciated his perspective!
This person tries their best to help. That means a lot to me
Isaakmotive really listened to where I was coming from and made me realize that the facts of the situation remain the same, but that I am seeing the world through my negative view. If I change my personal perspective, I can see how one set of facts be seen two separate ways, and chose the way that empowers me.
very good listener, really made me feel a little more...normal i guess is the word im looking for
Very personable, great with making the conversation comfortable.
A very skillful, knowledgeable, professional conduct and a great listener
Great , relatable listener. Thanks again
really understanding and helped motivate me to work on myself. Awesome person!!
very opn minded and a good listener
Great at understanding trauma and trauma responses, Reassured me I wasn't crazy after years of emotional neglect and abuse. Overall, really great guy.
The listener really knew what he was talking about and helped me figure out my problem. Felt good to be understood so well by him.
Knows their stuff, great listener
positive and cool vibes
Awesome dude. ๐Ÿ˜ Loved the way he cheered me and helped me thru the dark time. Reminds me that there are people that still care in this world. Recommended.
Good listener and gets down to the problem with suggestions to help you out.
Awesome thanks for the quick response
Great Listener!
Good listening,I was happy talking to you
He is a very understanding and thoughtful, practical person. He is a patient listener and will give you enough room to express yourself well, then talk to you like a real friend and will make you feel comfortable!
Great listener! Made me feel a lot better about myself. Not judgemental
Tremendous help. Very attentive and compassionate. Awesome conversation๐Ÿ‘Œ
Great listener, has even drawn upon their own experiences and shown how they have grown as a person overall while also being understanding and respectful towards me and my situation.
Great listener
Thank you very much. Great listener. Listens and responds in time and helps us to figure out the solutions to our problems
Attentive listener
Good listener and knows how to ask the right questions and seems humble
Great person to speak to! Really allowed me to gather my thoughts and feelings to understand what I truly need. I feel so much better after speaking to this person!
Awesome and friendly guy :)
Quick replies, reads what you say, really tries to relate to you
Nice person! He was a good listener.
Such a kind and good listener. Understands very well and is very comforting. His empathy lightens me up and he's not biased. He helps me understand what I'm feeling and is very patient. I would certainly recommend him.
Awesome listener
really lovely conversation
good listener :)
Very good to the point...well analysis of problem...Helped a lot..Thank you so much
Very kind and helpful :)
Was really attentive and patient with me. Never got annoyed when the conversation carried on too long, and really took the time to find specific ways to help me with a problem many others either told me was stupid or refused to help me with. He recognized how important my issue was to me-very glad I was able to talk with him
Thank you for your great words which made me feel better. It allowed me to look from a different perspective and provided me a solution!
Good listener keep up the good work!!!
Funny and a good listener.
Good listener.. Thanks for talk.
Really sweet! And a good listener! Would recommend 100\10
I honestly feel better after this chat!! He is a really great listener.
it was nice to be listened to. best of luck to u all :)
Great listener, acute, brilliant
Listened and was empathetic to my issues
Awesome listener
Thank you for the wonderful and enlightening chat.
Very very empathetic and kind person that is truly involved and concerned of the issues and problems at hand. Such an appreciation for this person!
can tell Isaakmotive really sincerely wants to help me
He was one of the most supportive and honest listeners here! He wants to help and support, amazing human being! Thanks a lot.
He is super nice and patient to talk.
Good listening skills
An awesome listener who provided support and help.
great listener.. I feel relief
Awesome!! They werw great!
good listener and feedback
Awesome listener! Very Helpful!
Amazing individual! Conversation was very casual didnโ€™t seem like it was an interview of any sort, felt like talking to a friend that truly cares
hes a great guide and empathetic listener
Great empathizer, gave me quite a good wake up call, and very relatable! Thank you so much. : )
nice chat nice person
Really good listener..... ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
They seemed like they were nice, and wanted to understand.
awesome.... on time
I didnt need help i just wanted someone to talk to and he was great
This is a great man, I got here with a lot of anxiety, anguish and pain, and now in the middle of the conversation I'm even smiling. Keep in the good path, bro. You deserve the best.
Isaak related to me and was warm and helpful. I know where to get the help I need and how.
Helpful chat to encourage people
He cared listened and really helped me thanks
Helpful listener who listened and responded well.
He's so nice and supportive I couldn't ask for more ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ฏ
So understanding and great listener โ˜บ๏ธ
Good listening skills
Thank you for listening to me when I have felt alone.
This listener is very helpful and attentive to your needs.
absolutely amazing and tried their upmost best to help me out
Very helpful and kind
He was wonderful .
Good, quick and what I needed
Nice talking to you
Interesting person that actually engaged in the conversation and told me their experience like a friend.
Helpful chat and seemed supportive.
This listener was helpful and experienced in a variety of topics. I like when the listener shares about themselves too and this listener is willing to do so. You wonโ€™t get short answers like okay, nice, and oh.
Great listener and helped me through my problems. Highly recommend!
Thank you so so much this really was helpful I so appreciate it definitely rated you five stars for this ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ
Had a really pleasant conversation. The listener was very understanding and gave good advice
nice .
Good listener person and brother
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