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JasGab20051997 |
Listener - Virtuoso 3

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- Overthinking Female Taurus 

- Not a fairy godmother 

Please read below about what I try  to be as a listener:

Although i am not a professional therapist I try to apply my knowledge of psychology on stuff (p.s. - Undergraduate Bachelors Degree in Psychology completed. YAY 🧡🤩). I aim to be unbiased yet compassionate. If all the above sounds good let me know if you want a chat. 

*Not available on weekends*

 When the circle near my profile pic is green that means I’m available to talk to you now. For those who have previously talked to me (members) it’s up to you to message me whenever you want support . *1 hr duration chats *
Number of Ratings: 173
Number of Reviews: 146
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Nov 21, 2019
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 867
Cheers 190,301
People Helped 1,025
Chats 3,263
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 6
Forum Posts 83
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Feedback & Reviews
Very kind and helpful
they were so nice and helped me a lot! they know exactly what to do and how to help you. totally recommend to speak to them! ❤️
Kind, asks the right questions, understanding and empathetic.
She really cares.
She is awesome , smart and kind
great and empathetic listener
Insightful and informative
felt good to talk to someone
offered a new perspective
Great listener really helped
They are very kind and patient
easy to chat with
Amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful
it was pretty great. thank you. talking to you made me reflect my own thoughts and be patient w things. hope u have a nice day
Wise and listens and offers solutions
She’s easy to talk to and gives me her knowledge of what’s happening and it helps me.
I like her she's cute honest and just perfect
They were so nice and a great listener! They listened to me while also providing insight and asking a lot of questions. Loved our chat!
great listener
Awesome listener💕💕💕💕💕
He is actually very kind and helped me through of my problem.
She actually listens. Love the resources she gives. Helpful
She's really really nice and empathetic and a great listener :) I felt so much better after sharing my problems with her, and she responded very kindly. She also gave me helpful input :D Thanks JasGab!
Patience listener:)
Great listener.
really caring thank you
Great listener, helped me a lot
Really sweet listener, kind and encouraging, gives useful ressources and is non judgemental .
Was super caring and understanding
This person helped me.
always trying to be helpful, a very nice and understanding person
Very understand abs helpful
Great listener easy to talk to replies fast
I was comfortable talking to her/him
Great listner one of the best
Great listener, nice chat
Good listening skills
She is wonderful
Awesome amazing
Was quick to respond and helped go deeper in the issue
calm response and understanding behaviour.
Very good listener with prompt calming responses too
Very helpful abd caring , good communication , very patient , quick to respond
very nice person
Very careful, emotional and listening.
She is very understanding
Good listener keep up the good work!!!
Great really helpful, saw things through a different angle
helpful with links
Jasgab is awesome and empathetic! She gives helpful replies to your messages :)
Helpful, understanding, and easygoing
amaziiiing and kind
Very empathetic and showed me tools to help my situation.
Jas is very forward about what she can do as a listener which is great!
Great listener.. Felt better for chatting
Helpful ..good listener and ask questions
she is a great listener
she seems very mature and good listner to me. she is carrying my problem as her problem. i am satisfied with her approach
He is being very helpful and listening very well.
Thanks so much for the kind listen and for being strong. Cheers!!
Good listener, and very stimulating conver
Very engaged and friendly! Thank you a lot!
Very easy to talk to, very insightful. A breath of fresh air to talk with someone like this 😊
Eloquent speaker who knows just what to say. Very caring
A great listener!! Feeling better after chat. Hoping to connect with you again soon💕
Very understanding and patient. Really asks good questions. I felt very safe and comfortable with this listener and overall felt much more accepted and comfortable talking about my issues after our conversation.
He has lots of patience
Attentive and doesn’t leave during the talk
reasonable, understanding and mature.
Kind and patient, was a very nice and genuine chat!
JasGab20051997 was great listener on topic of interest to me. She asked some very good questions and displayed a lot of warmth in our chat session.
Very lovely kind person. Thank you :)
Helpful. Good listener
yes very good and helpful just what this website needs! :)
Listens well and is kind
It helped a lot!! Thanks so much
Helpful, understanding, empathetic listener.
Great listener, asks good questions
She is really friendly and understanding, perceptive as well. :)
Great person to talk too!
really lovely to chat to, helped me by being positive - just what I needed :)
Calm and compassionate- have helpful advice
He helped me to get my mind off my worries.
He's a really good listener. It has been really helpful
It helps to just say things out loud every once a while , it was good to have a listening ear , and knowledgeable too , got some good helpful resources to check out for myself , so thnx for that , appreciate it
Such a kind and understanding person
I appreciated the honesty, I felt listened to and not judged.
Kind and pleasant to talk to!
Very great listener. Asked a lot of questions about the details of my situation and was not judgemental at all. Seems to really care!
Of the best people I could have the luck to talk with, excellent listened and great at advices and resources, helped me lift part if the massive weight I felt
Very helpful, listened to me careflly. Did not give judjment
Very helpful. Considerate and willing to discuss difficult topics. I am glad to talk to this listener.
Seems like nice person
Very sweet and careful, would talk to again
Very nice and enlightening
Pretty good listener and ask questions
Kind, helpful. Asks a lot of questions. Gets to the bottom of the problem. Thanks again!
Cool person to talk to
I love talking with her.
Good listener who is willing to help!
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