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KatieTheBigRockOne |
Listener - Exemplar 15

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5.0 star rating

Hello :)

I'm katie, happy to meet you! 

Firstly, I'm glad to be here for you, please feel free to message me  (◍•ᴗ•◍)  and i will get back to you as soon as possible. My response time is under 60 hours, chats typically last between {30 minutes and 2 hours} depending on support required, when chatting with me there won't be a time cap, just talking until you hopefully feel that little bit better <3

Please read

 through my
profile before
requesting me
 for a session

💙No Longer Accepting Member Requests 💙​​​​​​

​​​​                          ⬇️
Availability :  I am typically available from 2pm - 4pm EST ​​​​​​, Monday - Saturday. (though my active time can be uncertain. Feel free to send a message whenever and I will reply to it as soon as possible. Do not expect an Immediate reply unless previously discussed or I am online ​​​​​​) I do NOT take chats on Sunday. 

-💙I value feedback a lot, please consider leaving a review so I can reflect on our experience💙-

Thankyou for considering me to talk to :) before you read on I want to remind you that you are wonderful, beautiful, worthy and 100% deserving of support <3  
In my time I have experienced my fair share of issues and Hurts, having experience in tough breakups, relationship stress, family stress, LGBTQ+ issues and relations, general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, self esteem, self worth troubles and ASD (autism spectrum disorder). If you feel most comfortable talking to someone with direct experience about the issues you're facing those are the experiences I have went through in my life ✧。*☆ But I am capable of talking about most every topic, applying those experiences and lessons to better understand you. As your situation is completely unique I appreciate every chat is a new experience, I'd be very glad to listen
to you vent, provide support or simply keep a conversation☺️.

Although I am capable of most topics I would like to make you aware I do not take chats with the *main focus* of the conversation being disordered eating, drug abuse or sexual health problems as these are triggering to my past experiences and I feel I may not be able to help as much as you deserve to be heard. If you are experiencing these issues you are worthy of support and you deserve to be listened to, though I may not be the best match support is still out there, I hope you can find it 💙

​​-I will listen  ​​whole heartedly and typically take an active role when listening, so will ask open questions, give in depth responses and tend to reply to most messages though if I don't I am not ignoring you ♡ I am simply allowing you have the floor so I can better understand and hear you (if I give responses like 'mm', 'I see' 'oh?' or 'please continue' it means I am listening and letting you vent. I do care!! I'm just not interrupting you) 

☺️However like a pair of shoes or a good outfit.... You won't always find the perfect match on your first try feel free to keep searching! ☺️ Find more lovely listeners here:

Green status:I am online and taking requests /chats, please message me if you find me to be a good match, I'm 100% here for you!!! I am active
Orange status:I am online but NOT actively taking requests or chats (although I will take up chats on this colour, feel free to message and I will hopefully get back to you soon) I am most likely in forums or online in some way! 
Red status: there's a chance I'm online (but I'm likely not) but this means I am NOT replying or taking chats at all. Feel free to message and I'll answer as soon as I'm back online :). I am not active. 

Some loving reminders ( ˘ ³˘)♥

-♡ You are a lovely person, life can be a hard and difficult journey and at times you can forget how wonderful you truly are I'm here to remind you you're awesome! 

​​​♡ You deserve respect and care, feeling alone or hurt can be such a painful thing, regardless of where you are in life you deserve respect and appreciation.

-♡ You are capable and wonderful, insecurity and harsh people can make you forget what you're truly able to do, look how far you've came you're more than capable :) 

-♡ You deserve great things. Don't let negative thoughts or people overwhelm you, it can be difficult to believe but you deserve a lot from this life.

-♡ You can get better ! sometimes when you've felt down or hurt for so long it feels recovery is impossible. But healing is completely possible, and so many people are here for you  

-♡ Take care of yourself, you only get one you :) 


I will try my best to be here for you, but i may be busy!Thanks for understanding :)

For listeners :
                   As a fellow listener I am compassionate about creating a warm welcoming community between both members and listeners alike. I like welcoming new listeners and will always be up to talk about listener chats with you all (I'm a peer support, please feel free to message me after a hard chat I'm here for you 🤗) 
~ 💙My listener twin is BrightHeart116//love you MishiS
💙 ~

          To every beautiful listener I've had the good fortune to meet, thankyou! I hope you realise not only how much you matter to me but how much you truly enrich this community and life too! 

          To every wonderful member I've came across along my journey, never forget your worth and how splendid you are to know! 


Current Roles: 
           - I am a trained active listener (I regularly recap training and am always searching for the best ways to support people)

         - I am a verified listener (meaning i passed a mock chat to ensure quality) 

            -I am a peer support (which means after a difficult chat you ~listeners~ can come and talk to me for support or to be led in the right direction ) 

​​          -I am a forum support for the positivity and gratitude (P&G) community : meaning I post regularly and support this community in forums. 

        - I am also a forum support for the needs reply team, meaning I dedicate my time helping reduce the needs reply section of forums :)

         - I am a part of project lightship ​​​​​(so  actively spread the word of 7cups and support externally too!) 
this is actually my profile as part of the team on twitter : @katie7cups / KatieTheRockOne7cups 


Previous roles :

              - I was both a host at one point in time, and co-host of the listener sharing circle (every Sunday from 8am - 9am EST
// with a combined time of hosting being roughly five months

           -I used to have the title of assigned host for the member sharing circle (I hosted every Saturday 2pm - 3pm EST 
// hosting consistently for three months, then with a break and hosting again for roughly four..... Meaning i hosted for a combined of 6/7 months in my time) 

- I was an assigned host for the healthy habits sessions before they got discontinued (i hosted every Tuesday since i first joined till the sessions merged with sharing circles, hosting for 9 months) 

- At one point i also hosted for friendship room weekly sessions mine was self care Saturday! (I hosted every Saturday and helped make the newest version of the script :0)

    - I was a dedicated member of the LGBTQ+/MOGII forum community being a forum support , having this responsibility for 8months




💫To all individuals I've come to accept the loss of, know I'll forever mourn you, You will remain eternal in my heart and the hearts of those who cared💫

☺️💙☺️Have a lovely day all 💙
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Feedback & Reviews
She’s very sweet and gentle and listens to you without judgement
Extremely understanding and loving!!
She was so supportive and understanding. She really listened and gave the best advice suited for me. Super helpful!
Katie is an amazing listener. Right from the start she had an amazing welcome in, and made me feel safe. She validated my feels and reminded me that what I was feeling was okay. We talked about a really hard subject, but she listened and understood. She asked me considerate questions and her response time was amazing. She is one of the best listeners I have ever talked to(not exaggerating) and has made me realize I have a safe spot to. Thank you Katie and I hope you know, I might become a regular. Keep up your amazing skills and thank you for being such a caring person. 🤍
Understanding and listened well, I will definitely come back to this person to be able to get help again
they are super nice and respectful thank you for helping.
She is an amazing person and a really good listener ~♡!
Omg she was a really really great listener, thanks a lot for listening to my katie
Amazing helped me so much asked the right things UwU *hands hug*
Thank you Katie
She is really understanding, attentive, and helpful.
Such a beatiful kind caring person
Amazing listener
Katie is really understanding and caring. She is amazing ❤
Really thoughtful and helped me a lot in my problems, listened intently and took everything I said into account. Couldn’t recommend more :)
Really helped a lot when I was in a badly anxious situation
So incredible!!! Just like talking to a close friend, totally understand where I was coming from, didn't pass any judgment of me or make an assumptions. A really warm and comfortable person to talk to, so dedicated, I really felt heard
She is a really great listener after talking to her I felt really good 💙💙💙
Amazing listener! Helped so so much. They were so kind and understanding. Thank you so much!!
She's really nice and I was feeling very comfortable talking about my problems with her
Very supportive and helped me through tough things I highly recommend her!
They are super friendly and very helpful you can trust em like a friend they listen in ask for details only if you want to answer or not, but they wanna know if exactly how to help you and what to tell you
She is a good listener. She respects my opinions and never judges at all.
Really great. She was so nice and clearly very experienced. Would definitely recommend!
really kind and listened to me well
Very chill. Helped me with my questions with no reasoning
very helpful listener ☺️
she is very understanding and good to the heart ! your thoughts will never go unheard when you’re talking to her ! best listener i’ve come across on this app by far ☺️
She's amazing! really understanding and so so helpful. one of the best listeners ever. So amazing
She asks questions that makee question my way of thinking, in the best way possible, it's actually helped me to see new perspectives of things. She's very calming to talk to and to get things of your chest!😊
Very helpful and made me feel better, I just needed someone to listen and they were very supportive and nice.
Made me feel like I’m not alone. Very comfortable conversation!
She's a really good listener and she actually cares about you
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