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LifeIsABeautifulMelody |
Listener - Virtuoso 7

Listener Rating
4.5 star rating


“The simple act of listening to someone and making them feel as if they have truly been heard is a most treasured gift.” - L. A. Villafane




जिंदगी छोटी नही होती,

लोग जीना ही देरी से शुरू करते है।


Caution : Just some of the reviews mention about "Advice" I don't give advice I actually help people in making their own decisions by helping them see things In a clear way so they might have perceived it as an advice. 

Here are some facts about me : You can refer to me as Melody  , I am done with my med school and currently in last year of my residency (Psychiatry) Here to help and provide support 
I am also a

Verified Listener

Peer Support Listener

Part of Safety Patrol Team 

Adult Teen Listener


Please read this before contacting me : Go to the bottom of my profile and see the categories.. those are the issues I support with ♥️

Important : I DON'T HELP WITH : 1. Relationship, breakups or any kind of marriage related issues

2. Sexual or male or female issues  

3. When it comes to lgbt I am very choosy I only help with sexuality issues I DON'T help with Trans and Cross dressing related chats . So kindly look for someone better suited for these topics.

4. When it comes to trauma I only listen to trauma but NOT SEXUAL ASSAULT 



 I DONT (yes caps are necessary here) entertain  sexual or creepy chats pls maintain the etiquettes or you will be blocked if you continue to behave inappropriately .I might be busy  so if i am unable to take your personal request immediately please have some patience or request another listener.


Sometimes What we say or Do can make a difference in someone's life
So why not say Thankyou  , Say I love you , Say all the nice things you can tell the people
who matter to you , so that no one has to feel that they aren't loved . 

Don't Forget to Smile Sunshines

I am always here to help you , If not kindly leave a message 

I am JUST a click away. 

Please do leave a feedback! , It will help me improve .

Listener twins : 



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Feedback & Reviews
Made me smile, honestly. The chat cured my loneliness a bit and helped me with some of my problems.
Thank you.. you helped me alot and you are very friendly
She was super sweet and caring . Felt so warm and cared for throughout the conversation. Melody is like a warm blanket in freezing cold. Thank you miss.
Loved it! Awesome chat! Lo
Thanks for the amazing talk, you were a great listener
Have great advice and overall very friendly.
great listener, very kind and supportive
listens very well to your problems and is very professional
They are super helpful and supportive!
Helpful and a good listener!
thanks for helping me
It was nice talking to you doc 😊
Hopefully it will be of great help
helpful and good listener
They were very good at being calm and collected and overall just a human i could talk to
Great listener loved this convo
I was pleasantly surprised by how well Melody related to/with me. I think she may have been having issues with her internet connection - but it gave me the impression that she was thinking of how to respond :) I think she did understand the problem I was talking about, which is in itself a great blessing. She also reassured me that I do not have to work on this issue alone; that she and I can talk more. That was very helpful too.
Melody couldn't relate to what I was going through but helped me map out how I'm feeling. We had a good talk that really made me think. Thanks Melody! :)
The SWEETEST listener I've ever met. Melody felt like talking to an older sister. She was patient with me through all my ups and downs and had loads of valuable insight. I can confidently say she's the BEST listener on here :)
ive never had anyone so warm in my life
She is a kind and good listener. Would recommend.
Very caring and understanding. Has good experience and tries to get to the bottom of things. Such a good support. Thank you!
A good and patient listener
So nice and very helpful
he's simply amazing god bless him
Super sweet and easy to talk to and helped me calm down and feel better about all the stuff going on right now. Thanks again!
great chatter, funny and cool photo
A jolly person. You would love to talk with her. :)
Thoughtful, kind, and attentive listener! A+!
Amazing, thoughtful listener!
Beautiful Soul
Truly amazing person truly cares about people heart of gold
She's incredible. Seriously she helped me so much. Gosh I can't thank her enough.
Great 👍🏻
Let me talk and really listened
She saved my life, honestly!
Amazing person she is.. :)
You are wonderful xx
Thank you lovely xx
This listener was excellent and helped me in any way they could, they spoke to me in a way that made me feel welcome.
wonderful listener
Awesome listener. Thank you so much for everything :)
Truly a great listener. Listens to everything with patience and empathy. Very understanding. Clearer the mess I was going through. Feeling blessed to talk to such an amazing listener.
my favorite all tiem listener
one of my favoirte lsiteneers
thank you
Thank you for listening and caring. I couldn't ask for more.
Lovely person to talk with!
Really sweet and very comfortable to talk to. :)
She is damn good for few minutes she made me forget about my problem . She is to much humorous . She is the best I have ever talked to .Hope she helps more like me .
Melody is a very sweet person. He listened to my problem with patience and gave me honest and advice. He is very supportive, kind and compassionate. I am sure whoever she listens to will never leave the chat without a smile or sense of relief. By the end of the chat with her, I had a relief as I shared my problem with the right person. I wish Melody all luck and i urge her to keep up her writing. God Bless!!
she is great at everything whatever may be the problem she has a solution.
This is the second time I have visited 7 cups. Both after incredibly emotional moments, late at night, when there was no hope of reaching my regular therapist or another friend I could talk to. It is almost a relief in a way that things worked out like this. LifeIsABeautifulMelody was compassionate but wise as well. This listener gave me solid advice to move through this difficult time which I will attempt in every manner to employ.
Kind words and support , just what i needed right now. Thank you so much
Friendly and helpful. Had a lot of experience and humour
I'm very happy I had a good listener
Amazing person from the start
thank you, it was a nice conversation
A very pleasant person who will give you solutions and suggestions. I recommend chatting with her.
This person was lovely to deal with and very helpful.
This listener is wonderful. I felt less stressed after our conversation. The listener helped me unwind. Perfect balance :)
The best lisetner on this site ...Awesome
Great listener!
Very happy and energetic soul.
Sweet,lovely, caring and phenomenal. Sometimes all you need someone to tell you that it's going to be okay and that we can pull ourselves together.. and she did just that . Thank you,lovely
Good person!!!
Sweet and intelligent girl. Easy to talk to. Can reccomend
An awesome person! Love!
Thanks so much for helping me earlier. I appreciate it so much. Please take care and be safe. ❤
Very friendly and easy going.
Thank you Melody u were an awesome listener. I look forward to our next chat :)
She really helped and made me feel better about my situation
Nice and helpful and explained about the site.
Perfect Girl to talk with when you are low.. Sweet..
i had a really good chat , colorful and joyful :)
supportive...n taking into the right direction.
Thank you for the listening ear and advice. ❤️❤️
She was very helpful. Kind. Very understanding on the situation. Would love to talk to her again about anything I would have to say and get off my mind. RESPECT.. and Thank You for takin time out of your day to talk to me..
I went from feeling dejected to feeling hopeful by the end of our conversation. Thank you.
Very nice young woman, Thankyou
Though I don't know who r u... Bt after talkin to u I felt as if I talked to one of my close frnds... Ur suggestions n advice is really helpful.. Thanks a ton
good listener
I think you did a great job with quick responses
Great girl she is beyond sweet
Great people
she was helpful
thank you, and i hope we will speak once. :)
Thank you very much for your kindness! I look forward to chat with you in the near future!
Thank you for your encouragement, and support.
Very understanding, and nurturing personality. Much appreciated in a time of need.
Awesome listener
The listener was really kind and help me alot make me feel better
Great! Could relate and empathize ... :)
Very sweet and really understood.
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