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Hello! I'm Light, as in "A light to help you through your darkness." I am open to talking about most issues(sexual health excluded) and will do my best to help you feel better about yourself/your situation because you are an awesome person who is worthy of love, happiness, and safety!
If there’s a green light, then I’m on the site and ready to chat! If there’s an orange light, I’m on the site, but I’m busy, either in the forums or with chats. You can still message me though and I’ll respond as soon as I can, but responses may be delayed depending on what I’m doing. If there’s a red light, then I’m currently not on the site, but you can still message me and I’ll get back to you when I can.
There’s a list of issues I can help with to the right. If there’s a yellow star, then I have personal experience with that issue. 

(Hallo! Ich heiße Light. Ich kann du helfen. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber ich spreche Englisch besser. Grün = ich bin hier! Röt- Ich bin nicht hier.)

A little bit about me!
I am agender, and I'd prefer that you use they/them pronouns for me. 
I’m a teen who loves cats, dragons, sharks, and snakes. 
I enjoy drawing, writing, reading books, cooking, grilling, playing videogames, listening to music, and spending time outdoors. 
I play basketball and play-fight with my sibling. 
Legos are awesome, and I am a proud TFOL. 
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Listens to Teens
Languages English, German
Listener Since Feb 19, 2019
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Feedback & Reviews
helping me and im feeling a tad bit better
They really helped me open up and talk, without making me feel uncomfortable
They did not pressure me into giving them information, which was great. It felt like I had the control over my own situation and no one else. Thanks for being a good listener 😊
Unfortunately, didn't get to talk long with them. They left a good impression, though: they were very courteous, and didn't assume anything.
Our conversation was very meaningful to me, and she helped me let out all of my problems and struggles while being very friendly and non-judging about it. I totally recommend trying her out!!!
Great, listens, helps
Light was a great listener, when speaking light listened and tried to help me find the root of my inner self they are a great listener.
Very helpful and truly is one of the best listeners I’ve met.
helpful and supportive
i really felt better after speaking with you, such a pure heart :)
Very helpful and listened to every word
He's the most helpful listener I've talked 2.
Was very helpful and made me forget what I was sad about in the first place. Ended the chat very satisfied and confident.
very very kind a person i love them
Good and courteous
listens and says
nice person and good at hearing you out
Light is a very good person to talk to
Helped me feel valid
it was easy talking to the person
I like them. They are very helpful
This person is helpful and gave me ways to come out to my family that helped me a lot
Was helpful. I appreciated the company
They were very open, accepting, supportive, and helpful!
I love how he help me throught and tell me how I would blnot have the bad problem will not happen
Understanding supportive knows what there talking about
Helped me and very nice to talk to
Brilliant listener, really helpful :)
They were quite kind and helpful!
Understanding, good communication skills
absolutely wonderful, helped me so much and listened to me vent for awhile
Awesome chat thank you so much!
Very nice even though they didn't have much experience with the topic they still did a really good job
Very sweet and nice. Listened well
Friendly, understanding
Very helpful and empathetic :)
Really good at listening and gives great feedback and questions.
Very nice and supportive
Really cool and helpful
Thank you so much you really helped
Really nice and really helped me
Very Understanding and makes you feel confident you are cared for
Superb. Answered really fast, very caring and enlightening chat. I hope we'll chat again. ^^
Such a genuine caring person. Very helpful and kind. Not once did Light judge me for what I was going through.
Great listener and helpful.
This person is super kind and loving. They understand how I feel.
great person great
Helpful and kind :)
they were very kind and compationate, and really helped me
Kind, responded quickly
really kind, great listener
Very kind and responsive
Listened to my story really well.
They're very helpful and supportive. I suggest giving them a try!
hey thanks for Helping me with this Your Friend Michelle
They helped get rid of my anxiety and they were very understand.
a very thoughtful, funny and easy going listener
Cheerful and happy. All around nice experience to have
he is amazing at getting to the root of the problem
Theyre nice and talked me through my problem
Really reassuring and warm. Thank you for giving me the space I needed to talk
Fast replies and understands what's good
she is great and good
Good advice giver
She was absolutely amazing, she was kind, sweet, but super helpful! 10/10 would recommend!!!
He is a very good listener.
Really friendly and talked to me when I couldn’t find a listener.
Helped me out a lot
they were very nice and considerate
Helped me figure out what I should do step by step to get me to feel happier.
Very kind and caring! Highly recommend, thank you!
They were so nice and patient!
I liked talking to light dragon
They where really nice and helpful. I would recommend this listener if your stuck
they helped with some of my problems and were very kind about it
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