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Hi there! I'm Luke, and I'm 32 and from Georgia in the US. Happy to be here and to lend a listening ear to those in need. I have experience with parenting, family-related stress, and relationship stress and am a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but please feel free to reach out with anything on your mind and we can try to talk it out.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out whenever. I'm on the east coast in the US, so be mindful of possible timezone differences. I also have a family and a job, so bear with me if I don't get back to you immediately. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are particularly busy for me personally, so I may be extra slow to respond, if at all, on those days. Regardless, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, even if it says I'm offline. 

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Feedback & Reviews
Very helpful and kind. I was comfortable to talk about everything and feel better
Very calming person, good listener
So compassionate and amazing listener!
Thank you. It was nice talking to you
very nice and helpful
Very helpful, provided aswers to my situation.
I couldn't have asked for a better listenner. Thank you for being there for me and for helping me sort my feelings. You are the best.
Lovely lovely person⚘⚘⚘
complete empathy and patience
Knowing that someone has similar struggles and has gone over it is really relieving. Thanks for sharing your stories :)
Very kind and helpful. Listened without judgement.
super helpful and seems like they care
Seems chill. Responds articulately
Very good listener. I enjoyed talking to him.
great and caring
Gives very practical responses! Level headed and easy to talk to!
How do I describe this Listener because I have no words. I think if I am alive and doing well today then most credit for it goes to Luke . He has always been there. Sometimes just being there for someone can help a person much more than anyone can imagine . I don't think even Luke realises the impact he has by just being there for me. He has always been very selfless and caring and very very thoughtful of my triggers and I really appreciate that.
caring and very kind
Great listener. Asked the right questions to really make me think about what was happening.
It was great to have someone to talk to. Helped me completely by letting me talk.
Thanks for being so supportive and extraordinarily patient which is hard to find in a person in today's world. I really look upto you and really want to deal with some situations like you do. --Riley.
Understanding and supportive.
He was very nice and understanding, I would highly recommend
really helped me out in a time of need
LuLuRigs is absolutely wonderful! So understanding and tentative to what I needed to talk about!!
nice, helpful, i can see her helping a lot of people.
Really nice. Good talk.
Excellent listener! Helped ease some of my anxious feelings!
i can finally be me
he is awesome , I owe him, he is excellent. Thank you!
Very kind and understanding. A+ listener
Really helped calm me down and encouraged me to take a more rational approach to my problems without making me feel like I was crazy. Great listener and gave me spectacular advice!
Best listener I've ever had, hands down. always friendly, always sympathetic, never presumptuous or judgmental
He’s really kinda and helpful. Made me fell important
I could be like other people and say He is loving , caring , patient , understanding but.. That's doesnt even suffice for the love and support he offers. He's has heart of a diamond He won't only show enpathy but he will cry with you when you're crying, Laugh with you when you're laughing, No matter what he's going through he won't leave you until you feel completely fine. And I promise you won't leave the site without a smile. He's not just a listener but a friend , a brother , a pal you can reach out to when you have no one. He's Mr. SUNSHINE for me because when I was going through a dark time he made me hopeful and I can see the light now 😄 YOUR ARE F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S 💅
What a delightful person! Sending my warmest wishes. The world would be a better place with more people like you. - Mia
You are amazing support, and always leave me feeling better
high-key great 10/10
Best listener there is :)
Great listener! Responds quickly and gives excellent advice!
Seems very nice so far!
The listener is being very patient and helpful, not pushing me and letting me talk at my own pace.
Very supportive and listened well. Their advice was casual and made sense, and was more helpful than demanding. It was really a great experience
Really a helpful listener!
Their nice to talk to thanks for your time
Really cares about your situation!
Super nice and understanding
He is so understanding , he exceeds my expectations ❤ thank you very much I appreciate your time and effort . I enjoyed my time talking to you🌸
Luke is such a lovely person, and a really good listener. I am so glad that I got connected with him, and got to speak to such an amazing person as him. It helped a lot speaking to him, and him listening to me. Thank you for that Luke! Also he helped me by giving me some brilliant suggestions, so thank you again for those too Luke! He is also such a helpful, patient, empathetic, understanding, and kind person and listener, especially patient, which is what I found out, he’ll wait for you if you can’t reply straight away, or if you’re trying to think about what to say, he won’t mind waiting, which is rare, but great in a listener. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, listen to you, help you, or just for a general chat, then chat with Luke, because you won’t regret it, and you’ll get the help you’re looking for! Don’t be afraid to send him a message! :)
Amazing listener!
Really kind and understanding!
Really helped me understand a lot of things, and gave me a good idea of how to help my friends! Had I great experience!
Very nice and understanding person. Seems as if trained in counseling (rephrasing and repeating back). Overall, not a lot of advice or suggestions, just a great listener. Really helped me to type it out to someone not involved. Thank you LuLuRings, talk soon!
Very good at listening and gently guiding. My best interaction on this app thus far.
really patient and chill to talk to
you're awesome :D
Amazing chat and really helped me walk through my feelings and thoughts without influence
Truly good listener, and helped me a lot
You are AMAZING, you have helped me more than any other listener
Amazing! Helped me with a lot
Great listener!
Luke is a really great listener, and he adapted to what I needed. I'm really grateful
So so sweet and understanding. Very compassionate and a great helper/listener
Wonderfully sweet, a good-hearted human who is very good at helping people out and being understanding.
Super nice person, understanding and caring :)
Lovely! I don't know if I can or how to recommend someone, but this listener is awesome
Best listener I've had. Very kind, caring, and insightful.
Very sweet, I’m grateful for the support and patience with me. Thank you!
Really great and willing to listen and share advice, thank you so much
You’re amazing you give good advice
Keep it up
Helpful and respectful, understood a lot of my fears and helped reassure me. Would talk to them again
Very understanding and professional
Very wise about what it takes to build and maintain a good relationship. Also has a knack for asking just the right questions to make you think.
Thank you so much for being there for me
they were kind and comprehensive, just what I needed
Thank you !!
thank you
very compassionate and understands you very well
Really easy to talk to, very understanding, and so kind.
They were awesome to listen to me!
Luke, you're the best! Thanks a lot (:
Very kind and helpful! Made me feel better on how to go about things in my life. Thanks again! :)
LuLuRings was a great help. Very supportive and understanding which is exactly what I needed.
Very empathetic, understanding and genuine. He gave me very good advice and I feel more secure now that I've talked to him
Extremely helpful and great to talk to :]
LuLuRings responds fast.
This person is really positive and chooses words carefully. I 100% recommend this person because he/she is experienced and optimistic in life. This person makes you think twice if you are depressed or not.
It's nice to talk to someone you don't know while you're dying inside
You’re very helpful in all of my insecurities
Very caring and helped me greatly. Very good at this!
Great listener really appreciate their understanding
LuluRings was fantastic! Very helpful, patient and kind.
LuLuRings was very professional. They helped keeping the conversation cool and collected, taking in the information and asking questions needed. Making sure I was alright, and giving their own experience and input. Very helpful and kind!
Thanks for listening
Very helpful
LuLuRings was very patient and helpful with advice.
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