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I am going on indefinite self care break. The problem is that I'm always torn between leaving the site for good and staying for good.  I love helping people for the most part, which makes me want to stay. But then occassionally I may experience an extremely upsetting chat that makes me want to leave, so as a result I sway between leaving and staying. So the solution is an indefinite self care break. I will be pausing listening indefinitely, which means I only return when I am ready (which may be never). If I return, be prepared for me to leave without warning again for indefinite periods of time. (I don't recommend anyone hoping for me to be their long-term listener). Please know that my previous indecision is just a byproduct of my anxiety problems. 

About Me: 

Hey! My alias here is Mercy but my real name isn't. 

I've struggled through extreme levels of anxiety and also some depression and burnout. So I understand how it feels. 

I Am Here For You ♥

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Feedback & Reviews
Very nice person love talking to them alot, hope to see more of them
Best listener ever! They never failed to make me feel so much better.. I wish I could thank you enough
Amazing by far! The best I've spoken too. Well, am speaking too...So friendly and understanding. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing.
Amazing friend and Listener! He deserves so much more and is REALLY great! I 100% recommend him when he's available! :)
lovely person, kind soul really listens to your problems
a really wonderful listener. they listened to my problems and gave lots of reassurance that made me feel like i was really being listened to and cared about. they gave valuable insight and offered the full support of a lovely friend. thanks so much, mercy
Reached out to me in kindness
They helped me in many ways and reached out of support. They were kind and non-judgemental and I really liked it. They were a little too professional for my taste, but I can overlook that compared to how much better I feel after this chat!
this person was extremely helpful and I love talking to them!!!
Really nice person. You can tell that they have a good heart
She is a great listener, she will always be there for you when you need it the most
Rlly enjoyed talking to mercy and she related to what I was going through which was great
She responds fast and listened to all my problems!
They were very kind and insightful, and helped me with my feelings.
Such a great listener. Make so many help suggestions.
MercyHealsYou is probably the most genuine and caring listener I have had so far. The chats were pretty helpful and helped me organize my thoughts, and it felt better after speaking
Very kind and supportive, provided me with some new strategies and things to try
MercyHealsYou was a very good listener and gave great tips and resources to help.
Mercy is helpful
Thanks man you helped me out when I needed someone
This listener knows what she is doing. I consider her a professional. Traits and techniques of the best listeners, counsellors and therapist were displayed in my chat with this listener.
A great and unique individual.
Nice good best fast respond
They made me feel better in the time we talk I feel a little better and hopefully can be my old self
A really wonderful person. I'm glad I've stumbled upon them. Thank you Mercy.
Just the support that i needed.
Helped me a little but was very nice. Many questions but was just trying to help. I say MercyHealsYou would be great to talk to! Have a nice day ya'll!
Mercy is nice. I like them.
Very sweet. I have had only a little convo with them but are very respectful and patient!
Very warm and was willing to talk me through some things even when I was being difficult about it. Very good at guiding the conversation towards a more helpful mindset
There's nothing to really improve at. They're kind, caring, they listen, they're understanding, supportive, wise and mature.. It makes them a good and unique listener
She is a very Goodd listener
They are very sweet, patient, caring, friendly and understanding. They helped me cope with my anxiety and I feel very calm now after talking to them. Their kind words mean a lot to me. Lovely listener 💜
Did an amazing job listening to me rant about my problems and gave helpful advice in order to help with my problems.
I think that connecting to someone’s personal feelings help. MercyHealsYou does that!
Helped so much!
Really amazing person, I really loved our chat and felt really comfortable. Thank you Mercy for being amazing
Mercy is absolutely the bestest
no one Has ever made me feel so.. listened too like Mercy has.
Amazing and compassionate.
helpful chat definitely recommend
Nice person very friendly seems to care.
I find them lovely
They are so kind, caring and und
Super helpful and super sweet. will definitely chat with them again
I'm so glad that I met her she helped me so so much and still does a big THANK YOU to her
Mercy was amazing, they listened without any judgment at all
Mercy is so kind and caring. She's always willing to talk and truly does care how you're doing. for anyone looking for someone to talk to I completely recommend Mercy! She will (from my understanding) talk about anything, including self harm
They are so nice and understanding, and are overall really great to talk to
Mercy is kind, sweet and very helpful! I could talk to them for hours!
Mercy was good at listening to my problems and gave me a good means of expressing my thoughts on everything. Glad I got matched with them
Super nice and caring
Very kind and helpful to talk to.
well he/she helped me with my bio exam
Crear at listnening, amazing person
Very helpful person, while I was having a heart attack they reached out to me and asked if I was alright in dms
Very helpful, found out what I needed than helped me get there. A good listener and a cool person.
Amazing! They helped me so much with my issue. I returned from the chat with a lot of ideas. Mercy clearly has a lot of experience helping people and it shows. tysm
Really great listener who genuinely cared and was very understanding. Made me feel comfortable to open up about what I was feeling and gave me some useful advise.
She was very nice and supportive and gave a lot of solutions to my problems and I really liked her it was great to talk to her because it made me less stressed
Pretty Covincing.
It has been great.
Very kind and patient person. The chat was very helpful and I felt a lot better.
Mercy. One of the best listeners here by far. Really goes out of her way to make sure you are totally alright and doesn't push unless she knows she needs too. I love this listener so so much. I am so glad I got to speak with her. She makes my day, more than once a day. Always knows when something is bothering me, or if there is more to the story than I'm sharing. I really needed this listener, and I'm glad I got her. I needed an angel, and Mercy was there. Thank you for all the help sweetpea
Thank you so much, you helped a lot...
So kind and caring and understanding
great person, really nice
Mercy is an amazing listener and has helped me a lot with my problems! I appreciate Mercy a lot!
They let me know he was there for me and I finally had someone to listen to me. They made me realise that I’m better than what I think and they even gave examples as to how we’re not all perfect. I feel a lot better.
Very good listener
They're very understanding.
She is very helpful and kind. She made me feel happier everyday and safe.
She or they seem nice to talk you through the hard times
You're so helpful and amazing. And sweet. Helped me calm down and feel safe emotionally. Highly recommend.
Mercy and I have only chstted once so far. Her vibe is amazing and I feel extremely comfortable talking to her. Anyone that is thinking about messaging her, please do. She is one of the best listeners I have had even though it's our very first chat.
Was very kind and help me solve my problem
Always so compassionate, understanding, professional, and lovely! You're the best
It was good. She listened to my problems and stayed with me
Mercy really cared about me and what I was going through. She was super helpful and she knew exactly what to say. She understood me and gave me a kind, listening ear. I really really reallyyyy love her ❤️
empathetic and kind
Very kind and quick to act
Amazing listener!
Hes really nice, seems to genuinely care.
Mercy is the best listener i have ever talked to on 7cups. Words cannot describe how much i care for Mercy. They are so kind, supportive, understanding, and caring. I believe in you Mercy
This person is the only one i can talk to and feel so good. Every time im feeling down, Mercy is just right there to make me smile. Mercy, thank you for everything! You are the best liste out there, a great friend and an awesome person. You make me smile and im glad for that. Thank you Mercy
They are really good, I’m calmer n
Thank you Mercy so much, for everything you have done. You are an amazing listener, and I believe in you. I wish you the best - Kara
they're honestly an amazing listener, they've supported me so much and i really appreciate them :)
You are a great Listener. I really don’t know what to say but Mercy you warmed my heart. Thank you so much. For everything. ❤️
I talk to Mercy a lot, as a listener and a member, just they dont know the connection haha im sneakyyy. Mercy i want you to know you are an amazing listener. You have helped me so so much and i see how much you care for members. You honestly continue to help me in so many ways and you just dont even see them. I seriously have actual love for you. I can go on and on about how much of an amazing person you are but i dont want to take too much of your time when your reading this. Anyone that wants to just feel better in general talk to this person they are absolutely amazing
MercyHealsYou helped me incredibly when I went through an anxiety attack. They showed that they understood what I was going through, helped me look at my fears in a logical manner, and it helped me calm down from what I was going through. Would definitely recommend for people with anxiety attacks.
This person is very sweet and kind, they give very good hugs and I would love to talk to them later.
these guys are helpping me lot
Calmed me down when I felt panic. Made me feel meaningful when I felt worthless. Made me realize my pain will not last forever.
She's so compassionate all the time
Super amazing person. Kind and compassionate. Felt like she really cared. Thank you mercy!
A really great listener! Always there for people and understands them! I loved the chat!
Mercy helped me understand shelf and get over a huge issue I was having. It’s no longer a problem for me, all thanks to Mercy’s help and support. I definitely recommend Mercy.
Thank you, things a bit clearer now
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