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I am a mature male concentrating ONLY on relationship issues within a current relationship (not long distance or internet relationships or break ups) including sexual issues. I understand that talking about sexual issues can be difficult and often embarrassing but be assured that whatever we talk about is in total confidence and will be handled sensitively and respectfully. If you have a genuine problem within your marriage or relationship and wish to talk about it in a sensible and mature way then please message me. 

If I am busy and reject your request then you can leave me a message with a brief outline of what you need to talk about and I will try and get back to you when I can but be aware that I probably won't respond to a one word introduction and I definitely won't respond to Hey!

I am straight talking and honest and a very good listener (but I do not suffer fools or time wasters) and I will try to help to the best of my ability.  My name is Dave, I am 53 years old, married and a parent so have a fair bit of life experience
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener so far.
So far he has been very understanding, kind and intelligent
Great, attentive listener.
He really knows what he is talking about, and knows how to make someone feel listened. Would highly recommend talking with him if you have any issues that he specializes in!
He was a great listener and asked very probing questions that got me to think. I needed an outside perspective and his guidance was very valuable.
He is an amazing listener. You will so much lighter and better after talking to him. Thank you Dave
Quick response, asks relevant questions without pushing. Very good listener. Makes you feel relaxed and that you can be really honest and open. Thank you
He's amazing! Truly helped me through my issue!
MirrorMan is incredibly patient and responsive. I appreciate his time so much. Thank you for everything MirrorMan
Really good to talk to about relationships!!
Asked great questions for reflection! Very understanding and kind! Had an awesome and very helpful conversation, thank you so much :)
A listener that does listening the right way. Discussion was guided by questions on point, kept me focused on me, there was no sense of judgement, I was able to think clearly and analyze my situation, feelings and ways of coping. Thank you!
Helps you to think through things without offering own opinion
His the best so patient
Understanding, and to the point.. greatly appreciated advice
Listened very well and asked me questions to gain a better insight.
Good listener and gave great advice
Good talk, professional
Very wise, understanding listener . I am grateful for the time and suggestions !!! God Bless you !!!
Fantastic listener thank you for you time would recommend
Very kind, patient and helpful.
Very helpful and welcoming listener
Fab honest feedback from this guy! Highly recommend 👍
Very kind and gentle. I felt validated and heard.
amazing , professional
amazing , more than what I can say
Very easy to talk to
Great listener, very empathetic and patient, gives practical and sound advice.
Very thoughtful listener. I so appreciated how he didn’t judge me when he easily could have. He also keeps things light hearted and has a sense of humor. Thank you. :)
Great listener!
Very kind and supportive person to talk to.
MirrorMan was very kind and understanding. He helped me to feel better about my decision to take my time on seeking new relationships.
Thank you for listening!
Absolutely great feedback. It’s likes talking to a therapist definitely. He seems very kind and positive. Really really helped me with a very personal situation.
I came back after feeling let down by a previous listener. I'm so glad I did. He helped me feel less judged. Less humiliated. And more ordered in my mind. I have a long way to go, but this wonderful man left me feeling like I could take another step. Thank you. Sincerely.
Thanks a lot
Youu were exactly what I needed
Critical thinker and an amazing listener.
Very helpful and non judgmental. I appreciated very much !
MirrorMan was my first listener, so I don't have anyone to compare him to, but I was happy with his service. He helped me when I needed it and I felt validated. I would definitely seek him out again.
I finally felt like someone has listened to me. Thank you
Great session. Great listener and very professional.
Very great listener, I would definitely recommend anyone talking with him, he's very mature, and takes everything you say into consideration, also does not judge at all and gives really great advice and does the best he can to help you with your problems
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism in supporting me with my issues. I appreciate your ability to discuss a variety of topics with ease and comfort. Your time is appreciated.
Good start
Very kind, gentle, and empathic. I felt so much relief after this conversation!
Good to talk to, understanding and objective. Thank you for listening.
he is good....very understanding
nice person
Great listener!
Feel so much better and relieved after chatting with this listener. I guess he has a way of normalizing things and helping me see my situation from a bit of an outsider's perspective. Thank you so much
great as always
Thanks, MirrorMan, you are so good at listening and just helping me talk through issues and not judging. I feel so better after talking with you. Thanks a lot!
He was like a true mirror reflecting things back at me, just the view was a little different than I saw and non-judgmental. It was so easy to talk to him even about most difficult topics. Big thank you for being here for me! You are an amazing listener!
Great listener, it was great to hear a male's perspective on the issue.
Very helpful, calmed me down about the situation.
Thank you for listening
Mirror man is really great, non judgemental, encouraging and has a wonderful way of drawing out the answers from within yourself. Thank you
thank you for the advice and encouragement
Thumbs up
His feedback is very specific, and you can see he really takes the time to read everything you say, and respond with something of use. Good listener!
Thanks for your time today. I really appreciate your kindness and support. It feels nice to talk to someone who understands what I am saying and keeps the conversation moving forward. You do a good job here and I am glad to have chatted with you.
Mirror man was great to talk to! He was attentive and understanding, nonjudgemental. Rather than feeding me what he would do, he helped me reach my own solution. He's amazing!
I needed to talk to someone about some unique marital issues and really wanted a male perspective. The questions he asked helped me think about the root problem a little differently and I enjoyed not feeling judged about a sensitive topic that a lot of people don't even know about me.
Thanks ! :)
Very helpful. Provided suggestions when asked and allowed me to see things for what they are. Thank you very much!!!
A genuine and honest man, I would not feel as grounded as i do now about my situation without his help. 11/10.
Really helpful and finally someone who actually understands. Cannot stress how much this has helped me figure out how I feel.
Thank you. I was afraid to talk, but you listened to everything. Did not judge me. And I felt heard and understood. Thank you for reminding that I only have one life to live. Hope your life is happy too!
MirrorMan is a patient and kind person. Thanks for listening to me.
By far the most understanding and non-judgmental listener I've encountered. Thank you so much - 7 cups is lucky to have you!
Even though MirrorMan couldn't help me (he advised his expertise was more for relationships), he was honest and up front about it. I appreciate his letting me know.
Very good listener, so calm and able to give realistic advice.
Wonderful listener
He is an awesome Listener & and totally reccomend him for anyone with relationship problem or other problems 😊
Super fast responder, very empathetic, very helpful with what I needed, was able to help me find the resources needed for what I was going through. Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs help in his categories that he helps with.
Nice Chat..... helpful:-)THX:-)!!
An excellent listener who did not judge me while I shared a very anxious time in my life with them. Helpful in guiding me towards finding my own answers. An overall very positive experience which led me to believing more in myself and trusting in my own instincts.
A thoughtful listener who approached everything from more perspectives. He doesn't assume things, he asks questions that even they alone stand as an answer. Definitely recommend him!
Encouraging, mature, thoughtful, and kind person! Thank you so much for your help.
Calm, kind and non-judgemental. I appreciated his company and gentle probing questions to help me make sense of my situation. Thanks so much :)
Liked his no nonsense approach. Gave a sense of perspective, which i found really helpful :)
thank you for your time :)
MirrorMan did it again. Came through for me. Talked, listened and was amazing. A truly special person.
He's always so kind, wise and gives the best advice. I'd advise taking to him about problems you may have.
Amazing listener!!!gives great advice and made Me feel so much better
Great listener, really understands. Talked me through a bad evening and eased my panic. Will be able to sleep lighter tonight thanks to MirrorMan.
Great listener very empathetic would deffinately speak to again
We just started but I think he's quite a good listener and reply quickly
Really good person to talk to.
He is a good guy.At first the things he said was a bit painful to hear but it`s probably because it was truth.He helped me and i feel better now.I hope that he will help the others!
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