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A psychoanalyst told me he had seen a patient at Starbucks. He was afraid of getting out of bed because of the monsters under it. Now he looked rested and healthy

Patient: Doctor, it's amazing! I'm cured!

Doctor: That's great news. What did you do?โ€

Patient: I saw another doctor who cured me in ONE session

My new doctor is a behaviorist.

Doctor: A behaviorist? How did he cure you in one session?

Patient: Oh, easy, he told me to cut the legs off of my bed."

Number of Ratings: 493
Number of Reviews: 239
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Akan, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Maltese
Listener Since Feb 15, 2016
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 1,688
Cheers 336,310
People Helped 2,059
Chats 5,698
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Feedback & Reviews
was a good listner! let me vent as needed which i really appreciated
I haven't encountered a person as good as him on 7 cups. A great person, very helpful and genuine. Helped me get out of my own head and see things from a clear perspective. Can't thank this person enough. Lots of blessings! :)
Misho listened to me and validation my experience.
Amazing listener :)
Very understanding, willing to listen,
Amazing and humorous..
Great listener and had an amazing conversation
He is very different from a normal listener, very open minded, and has different views.
she was responsive to my questions
Very helpful, patient, and have very good advice.
I felt like she was listening to me.
This conversation brought me back to life, How great he is and how he guided me to bring out the best of me in such a short amount of time, So talented and knowledgable and understanding that he could help anyone from any different backgrounds or orientation.
Very sweet and a very good listener!! Absolutely recommended!!!
Really great listener. Very patient, direct, supported me to find new angles and focus on what I need instead of the world around me. Thanks!
Love talking to them
Thank you so much :-) very helpful
Kind and caring listener
Extremely honest, intelligent, and insightful, helped me immensely: more than I expected from this site !! Very happy !!
They are an amazing listener. Would definitely recommend to other!
very helpful and patient!
very positive outlook
I really enjoyed my experience and it was a wake up call to me! It was unlike any other listener experience! As if I was talking to a spiritual person with easy to follow spiritual teachings.
I am very happy I spoke with him. He is really kind and I felt very comfortable! :) thanks*
Gud understanding
He is the best !
she/he helped me and recommended me a few things and was a great listener
I am happy that I found Misho4U. He is a great listener and understands well. Give it a try! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Very attentive and asks thoughtful questions that help you reflect on your situation
Great listener and he plays a great devils advocate
Thank you for all ur help
he is the BEST LISTENER on 7cups. i highly recommend talking to him. kind, very respectful, non-judgmental, and asks the right questions. Rayen
Great listener help me a lot
Super helpful and patient totally understand and a very good listener!
A really good listener, take in all your thoughts and helps you work through them
Very helpful listener. Good and kind person.
Super patient, very gentle, kind and really provided a safe place to share and be heard. Thank you so much! It helped me so much just being able to get stuff off my chest. Thank you! Such a gift and blessing!
Lovely speaking to him ! Wonderful and very patient human being. Would highly recommend him to others !
Good listener, too bad I can't make myself talk to them.
thanks very helpful and fast responsive, thank you i recommend him
Good misho4u good
well he helped me clear out my head and face the truth.
very helpful and caring
I really dont know where to begin. I feel like I spoke to an angel who guided me in the light when I was feeling lost in the dark. He really is something special. When I started to talk to him I felt really awful but by the end of the conversation I was so much lighter and felt so much better. Thank you
I have no words to describe how thankful I am to this listenner. Her thought provoking insights are all that I needed. Thank you so much!
Very sweet listener who helped me
Wonderful person so intuitive and relieved my anxiety and showing me a thought process that really helped me
Misho was great to talk with :) We discussed things honestly and I felt heard and understood, and it was lovely to have a deep conversation about things that are difficult. I feel both lighter and wiser!
really Aweasome guy
Super helpful and awesome listener
He helped quite a lot for me today, Keeping me calm in one of my worst moments.
What a star .. thank you so much, you really made me feel listened to .... and I feel that little bit more hopeful..
They helped me with things that werent even in their field. Very good!
Very helpful, insightful, and wise.
Great listener, very attentive.
I felt comforted during our session together.
Patient listener
Helped me to see what the main issue was and was very comforting
Thank you. It was helpful.
Great help, knew exactly what to say and really seemed to understand where I was coming from
Active listener with wisdom to help out others in need
Thankyou you have been so helpful
I love the chat so far , response time is decent . I like being anonymous and itโ€™s user fr
I fell asleep not being anxious, thank u
Good listener :)
The most amazing thing you can do for a person is not just listen, but also understand and see things from their perspective. I absolutely loved the way this listener had patience for me and guided me till my mind was resolved of the issue. It was amazing, once again, thank you so much. You have no idea how much difference one good conversation can make in your life.
Good work Iโ€™m helping me feel as if I was not alone.
Great listener!
Really supportive, I learned a lot about myself with simple advices.
Nice was helpful
Very thoughtful and present listener.
A supportive listener.
Understandable, approaching smoothly laying possible peespectives to the subject..thank you
Helpful and good listener
Replies fast, good listener, calm
Great listener... Will keep you engaged... Help you out... Support you...
Thank you for listenning. :)
Thank you, it was so helpful, you are a good listener, and helped me to discover better myself.
Haven't spoken to a listener quite like this in a long time that could put me in tears. They knew just the right words to say to help me in my situation. Highly recommend them.
Very helpful and nice, gave me some amazing advice
So wise! It's like I've undergone some spiritual change. Thank you so so much! Kind stranger!
one of the most insightful listeners on this site and that I have ever even spoken to. Made me realize things and have breakthroughs in a small amount of time.
A great listener!
so accurate to the way sees things
Very very kind and gave me mindful help I appreciated it
So understanding and open minded
good listeniner
Great listener
very nice person. very good heart. helped me so much.
He made me feel so better, he is actually the only person who made all my emotions and thoughts clear to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot, he is like a little miracle god made me talk to, kinda cringe but it's true.
Great thought out conversarion. It really helped me calm my nerves and think rationally.
Thank you for your help!
A great listener with a wider perspective than most listeners. Patience is what most of us need and this person is patient enough. Thank You :)
It was nice talking to him.
Interesting approach. Time flies, step inside and give this one a chance..
good listener, helpful alot!
Not like any other listener. They are receptive and answers quickly which I appreciate and Iโ€™m being heard ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ
He is amazing and listened to me.
No stranger has ever been so comforting and helpful before, It is amazing talking to him.
Amazing listener, very supportive and level headed in a crisis
Very understanding exactly what i needed
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