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NebulaSystem12 |
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I am a system!
I'm the host, Kai (there's twenty open alters as of right now)

I associate with a lot of LGBTQ+ flags, full list on here:

But my main ones are Demiboy, Transmasc, Panromantic, and Gay. I use he/they pronouns. 

My future career will be a therapist for children with autism.

I have many triggers, including but not limited to s3lf h@rm, s3w3rsl!de, loud/sudden noises, someone shouting/screaming, sudden movements, kn!v3s and other sharp objects, etc. I'm also sensitive to noises, flashing lights, certain textures, etc. I do enjoy stimming, mainly rocking and other fidgets.

I love the Hunger Games, and I'm a huge MCYT fan!

Here's the alters introduction:

Sky Quinn (Sin, Quincy)

Age: 18 

Pronouns: she/they

Physical and verbal protector, EP (holds trauma), possible co-host (not sure)

Confrontational, takes no bullcrap, still pretty chill tho just don't get on her bad side

Melody (Mel)

Age: 20-30 

Pronouns: she/her

Caretaker, APN (not 100% sure)

Caring, gentle, kind (we love you Mel <3)

Markus (Mark)

Age: 17-20

Pronouns: he/they (possibly trans? femboy? hard to tell)

Possible sexual protector? (currently dormant), not sure if EP or APN (not sure whether or not he holds trauma)

Extremely flirty, femboy, fun

Madison (Maddie, Mads)

Age: 6-9

Pronouns: she/her, xe/xer

Little, EP (with positive views towards past @bus3rs)

Bubbly, hyper, extroverted, twins with Alaska

Alaska (Ala)

Age: 6-9 (same as Madison)

Pronouns: she/her

Little, EP (negative view of @bus3rs, opposite of Madison), wolf therian

Quiet, shy, mute alter (communicates through typing, but only open with certain people)

Alec (doesn't like labels, was given the name bc Alec Benjamin is their fave music artist)

Age: 8-12

Pronouns: they/them, ze/zim

Little, EP

Known as a 'ball of happy anxiety', stims a lot and loves fidget toys

Zachary (Zac, Zeke)

Age: 18-25

Pronouns: he/him

Protector, co-host, ANP

gentle yet firm, level-headed, protective of system

Vinny (Vin, Vivi)

Age: 10-15

Pronouns: he/they

Middle, EP, Persecutor 

Kind of emo, dark, rude and at times manipulative 

Nessa (Nes)

Age: 10-15 (same as Vinny)

Pronouns: she/they

Middle, ANP

Bubbly, innocent, happy (has been slightly dormant as of late)

Nikolai (Nik, Niki)

Age: 20-30

Pronouns: she/they/he

Caretaker, ANP

Very fruity, fun

Nightmare Phantom (Mare) (don't ask where the name came from)

Age: unknown/ageless/infinite

Pronouns: any (mainly she/they)

Purpose unknown, possible protector possible gatekeeper

Extremely professional, rigid, emotionless

Emily (Em)

Age: 12-16

Pronouns: she/her

Purpose unknown (currently dormant)

Annoying honestly (sorry em)

Twin (not real name, it's what we call them)

Age: same age as body (15)

Pronouns: any (mainly he/they) (same as body)

Purpose unknown, insists they are the core and the host, takes the host's name and claims they are the host even to others who know about the system

Acts exactly like me (host) except less considerate of others, less sympathetic, more hyper and less caring

This is the Nebula System!

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