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*~ Notice Board ~*

Important Announcement: Due to strenuous personal circumstances, I will be on a self-care break until November 7th, 2021. During this time, I will be unable to take new member chats. I will only be able to take offline 1-1 chats for long-term members, private messages from those of whom I have chatted with in the past, or 7 Cups messages relating to LDP / urgent messages.

Exciting Announcement: I have created my own forum thread in the Positivity & Gratitude Community called "The Nerd Cat's Inspiration Nebula"! If you would like to participate in this thread, press here!

Long-term Notice: From September 9th, 2021 until June 25th, 2022, I will not be on 7 Cups often due to academic commitments. I will mostly be labelled offline or busy during this time.

Please refer to the "Status Legend" section of this bio to understand what each status bubble means.

~~ Thank you so much for understanding! ❤️ ~~

(If you would like to view my bio page in a Google Doc, press here!)


Hello! I'm Nerdtastic01, and I welcome you to my bio page! This is where you can find more information about me, my mission here at 7 Cups, and much more!

1-1 Chat Information 💬

Status Legend

🟢 - Available: I'm available and ready to chat with you! You can send me a private message, and I'll be able to respond promptly!

🟠 - Busy: I'm busy contributing to the 7 Cups community! If you would like to have a 1-1 chat, you can leave me a message and I will respond once I finish.

🔴 - Offline: I'm not on 7 Cups at this time! If you would like to have a 1-1 chat, please book an appointment, since I'm not available for immediate 1-1 chats during this time. Otherwise, you can leave me a message and I will respond when I’m back on.


Scheduling a 1-1 Chat

To book an appointment for a 1-1 chat with me, press the button below:

Book an Appointment


Feedback Form

To leave me feedback after a 1-1 chat, press the button below:

Feedback Form

Self-Care Days**

I take a self-care day every Saturday. Taking time for self-care is extremely important so that I can be mentally and physically prepared to support you as challenges come your way! During these days, I will be offline until 9:30pm ET.

** All notices of additional self-care days will be in the beginning of this bio, and will be up-to-date.

Topics I Specialize In

There are many topics that I have experience with:

❤️ Casual Chats: I really enjoy casually chatting about anything that's on your mind! These chats can be relatively informal, but it is important to abide by personal boundaries, triggers, and 7 Cups guidelines during these chat sessions!

❤️ Bullying: I know how distressing bullying can be and how it can negatively affect you both mentally and physically. I can help you gain the confidence to fight back against bullying that occurs both online and offline!

❤️ Exercise Motivation: Exercising can seem to be difficult and a waste of time. I will show you that by taking small steps and through intrinsic motivation, you will feel the drive to exercise like never before!

❤️ Family Stress: Family relationships can be stressful, and it sometimes feels as if your family doesn't truly understand you. I will explain that through patience and a path towards forgiveness, you will be able to recreate the family bond that makes being with your family more pleasurable!

❤️ Managing Emotions: One of the most mind-boggling parts of the human mind are emotions. They can seem really overwhelming, and it can be difficult to manage them. I will teach you different methods of controlling those emotions, and you'll be surprised how these methods can change your life for the better!

❤️ Racial & Cultural Discrimination: I have faced cultural and racial discrimination all of my life, and I know that it is painful to know that many people don't see you for who you are as a person. I will teach you that through strong beliefs and with your head held high, you will break through discrimination and shine brighter!

❤️ Self-Esteem: In our world today, there are many ways to undermine ourselves and our abilities. These include social media, expressions of wealth and power in our communities, and the people we surround ourselves with in the offline world. Through different methods of self-control, motivation, and appreciation, I can guide you on how to gain more confidence in yourself and your values!

❤️ Sleeping Well: Sleep is vital for our physical and mental well being, and there are many people who take it for granted. I will teach you different methods of relaxation and self-awareness so that you can get the good night's rest that you deserve!

❤️ Student Life: As a student myself, I know how stressful it can be when you can to cram in studying for tests everyday and doing homework for hours on end. It can be especially difficult to balance school life with your personal life! However, with improvements to time management and study habits, you will be able to create that balance and feel more motivated!

Topics I'm Not Comfortable Listening To***

Some possible triggers: Any mentioning of bl**d or graphic descriptions of injuries. (I've only been triggered once by these situations, but I'm emphasizing them to protect my personal boundaries and those of others.)

Here are the issues that I am not comfortable listening to, due to a minimal amount of experience:

→ Alcohol/Drug Use

→ Depression

→ Domestic Violence

→ Eating Disorders

→ Financial Stress

→ Men's & Women's Issues

→ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

→ Self-Harm

→ Sexual Health

*** This list may change based on the amount of knowledge I gain on these topics.

About Me! 🤓


You can call me Nerd, Nerdy, TasticTasCat, or Nerd Cat! 😸






My mission here at 7 Cups is to provide a safe and judgement-free environment where members can feel comfortable sharing their stories. As a listener, I am not allowed to give advice, but I will be very encouraging and supportive. I will try my best to be your guide to a happier and successful life! 😄



Verified Active Listener: This means that I was recognized by the 7 Cups Community as a committed and qualified listener. I am also accepting long term members! (Criteria: We have been having 1-1 chats for 4+ weeks and I have recommended you.)

Member Sharing Circle Host: *Stay tuned for updates in hosting assignments 🥁*; I may be on more frequently either as an on-the-spot host or as a participant depending on my schedule.

Listener Sharing Circle Host: *Stay tuned for updates in hosting assignments 🥁*

Leadership and Development Program Trainee

* These dates and times may be subject to change based on my availability, and will always be up-to-date.

My Forum Thread

The Nerd Cat's Inspiration Nebula 😸


Personality Traits

Personality Type: ENFJ-A ← Nerdy, Altruistic, Outgoing, Compassionate, Reliable, Tech-savvy


Personal Hashtag



Fun Facts

⭐ I love playing musical instruments, especially the piano! 🎹

⭐ My favorite subjects in school are Computer Science 🖥️, Math 🧮, and Science 🔬

⭐ My birthday is on July 7th 🎂🎈

⭐ My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rooster 🐓 and my Astrological Symbol is Cancer ♋


Featured Quotes

"We could complain because roses have thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses." ~ passionately quoted by Talker (@emotionalTalker2260)

"When you cant unconfuse yourself confuse everyone else😛" ~ humorously quoted by Tasha 🍝 (@mamtasha22)

"Sleep, what is that?" ~ quoted by an anonymous user

"these supppersmartcomplicated words" ~ quoted by Noraa (@CommunityModAaron)

"😈 is it me or is there anyone else who wants to be tagged in the anti-sleep thread by an adorable baby elephant" ~ quoted by an anonymous user


My Amazing Twinnies

My "01 Compassion in Cooperated" Listener Twin:

@imlistening01 ← Oh, S, where do I even begin? Thank you so much for making Sharing Circle sessions on Sundays so much more enjoyable! You are such an amazing co-host and friend! You have been so supportive since I joined 7 Cups, and I know our friendship will grow as the months and years go by! Again, thank you for everything! ❤️

My "Bad Sense of Direction" and "Birthday" Listener Twin:

@PatientMate ← Mate, I really enjoy bumping into you in group chat rooms, especially the Teen Listener Room! You are absolutely hilarious, and always make me laugh when you come into the room! We both have a bad sense of direction, and I know that we'll both discover so much on our travels into the unknown! Thanks for being an amazing friend! 😄

My "U.S. Citizen Fist Bump" Listener Twin and “Time Zone” Buddy:

@Pebble7447 ← Pebby, you are such a kind soul who always brightens up the room! You're an amazing friend, and I'm honored to be a fellow American with you! Thank you for spreading compassion and empathy wherever you go! I know you'll soar high like an eagle in whatever you do! ❤️

My "Colorful" and “Teacher” Listener Twin: 

@MimiMoon ← Mimi, you truly are an amazing friend! You always bring so much enthusiasm to everything you do, and you make everyone feel comfortable and warm when they enter the room! You make up all of the colors of the rainbow, and I hope those colors will shine bright to illuminate all of 7 Cups! Thank you for being an awesome listener and friend! ❤️


~~My Legendary Friends****

My Member Buddies: @FallenStarss, @knockoffWolf, @jv13076, @politeCucumber8089, @emotionalTalker2260, @Angelx28, @RiverTheWolf@TayTayy, @RavenSky, @LovelyLyric

My Listener Buddies: @SkyLindenHope, @imlistening01, @eli225, @empatheticLavender2924, @Rose644, @Izzy274, @MollyT, @secrecykhasya, @MimiMoon, @calmingMermaid5761, @SoftFaith2004, @mamtasha22, @PatientMate, @Pebble7447, @kindNutella926, @considerateOrange2567, @HealingBrokenWIngs, @BeautyOfGrace, @ColorfuldogsofParadise, @Artalistens

My Mod Buddies: @CommunityModKay, @CommunityModCharlie, @VicK5123, @CommunityModEver, @CommunityModChristine

**** The tags are clickable and hyperlinked to their profile bios. The list is always subject to change! 😊

~~ This section is under construction! 🚧


Have a wonderful day/night! ❤️


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They are nice.
Good listener. You can contact
I appreciate your God given patience and understanding
A very kind person
very patient, listened to everything i had to say and gave me some great reassurance
Gave really good advice
Nerd is such a nice caring person.
AMazing one right here!
very understanding and supportive! patiently listened to my thoughts and feelings!
Really good listener try’s to understand
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