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Noah1991 |
Listener - Guru 1

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Hello! My name is Noah, and I've been a listener with 7 Cups for almost a year now. I'm willing to talk to people about a variety of issues. Before messaging me, please review the topics I'm willing to discuss. Also, I try to keep conversations to about 30 minutes so I can help as many people as possible. For those sending personal requests, I'm most available Sunday through Tuesday 8PM to 11 PM. Thanks for stopping by!
Number of Ratings: 129
Number of Reviews: 108
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jan 15, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 302
Cheers 115,166
People Helped 529
Chats 2,091
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 0
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Feedback & Reviews
A very good listener
Thank you for being a great listener.
Amazing listener
Very professional
Noah is a very good listener. He let me go on a rant about what was bothering me and didn't make me feel like I was being a bother. A lot of the time I hold in my emotions out of fear of burdening or bothering people. Noah made me feel comfortable with sharing my emotions and took interest in my experiences!
super kind and very understanding
Noah1991 came thru for me at a crucial time. I couldn't call anyone or confront the person who hurt me. This listener validated my feelings and just made things better by simply being there. Love Seven Cups! Thank you!
Noah listened to me, and provided a good sounding board without judgement. Sometimes, we just need someone to validate what we are thinking, and to help sort out the multiple thoughts we are having. It was a great chat!
Really nice and rational listener 😊
Good. Great response
Very helpful!
A good listener, good input!
Nice and understanding
Gave good feedback
Some well-needed perspective
Noah was super helpful with helping me not feel so alone. I've been experiencing some health anxiety recently and they were amazing with how understanding they were. They were able to almost translate my thoughts when I couldn't quite articulate them. The chat I had with them lasted a good hour and they never made me feel like a bother and I left feeling much better than when I started. I was having a really rough night and Noah helped me feel more secure.
noah is awesome and attentive. the person I really needed right now
Was Great! One of my favorite chats because the responses felt more natural.
Helped ms a lot
Very empathetic and sweet listener. So far the best I've had on this platform
He’s a very good listener
He listened and actually tried to help
So so very nice!!
A helpful person. :) :)
Noah was great. He really helped me understand my situation from a different lens
Such a great listener
I'm happy to have chatted with him. He was a good listener and seemed human :)
Great listener! Very supportive! Highly recommend!
Very helpful, talked it out and reached a powerful insight. Thank you!
He listens very well and gives a very good advice. He was like my conscience.
Really great listener. Kind, thoughtful, and engaged. Thank you
He is a very good listener and helped me figure out what i needed to do to feel better
Noah is so nice. Noah made me realize what a good friend should be. Thanks, Noah!
Noah was a good listener and he was rlly supportive.
Thanks for being there
Noah is a great listener and he offers very useful insight. He helped me decide on a solution to my problem. Thank you so much!
Really focused on my main issues and helped me calm down!
Awesome chat. Helpful
very good, understanding
Very understanding and helpful
Amazing listener. Thank you so much :)
They were very responsive, empathetic, and geniune.
Very nice Thanks a lot
A good listener, and great at askimg the right questions to keep the conversation going.
Cool listener.
Great listener.
Noah is so helpful and kind and a good listener!
good listener, actually kept the convo with new input
Noah1991 is a very kind listener.
He was so genuinely understanding and empathetic, he really helped me. Thank you!
What a nice lad! Thanks for the light chat I needed :)
Noah was friendly
Was very helpful and encouraging. Made me feel like he was truly hearing me and wanted to help me
Noah1991 is a polite listener. Good to have a chat.
Listened and was so positive. Really turned a bad week around. THANK YOU NOAH!
kind and understanding. Appreciate the help he has provided.
respectful, felt like chatting with an old friend
responds very empathetically and tries to help. one of the most real-est people I've spoken to :)
very blissful person ❤
Great. Thank you
Very helpful, thank you
Awesome. Great.
He's a great listener and validates and understands what I'm going through
Noah is amazing. He helped me so much.
Thank you for taking your time and listening.
Very good response time and very good knowledge about things
Patient, calm and extremely helpful. Textbook definition of a good listener, this guy
Good listening let's you tell the whole story doesn't interrupt. very calm
Good sense of humor and quick responses
Get along awesome. Sweet and caring also relate to things as well. Easy to talk to and i couldnt say anything bad!
He’s calm and makes you feel okay.
Lovely person. Helped me with a good idea on how to distract myself and get a little peace
Very easy to talk to and helpful
Thank you for your help
He had good suggestions and helped me see my situation from a different perspective.
Very good listener and able to relate!
Very understanding, and didn't invalidate my feelings. Helped me to feel like I'm not alone, and didn't judge me. He did a fantastic job talking me down.
He made a difference. Thank you.
Very funny. I really enjoyed talking to him
Good listener awesome about just letting me vent about my situation
Very good listener
he is making me feel loved
Good listener, and good emathy skills
great listener!!!
thank you for listenning
Really wonderful listener and very helpful advice. Pick him!!!
This person helped me so much. I didn’t think talking to some one like this would help, but they honestly read me like a book and help me through my problems, navigating me through coping mechanisms, and gave me great advice on how to move forward. Thank you so much for everything you do.
Very considerate and empathetic to my feelings and wonderful to talk to.
nice to talk with
This is helpful. I needed to vent and I do not have that outlet in my life. So Noah was quite helpful
Gave me the courage to get up and try mending my fallen relationship. Hope it all goes well
Thank you so much, you’re really empathetic and were excellent at validating my thoughts and feelings
He knows what he is saying
Great listener and very positive.
Really funny sweet guy. Chill easy going
He responded quickly and was nice
very nice dude, thanks
Patient, funny, great listener.
This Listener is a great listener
Good person and listener
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