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Listener - Epitome 19

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5.0 star rating
I may be your best friend, I promise to never give up on you.
And atleast I will always be there for you.
May God bless you and your loved ones.
Wish you Happiness & Love 
~~~~~~***** Follow your Bliss *******~~~~~~



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Number of Reviews: 286
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Languages English, Hindi, Marathi
Listener Since Dec 14, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
great, thank you very much
Dear Nova, Thank you so much for talking to me. As your profile says, you’ve been just like my best friend. I almost forgot that I was talking to you for the first time. You heard me out paying full attention and I don’t even have words to thank you enough for that. You came like a blessing in my life. I wish you all the happiness in the world. 🤗❤️
Sympathetic ear
Insightful and amazing
very supportive and kind listener.
Good listener and very patient
Nice caring listener
A nice person.
He is Amazing wonderful ....i love u
Caring person with big heart
Thank you NovaArtist
Good listening
Best listener,kind and understanding
Awsome listener.
Kind and understanding. Thank you NovaArtist
Great listener i was glade to finally find a person i can talk to.
Very nice. They listened to my problem
compassionate, offer interesting perspective, listens carefully and gives hope
Thanku so much.❤️ Patient listner and guides very well.👍
Great and caring !
Helpfulness, quick response
Kind and listens patiently
A really nice listener!
A great listener! Supported me throughout the whole chat and didn't judge. Made me feel better and that everything will get okay. Offered help and was keen to keep in touch and help me through all this. Responded quickly and listened attentively. Thank you for your kind words!
Very willing to help and understand
He was great. He is understanding and smart.
Thank u awesome chat
Thank you for reaching out to me! :)
Thank you for listening to me, you really helped.
I love to talk with him
Super sweet, quick to respond
Very helpful. Happy to listen
Very friendly and supportive
Smooth chat and great listener
Excellent! Thanks 🙏
thanks for the help
Very kind, patient, and was truly generous with his time. A good reflection. Thank you.
a big heart full of kindness
Understands the problem well and heels your broken heart with effective suggestions. Thanks
Good, was helpful
Very good listener
Been really understanding and helpful. Gavecme some good ideas on how to cope with my feelings
It was good, thumbs up
they were very helpful and seemed like they actually cared about what you are saying and really helps you
I think everything everybody else said about this listener is true.
This person is amazing.
A wonderful listener and able to understand what I'm going through.
NovaArtist is kind and encouraging. I felt better after our chat!
Hands down, one of the best listeners on here! Thank you so much for being there for me. Truly an amazing and caring person.
NovaArtist is by far the most sweet, attentive listener I've ever spoken to. They have the most sweet, wise words to say. It's almost like they KNOW you and your situation - like they can read your aura from across the planet. Very wise person. Highly recommend speaking with them.
good good good good good
Amazing , you were so kind , compassionate and listened to me to the end . I really appreciate your help and time . I feel little lighter to talk to you .
Thank you for listening
This guy is really kind, resposive and helps to deal with situation, good person to share our personals. God bless you NovaArtist
thank you for helping me
he/she is helping me a lot
very good listener and very helpful. very patient very responsive very prompt very polite very sincere very prompt
Helpful, kind listener
very nice
Thanks alot
This gentleman has a big spirit and big patience to know the other person problem and he really got things figured out from the way he talk and he helped me today with great ideas and a long conversation
Very empathetic!
really great listener! was patient and let me vent! :)
NovaArtist was very compassionate and helpful.
Such a kind person - understand, encouraging, lovely. I would highly recommend!
Sweet and helpful
That convo helped so much
NovaArtist is amazing! In just a few minutes of talking he helped with so much. So glad to have people like him on here!
bestttt listener here i have ever talked to..he made my day when i could not smile from last so many months he made me laugh..and made my day a more productive one..his lil small jokes really made me feel better..i felt as if i was talking to an old friend of mine...he is really doing a wonderful job helping people here listening to them patiently..he just have a kind of positive vibes in him..which made me energised..i luvd talking to him..he is full of life..n i hope to be in touch with him always..n will be always thankful to him..just want to learn from him alot..thnku so much sir for making my day today..sometimes its liltle smiles you bring on someone face does alot..thanku sir:)
Very happy and friendly. Very easy to talk to as well.
Hi! Consider this a gratitude letter rather than a feedback :) I'm fully aware that listening isn't an easy task, cz in real life, I play the role of a listener more often than not. Anyway, I want you to know that I'm grateful for your time today and believe it or not , after the chat I pulled myself together and spent the next few hours being productive. So , I want you to know you were successful in making a person's day better, today! Maybe someday, once I learn how to work in harmony with my head, I'll sign up as a listener and try and spread positivity too :p (no, I'm serious.) Also, massive respect for your professionalism! I'm also super glad that you know what you're talking about (that's not very common these days). If you're like most of the empathetic people out there, you'd probably be affected by some of their stories for atleast a while . I hope none of that makes you change your mind about being able to really communicate with people and not just talk. Idk if you know what I mean, but yeah. You know, in a world where people are loud and wanna market themselves all the time and broadcast who they are, this app and the whole concept of listeners is commendable. Anyways, gratitude letter. Thank you! For not just acknowledging whatever I vented out but genuinely listening and putting efforts on the whole situation to...let's say, rectify it. I genuinely hope karma is real and you get the right kinda support when you need it too. :) Thanks, awesome fella !
He was a worrior, he is a warrior and he will be a warrior
Nova is a pro and he knows what he is doing. THE best listener I have ever talked to. He is always calm, clear-minded and reliable. He doesn't just listen but also gives very down to Earth advice and that has helped me to untangle many thoughts in my overloaded mind. There is nothing I wouldn't talk to him about because no matter how many horrible skeletons I keep pulling out of the cupboard, Nova never judges and he always responds with huge amount of compassion and understanding. He is always here for me but he doesn't suffocate me. He gives me space to breathe and lets me guide the conversation to wherever I'm in the mood to take it. He appreciates a good joke. There is nothing more helpful than a giggle during those times when the world is gray. I cannot thank you enough dear Nova. You have been by my side tirelessly and believed in me when I was the loneliest person on the planet. I had given up on myself but you made the sun come out and you made my life worth living again. That, I will never forget. "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Pooh
He is one of the best listeners. Non-judgemental, kind, understanding and friendly. He made me feel very comfortable. He made me feel better when I was feeling worst. Thank You @NovaArtist
He is a wonderful listener, very understanding, non-judgemental. He listened to my problem and gave the most rational advice, and helped me so that I don't take a wrong step. I felt comforted by his kind words, and I hope that everyone going through any problem has the opportunity to speak to him as he is surely wonderful listener.
Thank u for your help
Best listener on site, highly recommended. He listened to all what I said, he's super friendly Nd makes you smile even in worst of your mood. Thank you Nova, for everything. -Dr who speaks a lot! 😀
Thank you. Very friendly listener
Very kind and caring
One of the best listener in this site.thank you so much nova
I am forever blessed to have had the privilege of speaking to NovaArtist. I have felt stuck for so long and he helped me to find the strength to dive in and tackle each issue one at a time. It took several chats, but I
Feeling all sorts of negative emotions I found him here, he carefully listened to me and gave his suggestions on my situation. Sometimes we need to vent out, put out all that's going on in our head, he provided me that space and comfort to share my internal struggles. He was very responsive and was interested to know what was going on in my head. We talked for hours and perhaps certain situations are out of our control but we still can feel better by venting out. Thank your for listening to me and making me feel that my existence matters ❤
Novaartist cares, and is an amazing listener. I both cried and smiled throughout our conversation. I never felt judged and felt that I could be completely open. Within the first two conversations I feel better than I did. Very thankful!
Intelligent listener, wants to get to know you and befriend you, overall very lovely guy.
Dude makes sense of a complicated situation. Helpful and good!
He is an awesome listener. Very professional and has a great way with words. Found him to be easy to talk to and comforting. Definitely recommend him
Very helpfull
Nova artist is the best in pulling the magic out of u
This listener really took the time to hear what I was saying, being empathetic & open without trying to offer a ton of unsolicited advice. He was so respectful even as I brought some very painful, sensitive issues about myself, which very much helped in building a sense of trust to continue opening up about the many things that were bringing me down. My soul felt much more at peace after our chat
Quick responder
Very good so far
You know those rare times when a precious diomand comes into you and changes you? that is what it happened to me. in less that an hour this person was extraordinary, making all my worries, anxiety disappear. he realized the person i am and made me see it. He listened, he could help you in a friendly amazing way. I am so speechless stilwriting because people like this listener are so rare and I got the lucky of crossing with it. I am forever grateful for this chat and look forward for more
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