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Turn that frown upside down  .-. Just rant off okay  , here for you <3

So a lil about me .. I'm known around as nello  ollen on cups so just call me whatever suits ya . 
18 ♡ Gemini ♡ music freak ♡ introvert ♡  Cheetos lover ♡ painter ♡ badminton player ♡ a great cook 

  "   If you dont know where you're going , 
          any road will get you there " 

 My Twineee ♡:  https://www.7cups.com/@batmb 
Number of Ratings: 111
Number of Reviews: 76
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Bulgarian, Hindi, Urdu
Listener Since May 14, 2018
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Gender Female
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Cheers 206,500
People Helped 631
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Feedback & Reviews
She is a good listener
He's been very patient and understanding throughout the conversation and he's a great listener and i would like to chat with him morr
Amazingly fun & welcoming spirit, lightened up the minute we started talking
very kind and understanding - said exactly what i needed to feel better
She's awesome and I can't get enough conversation with her I could keep talking and talking and she is so understanding and heart filled.. wonderful person 🤗
Good person willing to help
Nice person and a good listener
Very good listener
Very good listener.
She is totally awesome. She help me when i think i m done with everything and can't find a purpose in life. Love you
Amazing helper thank you
Kind caring great listner
Absolutely sweet and kind an amazing listener
Thanks. Great listener!
Good person good treat
Very good job listening to me and providing me with support
This person is a great listener and she really helped me remove some of the weight I was wearing today. Highly recommended
Was pretty helpful when I was panicking
A beautiful soul, god bless her
they listened to me patiently even if i had a lot to say and i'm a mess, so thanks a lot really
This is the first time I walked away from a chat actually feeling like I was helped. Thank you, Nello.
Gave me a good perspective
Loved it, awesome chat.
He is amazing and a great listener, she can understand unspoken complain, pain unexpressed, and feeling of loneliness amongst the company of the people. She is blessed with profound linguistic proficiency which is exceptional beyond any doubt,
Best sister you can ever get A hell lot of memories with her One of the purest soul you will ever meet Loaf ya dhanno ;)
Great, Just Great
she helped me understand what i can do next to help me in my situation. Very amazing
Such a good listener. She gives the best advice and doesn't talk for too long.
A devoted, heart-lightening listener
She was so amazing and caring and helped even when my question was weird
Sweet and compassionate
She is a really nice person
This listener is very kind and sends very positive messages and I was only talking to them for about 5 minutes!
amazing listener!
shes really nice and is good at listening
A good listener.
Great listener :)
Very awesome user! Come and chat with you sometime!
she is a great helper
So nice and so swee
Love her. The sweetest person in the world.❤️❤️❤️
easy to talk to
She offered me quality help when no one else did and I'm very grateful for that. She listens and analyses competently and definitely provides a non-aggressive, non-abusive, and completely safe space
Nello is completely natural and of a great Vibe!
She is an amazing listener and provides amazing suggestions
Thanks for listening
Very nice and polite, and very sympathetic.
She was great and made me feel like I’m not alone
helped me so much!
easy to talk to
She helped me make a few decisions. Nothing mind blowing, but helpful! Very positive and kind person.
such a lovely person to talk to !!
lovely person....was really kind
Helped me with my problem. Great listener.
Helped me as a friend rather than a stranger.
she's really positive
She's one of the most helpful and nicest people I've ever seen on this app
Amazing, genuinely would talk always
An amazing person, she's really polite and respectful. I've had an incredible experience speaking to her, I'm glad 7cups is doing such a brilliant job in having such wonderful listeners on board. Keep up the good work
She is just the best! Really! She has a wonderful personality and is so sweet! Thank you so much :)
Super sweet and funny
She's a really good listener and supporter
This listener was so relatable and fun to be with! If you want any humorous or light-hearted people, i recommend this person
Sweet person, very willing to help, very cheery
they were really pleasant and very kind
She helped in giving me coping skills and reassured me that I was not alone.
Very nice, supportive and helpful.
She's great! She has a great personality
i calmed down, it was great
A realy great and supportive and a realy nice person.
She was very helpful someone nice to talk to.
She is a really patient listener and she waited for literally 8 minutes waiting for a response from me. I feel so good after this chat. Really, I am indebted to you.
she is from my country and i love talking to her
a wonderful and kind person who is always understanding and honest.
They are the best listener ever hehhe, they are the awesomest and amazing :p
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