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Listener - Epitome 19

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If you to think I might be a good listener for you let me know and we will see.

Number of Ratings: 644
Number of Reviews: 355
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jan 7, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
They were okay at talk
he was easy to talk to
This person actually understand how to talk to a survivor
I talk a LOT, and PP listened to everything and managed to re-center me on self-compassion, which after searching the whole morning for something that would stick, finally clicked for me
Amazing listener and gave me really great perspectives
Loved it ,awesome chat
Definitely helped me put things into perspective!
Wonderful listner, made me feel I have talking with someone who is sensible and mature , he is good listner and very kind and friendly šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
A good listener.
We had a great chat, they are super relatable and get what I'm going through.
Very understanding
They were very sympathetic.
Doesn't rush and does not drag. Quite the kind tempo with a peptic melody...
Great Listener! Very kind and super insightful. Really appreciate it. Much Love!
He is an amazing listener, hava a great power to make you feel better ā™„ļøā™„ļø
Great experience
So nice and helpful . I love Pengu
incredibly helpful for handling trauma and negative thoughts toward yourself
Listen attentively and very humble person. Five stars from me. -666
thanks for listening!
Offered some wonderful advice for trying to cope with childhood abuse.
Thankyou. I feel better and more logical about my situation
Very helpful and nice.
great listener :) - Ella
they are very helpful and made me feel better about myself and my situation
He's so very gentle and kind, very caring about others and so helpful to me. So thankful he's my friend and I'm glad I can be his friend too. Thank you so much penguin you've made a really big wonderful difference in my life!! Forever grateful - Natalie
They were very gentle and didn't judge me
i like it they are nice to talk to and ya just helping me
I've talked to them a few times about some things that upsets me alot and they are always very understanding like a ray of sunshine
Thank you for listening
awesome kind loving sweet chill.
So so so so VERY kind x100
Penguin Power 31 is a very good listener. Nice music taste. And has Interesting thoughts about the world and more. Had a nice relaxing chat with them.
A great listener. Really helped me when I was going through a tough time. Liked that it was more like a conversation with a friend.
nice kind sweet
Truly amazing person
Very understanding and supportive. Didn't think that what I was sharing was silly which helped me to open up and it felt nice to actually be heard
You are wonderful!
nice kind sweet
You're a good listener and ask very good questions!
So so so helpful!
There for you when u need him he is chill kind awesome and cares a lot about what is going on with you and is here to help you feel a bit better and hopefully stay better he is amazing once again.
nice sweet there for you when u need him he is amazing kind person
nice sweet kind loving awesome
nice person there when u need to talk
loving sweet there for you when u need him he is an amazing person
They are great at communicating and listening. They seem to text back immediately majority of the time. I actually like this one.
nice sweet kind
chill sweet kind caring
loving kind sweet
Constantly a friendly penguin.
Really quick responses and really good at listening
Here is the embodiment of the 7 Cups Vision. I felt so much better and cried tears of joy afterwards. Simply Outstanding. 11/10.
It was a really great chat, we shared simillar experiences and it was a very kind person!
Thank u for listening to me and being comforting when I was self blaming about things
Wonderful! Understood my confusing words and worked with me!!!!
He was really kind. It seemed like I was talking to someone who was really getting what I meant and relating and understanding. It seemed like he really is actively present for anyone he listens to. Anyone who gives you so much of their time to listen to you, are a saint
The only person who has listened to me...and provided comfort and support. Thank you again...
The listener is really listening properly. Iā€™m really looking forward to what comes
Good listener
Nice and very help
Thank you thank you thank you!!
A really friendly listener I would recommend penguin they seem very genuine!
very helpful and calm, thank you!
Very kind and helpful
Best conversation I've had in a long, long time. We talked for hours about life, religion and the universe, personal things and about negative thoughts. Didn't push me one way or another, offered thoughts and comforting words I needed to hear...very compassionate. I was able to open up and talk about things that are bothering me and they listened in a non judgemental, safe space. Thank you again...
Was nice to talk to!
Penguin is a very patient and informative listener. He helped me know what potentially I could be dealing with by letting me know about the symptoms. I'm grateful.
I wasn't planning to talk about some things initially but I opened up a bit and it made me feel better. Thank you for your help by listening and responding!!!
Was nice to talk to
Thank you for a comforting conversation!
I'm relieved that i get to share my thoughts and feelings to them
Good guy decent chat
Great listener, very relatable and was willing to take the time to let me share what I needed to share. It was not only helpful but I also was able to consider things I had never thought about before. Eye opening and special first 7 Cups experience.
Kind genrtle and nise
Very helpful in discussion. I have some serious problems and this person was there to listen and communicated back very well.
Thank you for listening to me and understanding me again!
Good listening skills
Very helpful and understanding
Thanks for your valuable time. Truly a fun listener to have a good talk with
He was so sweet and understanding and made me feel accepted. Thank you.
Very humanly. Emphasized with me.
Truly listening and is there for you
They're an amazing listener and they understand what I'm talking about even if it's kind of jumbled
Such a genuine human being. They seemed very understanding and knowledgeable about the issue that I was talking about and even shared resources.
Very kind and helpful listener, really helped me go through my hard times
I was too nervous to talk but he was kind and talkative and I felt so comfortable. Thank you
They actually paid attention and do actively ask questions
Very kind and helpful
He was a very attentive listener and I managed to sort out my thoughts with him. He is really well informed, he is comfortable with lgbtq+ and psychology terms. He kept responding me in reasonable time periods and we managed to keep the conversation going. He is very polite, he treated me with respect.
Such a great listener x
This listener is top tier. Kind, understanding, and insightful. Doesn't get much better than PenguinPower31.
Thank you for an awesome conversation which made me comfortable šŸ˜Š
They were really kind and stayed with me for long. They asked me questions and made me feel understood each step of the way. It made me feel heard and alot comfortable with my own selves. It was nice to have someone so understanding. Made me feel alot lighter about my situation. šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•
Loved chatting with him , great listener and cheer me up , best wishes for him Xx
Very good, smart listener
good listener. understand my feelings
Penguin really is the best listener ever
best listener ever
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