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laugh Hi heartI am a 7cups quality mentor, listener chatroom mentor and quality coaching program mentor.  I try to be an accepting and non-judgmental listener so give me a PM if you'd like to communicate with me. 
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Feedback & Reviews
You have gave me some good advise I can’t thank you enough
Listens and answers good. It's very courteous. I would like to search for more counseling
Great listening
If all listeners could be like this the world would be a better place! Truly comforting and perceptive, a real warming of the heart!
Loved chatting with them, communicative, empathy, makes good questions, fast replies.
Good listener. So far very kind
100 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great listener. Thank you.
Very understanding and great.
Penguin is the best! Thank you :D
They were a great help to me I enjoyed talking and venting with this person.
Very helpful, well needed conversation. Helped alot
Mindfulness is a great way to recover from pain
The most amazing listener here.
He’s very understanding and listens well
You are talented, great job!
love it. Great listener
Helped a lot in seeing in a different point of view which made my problem way easier!
Very relevant questions.
This guy asks the right question!
This person listened and helped, good listener. Totally okay, thanks for listening.
This person is very helpful and a great listener. Very caring and comforting.
Very caring and friendly
Awesome listener
Very Insightful listener! Loved his opinions, and support! He helped me win over my fear!
Thank you for being my listener🙂
A really great listener with practical, useful information. Super appreciate it
no words, just perfect
thank you for listening to me I really really do appreciate you alot.
was very attentive and helpful, also knowledgable about what i was going through
I am ready to take on the day with a positive attitude. Thank you!
Wonderful listener. Very attentive and kind, thank you for being here!
Very kind and pleasant to talk with! Well-balanced thoughts. Reached out to me and helped me feel heard and validated. Definitely recommend.
Thanks for listening PenguinPower! Really great listener, very professional and with a lot of empathy
Nice one!
Always a great person to talk to. After every chat I feel better.
Kind & supportive
Extremely helpful. Had a way to calm me down. Had a way to make me talk. I'm glad a got a few things off my chest. Thank you. Really thank you
He was very polite and understanding, and he helped me feel calmer just by being there to talk with me. Will definitely come back again.
Penguin, you have been so unbelievably helpful and I am truly grateful for the assistance you have provided. I will follow the links you have given me and hope they improve my mood. again thank you so much. talk with you soon - Gwen
Penguin was helpful, generous, insightful, thoughtful, everything you could want in a listener.
Was a great listener, really empathetic and gave some great ideas on how to approach my problems. I was better off after my chat.
They listen and help very well
He's a really great guy, probably one of the best listeners on this site. He goes well beyond his role and make you feel very comfortable
Very kind
felt a lot better after talking to her
A wonderful, patient, understanding and empathetic listener - thank you Penguin :)
very kind listener, patient, very friendly, has good heart, like to help others, Thank you
real healer ..
He is absolutely fantastic!! Will help you with anything and is very caring about what you have to say. Very empathetic person and is a light hearted person. Can have a great conversation and leave feeling better after.
Good listener
This one is not a human... But a superhero!
I love you so much Penguin. Thank you for giving me love and understanding. You made my day so much better. Thank you!
Thank you Penguin for listening and being here. You're caring and kind and attentive. You understand and you don't judge at all. Thank you so much
the best listener i've talked with today
This is the first time I chatted with some one. It's was comforting for a first timer, I would talk to them again.
The penguin seems to understand.
Great listener, he validated my emotions and shared some uplifting songs that helped me relax. Thank you! :)
the best evar
Thank you for being there and for accepting my mindstates more than me. I suddenly felt more relieved. May you be well Penguin :)
Loveloveloved this beautiful, caring person. Best listener ever
Very helpful and understanding. Didn't rush our session. Completely empathetic. Will contact again if available.
Came to Penguin very confused with child me coming out. Very scared. I was not functioning and not okay. Penguin didn't leave and stayed with me. Gave me links to help relax and be safe and did exercise together to relax. Told me that I was not at fault and things i needed to hear that "me" didn't hear. I am better now and in control and me and penguin saved my life there this morning. So kind and compassionate. Trustworthy and caring and spent so much time with me to help me make myself feel safe and okay and secure. Thank you Penguin,.
Penguinpower31 was a great help I was haveing a real hard time and that person made things a little bit better
Really understanding and helpful, funny, and kind. A wonderful listener.
I loved it I felt comfortable for the first time I talked to someone. I feel better already!!!!
Great listener, with a lot of empathy and kindness and wise words (and humour)!
I would like to talk again you if its okay with you you said the one thing i needed to here that im forgiven. Thank you for yout time
Penguin, Batman has nothing on you. Haha comic book joke. You're an amazing person. :) You're relaxing to talk to.
Penguin is amazing! The support I've gotten from you is outstanding. Thank you. Without you, I wouldn't know what to do. Please never give up on listening, your GREAT!
He/she is a great listener !! With such experience ,powerful words .. so empathic and caring , was so nice to me ,felt light after talking to her /him..Highly recommended listener
Amazing, just wonderful...brilliant mind that helped me through my rough time. So thankful, keep going
Great listener! Really draws the conversation back to constructive thinking.
You are a very kind soul. I am still in pain and everything is bad, but you dont know how much it means to me that you were there and listened. Thank you so much. Bless you. Be as kind to yourself as you were to me.
A very friendly and understanding person.
Wonderful listener!
An amazing listener, who took the time and compassion it took to get to the bottom of my problem and gave me real insight and actual help. Most recommended !
HeZ a listener, who understands the situation and listens with patience without judging. I would rate him all five stars, for really being kind enough to help me get out of the depression and making me positive to live again. . I'd like to thank him for helping everyone out here in seven cups by giving them new hopes. .Thankyou veryyyyy much. .
Someone who really seems to understand my struggles.
great listener, wish he was my therapist
He offered to chat with me when no one else would/could. He has a very unique listener style, and it's so patient and understanding, yet he speaks the truth and isn't patronising. Genuinely feels like he wants to be there for you, am very grateful I got the chance to speak to him
As always... wonderful to talk to. My first choice in listener on the entire site. Thank you for being here for me. It means more than I can ever express.
an awesome dude who makes things wonderful. a reasonable person in an ocean of chaos.
You're such a good listener. That one person who actually gave me a spot on advice. I mean.. very helpful and creative advice. Thank you
Kind and thoughtful
Very healing to talk to Penguin. Very healing, indeed.
What can I say? In a long time, this was by far the best conversation I had in here. With all the characteristics a listener should have and the ability to use them well. Truly a great Listener. I'm grateful for this talk.
Thank you, you helped alot :)
This person is really amazing and helped me a lot tonight.
Was a great listener and offered great advice. Very consistent and never judgmental. Allowed me to feel welcomed and comfortable. Thank you for being so open and inviting. It helped me a lot.
had some very difficult questions, but it made me think. A really good listener and wise. Thank you so much
Lovely human being. It is was really uplifting and helpful to chat. I went from anxious and ruminating to much calmer and in a better mood. Thank you PenguinPower once again!
The most honest, warm conversation I've ever had with a stranger, God bless ❤️
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