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Sometimes i wish i was young again that way i would be ignorant and i would be immune to the corruption in the world
i wouldn't be apart of that corruption
and its funny how tempting it is to be part of something
something that hurts
it tears and bites and punches and kicks
it makes its way into us
and no one is immune to that
and even if we were
it won't be stopped
because we accept
its appealing to us
we cherish it because it cherishes us
it accepts us and comforts us
it is warm
and we are dark and cold and pale
and it is warm
so we want it
we want the fire
and that fire is small
like a seed and it begins to sprout
it grows and grows and grows and grows
its edges are sharp
it cuts into us
its edges are violent while we are tamed
but this is attractive and soon
we are not tamed
we break free from the leash
and we grow with that flame
at first that flame was warm
but now that flame burns
it catches anything
it can
latching on
creating its nest
and this nest is permanent
this nest is sharp too
it draws blood and tears
and its funny how we return to that nest
because all it does is hurt
but we like that
so we come back
we come back
and we continue to come back because its safe
this nest is built upon lies
and we enjoy this
because lies are comforting
they are consistent
they tell us what we want to hear
and the truth
the truth is too much so we ignore it
we reject it
and we continue to live in fantasies
because fantasies are beautful
fantasies give us hope
because anything can happen in fantasie
and nothing can happen in the real world
theres too much stopping us.
we are human so of course we will be stopped
we are human so things will always remain the same. It is never ending and there is nothing to stop it. I am still a Human, just like the everyone. Last time I remember when I was wounded, I did lose Human Blood.

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Feedback & Reviews
They are someone you can feel comfortable opening up too, they are also a great listener and knows what to say!
A good guy at heart. It helped me to talk . A few word of encouragement or the feeling that someone believes you're good even if they don't know you always helps. Thanks for taking my mind off my stress a bit. Hope you all the best in life .
Good advice, and good responses. Helped get things together.
Great Listener!
Excellent listener - took so much time to read through my concerns and offer insight and advice. Very much appreicated - thank you
very professional and caring in responses. very good at listening to the problems that i had and trying to help me feel better and offer a solution
He genuinely seems as though he cares. Amazing to talk to and vent as if you've known him before.
best listener I have talk to in the would! Smart, kind and caring right to the point and he know how to put a smile on your face and make you feel good about life again!!
Truly a friend, Jake!
He is really caring.
Very Helpful and very understanding
Good listener. Very real and honest.
Great listener.
Thank you for listening and being helpful. Very compassionate and kind!
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