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Hello everyone I am a Mathematics Student. I have gone and going through a lot but I believe each one has power and capacity to overcome whatever problems they're facing!! 
I have  some experience in
Depression, Loneliness and Anxiety
So please feel free to message me regarding these topics or any other for that matter ☺️
I will try my best to help you in any way possible, glad to meet you all ❤️
 Cheers, Love you all❤️
 If I'm offline drop me a private message requesting to have a conversation with me indicating the area you want to talk to and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Number of Ratings: 347
Number of Reviews: 141
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Languages English
Listener Since Mar 30, 2015
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Gender Male
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Cheers 205,465
People Helped 842
Chats 3,543
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Feedback & Reviews
nice listener loved talking with them
Satisfactory answers to all My queries😛
Very good listener
Super chill dude.
He was all ears. Felt so much better, after talking to him.
Had a good chat. A helpful guy.
So kind. Thank you so much. ❤️
General answers but helpful
Good listener. Empathetic and practical advice.
Sometimes we need a little relief, sometimes a permanant relief. All are still temperory. Thank u for listening...finding some free time for me in this busy world.
Je vous remercie pour votre réponse rapide et précise.
Nice listener!!!
Great guy. Very good at listening.
they're very kind
good and helpful things are working well
very helpful and kind
Talking to you was like talking to a close friend. I loved it!
a nice and kind person
Extremely kind and forbearing, everything you'd want in a good listener.
He is a good listener and make the conversation comfortable for the person to talk
Good listener ;)
Very kind listener
Listened to my shit patiently
Thanks for offering hugs and words of advice.
Good guy, great listener
A good listener. Helpful. Understanding
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Lovely 🙏......................
very nice listener and easy to talk to
Was responsive. Had a decent outlook on depression.
Attentive listener with good tips to deal with anxiety!
He's really understanding, caring and quite engaging to talk to. Definitely one of the best listeners I've ever talked to. Another plus point is his open mindset. Such mindset of his made my conversation with him comfortable. I feel safe when talking to him. Thanks for the chat!
pretty helpful :)
It's so cool when people connect! Thanks for giving me hope!
Great guy
He is very compassionate and understanding
Thanks for the kindness
He’s an extraordinary human being. Extremely understanding. Goes out of his way to make you comfortable. You can talk to him about anything, and he’s always all ears. Knows exactly how to talk to a person and make them feel cared for. I’d definitely recommend him! I’m sure you’ll find a great and supportive friend in him, just like I did.
Really awesome listener and very relat
Good stuff
Such an upbeat, positive human! Intelligent, witty, good sense of humor, well-informed, considerate, friendly, approachable... goes over & beyond to help & assure. Probably your next favorite listener! 🙆‍♀️
Good, nice helpful listener
Nice person to talk to.
He's simply the best !!!!!!!
he is very nice and helpful
Really comforting to talk with, attentive and helpful!
Incredible listener. Super supportive and overall a caring person. 5 stars!
Nice guy
good advice
Practical, good advice. Very pleasant to chat with.
Such an amazing person and a good listener. I’ve been feeling so down lately. Luckily i reached out to him. I feel alot better now.
very attentive and empathic, big thanks!
helpfull and a good listener , gives a goood advices !
very nice
Kind helpful . Glad i reached out to him
He's a very good listener.
Good guy. :D
Really helpful and down to earth person
Amazing listener and really helpful, thank you so much
Patient and really nice thanks
Very thoughtful listener. I felt really helped after talkin to him.
he helped a lot
Very honest
He was very helpful and understanding.
Very trustworthy
it was nice speaking to you. thank you for helping me :)
Extremely kind and helpful. A good human and patient. :)
Has a professional and compassionate approach. Really helpful in my case.
Great listener and friend!
Awesome listener , very nice and empathic, knows how to calm a kitty cc:

He is an empathetic listener. Sure knows how to make one feel better.
Understood me
Amazing Listener. Is willing to balance clinical topics and general topics in order to connect and understand you better. Kind, responsive and empathetic, Riemann1854 is hands down one of my favorite Listeners by far.
The most bestest.
Just in the nick of time. He's helpful and really helpful :D
I reached out to Riemann1854 because I am currently dealing with Depression and Anxiety as a result of academic and private issues. I picked Riemann1854 because his profile description seemed very fitting for my issues. Riemann1854 got back to me very quickly (same day). He was very nice and welcoming. In the beginning he laid out his boundaries, as it is suggested by 7cups. Riemann1854 was very understanding and patience with me. He was able to truly understand and to relate to me. He really cared about my issues and made sure to ask the right questions. Through our conversation and his questions Riemann1854 enabled me to come to the right conclusions by myself. He never gave out straight advice, but empowered me to form my own advice for myself. I highly recommend this listener. As his profile description says, Riemann1854 also struggled with some issues in his life. I think that qualifies him even more to stand by your side.
Really nice guy. Was incredibly supportive and understanding. Would highly recommend to talk to him.
Really good person. Felt like I was talking to an old friend. I would really recommend talking to him.
He went through what I'm going through and I felt that he really tries hard to motivate me. Thanks buddy!
He is really awesome
Real friendly, funny and genuine guy. easy to connect with. was smiling by the end of two hours of chatting with him :)
A newbie to chatting online, I wasn't sure I would be able to talk about anything deep to an absolute stranger. Riemann1854 is super easy to talk to, friendly, and a great listener. I love that he makes you focus on your emotions and not externalize them.
Great listener! Super funny and easy to chat with
seems very willing to help
Really great guy to talk to !
Empathetic and really listen to what you have to say !
thnx aloot are doing great job.
He's really a nice listener:) feel so much better after talking to him. Nice job bro
helpful and kind
Awesome listener with a great heart ^_^ - signed Vladimir, the mysterious vampire
He is honest and will make you work through your problems
It has been one meaningful session. He's very helpful!
Great advice given. Very friendly. Extremely helpful. Feels like a long time friend
Youre great and know how to help someone in distress , never changue :))
Thank you for being you ! You're amazing, witty, quick, passionate and "nerdy", it sure rubs on anyone on the other side of the spectrum. Glad I came across you and it was fun to just be myself minus the stress for a while. Cheers !
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