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I do not take messages unless we have previously chatted. Sadly, if you accidentally lose your account, I cannot continue chatting. Please do not take it personally.

Let us treat each other with respect. I cannot allow disrespectful and condescending communication. Please keep in mind I am not a replacement therapist. At best, I hope to be a safe mirror where you can understand yourself, your feelings and your situation more deeply. I do not give out personal information or engage in inappropriate conversations. If you are feeling actively suicidal, please be informed I am not trained in emergency services and encourage you to call your nearest suicide hotline.

For long term support, I offer one appointment per week and answer messages once on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.
Thank you for understanding!
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Feedback & Reviews
such an amazing and persistent listener! the world needs more kindness, as was shared. thank you.
They helped me to analyze my emotions and feelings in a way I haven't before.
Very understanding and comforting
This listener is literally God-sent. She will tap on parts of you that you've never known existed and make sure to bring out the best in you whilst providing wisdom and intelligent tips. Thank you so much for helping me.
its great and enjoyed te chat
They are a very good listener! They are patient and non-judgmental. They helped me work out some issues I was having with my anxiety. I appreciate them a lot!
She helped me a lot and I'm grateful for her and for this website. Thanks again a lot.
I felt better after talking .
Good at summarizing my stuff
Best listener ever, really listens and cares, has a lot empathy and wants to help :) thank u for the chat
One of the best listeners I've ever had on here, and I've been on here for a very long time. Together we made progress on my issue and I felt so much better after. So grateful for the opportunity to chat with this kind stranger.
Great insight skills. Helped me a lot and read my mind
Safe made me feel safe. Helped wit kindness and compassion. A fantastic listener, whom is Extraordinary! Brilliant! Thank you so much for all your sincerity=)
This person is by far the most helpful person I’ve ever met on this website. Not only are they very empathetic and intelligent to understand how your feelings must be but they really truly see where you’re coming from, no matter what your point of view. This person is a very intelligent and knowledgeable empath. I could tell they were an empath because no one has ever understood my emotions so much before. This person talked to me for a VERY long time and has a REALLY good response rate. Most listeners stop replying to me and take ten years to reply but this person replies in a good manner and this person wouldn’t just leave you. They helped me realize things I never thought about and treated me trivial rambling as important. They have a lot of focus, dedication and empathy. You’re blessed if you get to talk to this person on here because they honestly make all the other listeners on here look.. not so good, just because of how special they are. They have a real talent and I felt really cared about when they talked to me. They are really good at figuring out connections, and asking questions. They remember things you tell them and are able to imagine your situation well.
This listener provided some great feedback and told me about what is projecting. They are very knowledgeable and I appreciated talking to them.
very quick response and very educated and listens very well.
Thoughtful and kind. What more could you ask for?
This person helps so much... they are amazing
Never have I ever had someone who understood me so well. I felt like this person might be even reading my mind! It's really been the help I needed to chat with them, this is an angel on earth if I've ever seen one.
Haven't met a more amazing person. So compassionate and intelligent
The best one so far! Responds really fast and creates safe and sound atnosphere
She is more than awesome:) i really enjoyed chatting with her a lot... ahe is soo kind, lovely and understanding. One of the best listeners and supporters here... can just recommend her to anyone!!! Thanks so much for being there:)
Sound is a professional and compassionate listener. They have helped me a lot since I had my problem. I really appreciate it. Hope you can take care of yourself too.
So amazing!! Helpful, caring, one of the very best on here! Thank you for being here!
Awesome person. Great wuestions
AMAZING. Was my first listener experience and so far has changed my whole thinking and outlook. LOVE!
I’m really grateful to accept the help from this great listener after I lost an important friend. They seem to know very well how I think deep in my heart, and ask good questions so that I can express those underneath feelings. Also repond naturallly and compassionately and sincerely, which make me feel being understood. I feel they really care. Thank you for your help. Have a nice life.
A real listener !
Honestly and truly amazing, shes helped me for quite a while now. I appreciate everything shes done for me. Words cant explain how thankful i am to be able to talk to her.
Really sweet and amazing listener. Made me feel better and understood. :)
So lovely and considerate. Great questions that really made me think and see things differently.
Really listened to me I felt valued
Easygoing, relatable kind
Probably the best listener I've ever had. So empathetic in allowing me to get everything off my chest and see the bigger picture behind my problem. Thanks so much!
Great listener very helpful
Great listner. Gave me lots of questions and addressed my problems
Great! I have no words. Just great.
Thank you for your careful insights and ability to make connections between behaviors and patterns.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
We had quite the nice chat.
Safe was an amazing listener! Very comforting, genuine and friendly. Their response time was great too! :)
Good listener! I feel understood.
Really good listener, and really helpful and patient
Wonderful, really helped me when I needed it most :)
thank u for ur time
A very kind-hearted listener
Excellent approach and listening/understanding capacity. Displays clear thinking, with a genuine passion to help others, and a variety of methods/knowledge that help others find resolution.
Really appreciate
What a delightful and supportive listener. SafeNSound went along with every tangent, related to me personally, and empathized so kindly with all of my concerns. They remind me of speaking to a best friend - one that isn't too caught up with their own life and problems to really give you a chance to share your thoughts. Thanks so much - I'll be back :).
This was my first one on one chat and I really appreciated it. They were very helpful.
The listener was great. and objective as much as possible.
Great listener. Was patient and helped me work through my own thoughts.
Was very empathetic and it's clear they care very much.
Loved it awesome chat
AMAZING!!!!!! I was so ashamed and confused and this listener was so understanding. I didnt have the courage to go back to work and face the guy who broke my heart but I now I got the courage to keep going and move on. Thank you for being my friend. Lots of Love.
A great listener - balanced and heard what I had to say, both content and emotion
Very helpful. It felt like speaking with my therapist for a moment or two and I will always be grateful.
Amazing. Cant thank enough.
If only everyone in need could find someone like that to listen to them, the world would be a better place. Thank you!
So kind and thoughtful. Very good responses, clear and thorough. Overall a genuinely good listener. Ideal and perfect.
Very attentive and really cared about what I had to say. Had a good, healthy perspective on the problem and listened when I needed them to.
She is amazing! Can listen with heart! And so caring
They're easy to talk to.
He/She is a great listener :) I am greatfull
This listener is truly great. From my experience they were very open minded and ready to listen and help in the best way they could do it. I strongly recommend them.
Very helpful listener all round
Very kind and understanding. my only helpful experience with a listener, thank you❤
Extremely understanding of current situation. Felt very comfortable. Thankyou :)
Very kind and helpful! gave good advice and i felt like my problem matter to who i was talking to.
They are one of the best listeners I’ve come across. They took time to listen and really understand the complexity which is my life. One of the most compassion people I’ve met and very trustworthy.
Really helped me with my emotions. They're a fantastic listener.
great listener, good advice
So considerate and helpful.
You have been very helpful and I felt comfortable chatting. I hope we can chat again in the near future.
SafeNSound thank you for listening to me , I felt listened and the chat went smoothly . You're great person and you asked helpful questions . Thank you ❤
She was great I am really happy to talk with her
very respectful and understanding,i am glad that i found this listener,thank you so much
Amazingly sensitive and insightful person, I felt as though this listener could see into my soul and feel my pain. And so kind to to listen to me and find out why I feel like I do.
My listener was gray and really helped me talk through the troubles I have been having. Thank you
This person is amazing. After 28 years of hiding behind a facade I broke down and they lifted my out of the hole. So human and kind. A real star.
asked good questions
Great listener and very perceptive! I appreciate your help SafeNSound! You're awesome and I thank you for your time!
Gave me a bunch of helpful info! I didn't feel pressured to talk about anything, it all felt very natural. Thanks so much : )
awesome, I loved this chat =)))
Very helpful and woulc recommend
Amazing listener with equally amazing advice and mentality
so lovely 10/10 would reccomend - great sense of humour and empathy, and great advice!
The best listener ever! I enjoyed every moment of our conversation. 😃
brilliant and a very lovely person
thank you so much
Good listening skills
helped me work through my feelings, process, and accept them!
Really listened to what I needed. And facilitated a very useful conversation. Thank you SafeNSound
Great listener and very knowledgeable.
Great listener
Really good
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