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Hi, I'm Salty. I chose that name because I adore the ocean. The ocean has been my teacher, my guardian, my protector, my listener, my connection with nature, my source of pain and my friend. It has taught me some harsh life lessons. It has taken friends from me, given me a permanent injury, taken my innocence, made me fear for my life, it has given me overwhelming joy,  it has pushed me to the edge, it has showed me how to live with adrenaline flooding my veins, as well as it's power, destruction and anger. Most importantly it has shown me how beautiful and dangerous life can be at the same time.

Next time you're sitting on the beach, close your eyes and listen. For it will whisper it's story. I love watching the heavy waves peak, and watch as the lip moves in mid air until it connects and kisses the reef. Every wave, every droplet and every ripple has its story. Every sound you hear from the ocean is it trying to tell you its story. For every sound is different and every wave is unique. I still love surfing the moody waves, the mutant waves and the heavy waves. When you ride these beasts you feel the oceans anger, you feel it's beauty, you feel it's emotions. There is no closer connection than the one we have with the ocean. But there's something beautiful about being in the ocean on a calm day, appreciating the cool, soothing water on a hot day. When even the ocean is tired, and all it wants to do is laze in the sun, just like us.

The ocean has the ability to surprise you, it can show you mercy, it can hurt you and it can bring you joy. And in reality such is life, like the ocean. Every day is like every surf session. It's a mixed bag of the good waves, the bad waves, and wave of the day.  At times we go over the falls and pay the price, sometimes our lives are in danger and for every mistake we make we learn from it. However, it is important to know when it's too big to go out, or its time to go in. Sometimes we have a bad judgement call and we suffer the consequences. A wise man once said "what you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here, and now; similarly a wave is something like the whole ocean is doing". And so if you've had a rough ride talk to me, share with me your story, help me help you, because like all of us here, we are hear to listen to your bumpy ride, no matter how bad it is, was or could get.
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Feedback & Reviews
Stayed with me for 2 1/2 hours talking things out and helping me with my depression. This is the first listener who instead of relentlessly trying to fix my problems heard me. And understood.
Thank you for talking to me
Very nice. listened to what I had to say
Good listening skills
really good
Very helpful and empathic, he gave me very good advice and listened actively to everything I had to say. Thank you Salty!
He was understanding and I never felt judged. I definitely would recommend him.
great listener c:
He was helpful and listened.
been a great, eye opening talk. thanks again.
Thank you xxx
great listner
A great listener! He was there when I needed someone!
Its great talking to him at he listened all my worries without any judgment
Excellent listener
cool dude!
Thanks salty .. you helped me through my confusion ..You listened well and reasoned with me ..Asked me the right questions to help clear my head. Thanks a lot
He's does very good counseling and encourages and motivates people to do extremely well
Really very understanding salty is
I feel salty will help me to improve my self
Help me a lot and make me feel better, thanks.
He will help me to get through
Great listener, who gives great advice. Strongly recomend!
Salty is such an amazing person. He truly listened. I was a little worried about chatting about my issue but he made me feel so comfortable and helped me reach a decision best for me with zero judgement. Stay awesome! You're the best
Thank you Salty!!
Salty was absolutely brilliant. I found him really calming and easy to talk to and was patient with my computer lags. If you need someone who actually calms you when you are stressed and reflects back well then I'd suggest Salty for sure.
A good listener, who can understand ur emotions very well..
Salty was good to talk to! :)
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