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Sam32 |
Listener - Marvel 7

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5.0 star rating

One's happiness is another's misery.

Continuous happiness bores and lead only to misery.

Happiness should lie in the process of enjoyment, weather it's misery or happiness.

A realized soul will enjoy both happiness and misery in the life.


Number of Ratings: 186
Number of Reviews: 95
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Languages English, Arabic
Listener Since Jan 30, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
Very fun and endearing, makes it easy to conversate
Very good listener ☺️
Thanks bro enjoyed talking to you
Really friendly and supportive. ☮️♥️ One of the best listeners out here. 💗
Cringe shshahsshsh
Cool dude who listens
Very wise person and really good responses
احلى مستمع فييييكككك يالسبع اكواب
he is hands down one of the best listeners to ever happen on this platform , wise , funny and radiate positive energy by existing he really care and try to help you asking you questions and speaking he doesn't just assume things and he talked to me as a friend , talk to this man there is no one really as cool as him you can see all the effort he puts in and how welling he is to spread fun and positivity his style is unique unlike any that I have ever seen , he bounces off quickly however once you stick with him it's the conversation of a life time...Sam32 you are one of a kind continue your effort and good work I wish more people were like you , keep on the hard work that you put in , in every single chat because your work is unremarkable.....
Pretty funny :) lightens up the situation
hes goodddddddddddddd
helpful quick reply understanding
Listens careful.understanding
I think he is a very good listener
Motivating and Helpful
Really great experience.. Listened to me really carefully.. Understood me.. Really nice!
Loved it! Awesome chat!
great listener, got to off to smiling and is quick in responding. thank you Sam32
He’s cool and friendly
Matured, logical, has empathy and straightforward
I feel very comfortable. Great experience
Great help really awesome
cool and very positive mind set
you a nice person
Made me feel respected and heard
Really good listened, 10/10 would recommend
Made me for the first time in a few weeks. Cool guy.
hes amazing.... nice and all hes really one of the best
He's really kind, supportive and non judgemental. Helped me gain a better perspective of my situation.
He's so good❤, really empathetic and genuinely concerned about you.
very helpful and understanding
Good listener and empathetic
Wonderful listener❤️
He's pretty chill and empathetic. I really liked how he said that there wouldn't be progress without struggle and I totally agreed!
very helpful and supportive
he is good ....
We didn't get to talk properly but they seemed like someone with a good heart. Thank you
Good listener i let some feeling out
I think he is good ..
Friendly and relatable
Good listener keep up the good work!!!
By far the best listener I've talked to! He's a really insightful person and truly listens without shutting you down. He's very empathetic and honest and there are no platitudes involved. Thank you for caring!
Very patient, attentive and a great listener
This listener is doing a good job.
Thank you for talking with me
Good listener, thank you.
Sam32 was really helpful and understanding.
Great listener, kind person :) thank you for the chat, helped me a lot
Really great listener.
Was kind and Helpful ❤
Very kind and understanding! I recommend.
Good listener sort of like a thera
Very intelligent and caring. Best listener I have ever spoken to!
Patient, wise, and attentive. Took his time understanding the situation and listening before talking me through it. Definitely someone who goes the extra mile when it comes to caring about other
A witty and fun person to talk to
A great listener! Been raised with great insights. Recommended!
He helps people to face their problem by showing empathy...
Amazing listener. He is caring and kind soul. Thank you :)
a very good listener thank you
Thank you for listenning to me. I really appreaciated it. You rule. :)
Thank you, Sam. Thanks for lending me your ear and time. You continue to be an awesome listener and I hope every good thing comes your way. Hat’s off. From another listener to you.
great chat great chatbgreat chat
Nice listener and so good at responding.. thank you Sam32
I felt good that someone could relate to how I am feeling and sympathize with me, also help in asking good questions and give support as well. I felt heard, supported and understood. Thank you Sam 🙂
Quick and very nice
Very good listener
Very kind and wise listener .. Shukran
Amazing listener
Great help!!!!!!
Good listener with ideas
He is patient and very polite. He didn't refuse to talk to me although I know I am discussing topics that can make some people uneasy. Money. Still, he hanged on. Tried to make sense of what I'm saying and offered advice and helpful insights. The kind of listener that is hard to find in this site. I am thankful I found Sam.
I experienced a professional and a mature conversation with this listener. Thank you for your guidance!
Kind, patient and very wise. Glad I got connected with them.
Charming to talk with ♡
This is an awesome listensr
Really easy to talk to
considerate and caring!
Very friendly and a great listener!!
This listener is one of the best, straight forward, direct, strong, mature and funny in their words. Thanks so much!
Kind listener.
Great listener. Very kind, yet professional. Provided timely responses and was helpful. Thank you!
awesome dude
Was helpful!
Very kind helped me with different coping techniques to my problem.... Would greatly recommend.
He is a very good listener. Helped me get distracted and think about methods to calm me down and not act recklessly
Was really easy to talk to and kind and supportive. Felt like talking to a friend
Very empathetic and it stood by even when the talk might have got boring. Meanwhile was very sympathetic, understanding and related really well with the venter!

10 ou of 10. Would recomend!
very very kindk n helpfull lovingggg xxx hugss
Confident in thinking there's always help, and that he/she is always here for you.
thank u keep doing what u r doing now u r so good at it appreciate ur effort and time
thanks for listening to me . you did a great job :)
Great person with good advice.
Very good person :)
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