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Welcome to my bio! 🥳
About me
I am Canadian Chinese, born in Canada and residing in Canada. I am currently pursuing a career in healthcare. I am a fully certified paramedic at the moment. I intend to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medical Technican once I turn 18. After the military, I am aiming to become either a ER doctor or a Psyciatrist. I currently work as a Sailing Instructor at my local sailing center. I enjoy being outdoors and in nature. I try to go on at least two photography trips a month. 

Sailing. I've been sailing for the past six years, racing competitively for the previous 2.
ASL. I'm currently spending a decent portion of my free time learning ASL.
Photography. I enjoy going on hikes in nature, and being that I live next to the legendary North Shore, there's plenty of excellent trails. I'm currently trying to go on 1-2 photography trips a month.

Listener Buddies
@VeronicaM my listener bestiee and twinnn ❤️
@rebecca947 my amazinggg mentor 😊
@planedark72111 military bros lets goooo

I'm currently accepting 1on1 chat by appointment. You can book an appointment by clicking the button at the top of my bio,
shoot me a quick message once you've made the appointment so I know who you are. However, feel free to message me anytime even without an appointment. Without appointment I just cannot guarantee a timely response. 
I am not taking sexual assault chats or self harm chats at the moment!

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Feedback & Reviews
Really nice I enjoy talking to them alot, wish I didn't have to share them lol.
Hehe lov you shaun
Shaun is really nice I like talking to him alot,
helpful and responded quickly
Shaun is a great listener, I've enjoyed talking to him very much. Mabey a little bit slow Sometimes responding but overall great person and I'll definitely be talking to him again.
Amazing listener, was very supportive!
He's super amazing and very nice to talk to, thank you Shaun
Shaun is a pawsome listiner I really like him, he listened to me and helped me. Great person.
Awesome... Is your friend right from the start. 100% recommend.
super sweet and helpful
Shaun was really nice. Actually listened to me and kept the chat going didn't leave it all up to me to do all the talking.
He's funny And kind
great listener.
Went above and beyond to make sure they understood me! Very kind and patient and never gave up on me!
Shaun's really great and has helped me through a LoT. He responds quickly and is always very calming and kind. I feel like he knows how to handle situations so well and is ecperienced in his own life and has different tactics and methods than other people's basic ways or other people's empty "well I hope you're alright just..." and overall hes just a great person to talk to ^^ thanks~
Honest and friendly
He responded quickly and helped me out when I was really stressed about school.
Awesome listener, very friendly, open
Very layed-back and down-to-earth
He's really understanding and it doesn't feel like I'm talking to a robot when I'm talking to him. He's the type of listener that I can tell my problems to, but also have a casual conversation with and I really appreciate that.
i like to talk with you thaks to meet you
He's amazing and actually helped alot
Very good at listening. Helps with friend advise!
He is amazing totally gets me and knows how to get people feel better simpley awesome
Great chat really nice guy
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