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I've been undergoing psychotherapy for over eight years. I am doing my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I've had a history of addiction, survivor's guilt, grief, procrastination, anxiety, heartbreak, self-esteem issues and conflicting self and world views. I do believe I have learned a great deal about the human condition from reading, experiencing, absorbing, introspecting and understanding various elements of it that I have come in contact with by nature of circumstances. I find it both challenging and purposeful to brainstorm on other people's problems. I hope I can be of help. But, I won't be your problem solver. I will only ask you relevant questions and gently urge you in the direction of solving your own problems if at all you perceive such as a problem and want to solve them. If not, I'm happy being an active listener.

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The best listener I ever had. Please reach out to him. He explains to you the current situation and ways to help u out. He's kind n humble. Most importantly he's genuine to help u in Ur matter. Thanks man.
Just a freaken cool listner. Helped me through a lot
totally reliable n highly recommended
really good n highly recommended.
good help i would recommend :)
he is excellent listener. he helped me a lot and spend lot of his time for me. thank you
Rohit is a really intelligent listener with helpful articles to share and thoughtful questions that leave you with answers to your own questions.
wonderful listener :)
Very good. Rapid, well-thought responses.
Great, pertinent suggestions. Intelligent conversation. Helpful.
Good listener. Asks pertinent questions.
StressedTamilian was probably the most helpful person I have ever spoken to here on 7cups, and that is saying quite a lot. He was very empathetic and knowledgeable. I came to the conversation very confused, but he helped me to organise my thoughts and see a way out of my problems. I am really glad I connected with him.
This human being is a blessing to my life. He opened my eyes on what really goes on in my mind and how it translates into my destructive behavior. I'm over that period when I needed someone to simply comfort me and listen to me. I need a change. I feel I'm ready. I've been reading, researching online, trying to analyze myself, but never have I ever had such an understanding as after our conversation. Thank you so much for being here on 7cups available to us who have no other chance to communicate with a professional like you. If you're not already, I'm sure you'll be an amazing and appreciated therapist, not only a listener.
Once again - huge thank you! You have an amazing ability to ask right questions and to guide. I feel much stronger and fit for fight :) This is incredible. Imagine, that your work can do that - to pick someone up and let them fly!
Thank you so much one more time for being there when there no one else to listen and to guide. I appreciate your help endlessly and it gives me strength and courage to move on. Forward to a brighter and better tomorrow.
A very professional listener and therapist and also a caring human being who made time for a conversation with me. I not only enjoyed the conversation and the fact to have someone to listen to me but also appreciated wise questions and tips. I've got plenty of material to go through, think about and write down in my diary. Thank you so much!
he is amazing! the best!! i discuss all my problems with him! he is amazing!!
Very good listener and helper
Fantastic listener!!!! He makes you feel SO much better. :D
HE IS SO WISE! he gets to the crutch of the problem and solves it!!
I really needed to speak to someone and he has been a great help in bringing my issues into perspective!
He was so supportive and calm and just kind. It helped me so much. I really really really just needed someone to talk to and he assured me that my situation was going to be okay and gave me some ideas on how to focus on myself and the things I can actually control. It helped so much. Thank you so so much.
Thank you for helping me and just being that listening ear I needed
It is like he saw right into my soul and put word on problems I couldn't name. Thank you so much !
great so great helped me so much would love to talk to him go so good
It is a gradual process revealing myself. Tamilian is kind and patient, and I am quite impressed by his ability to capture the core of the problem, quite convincing and accurate.
Amazing listener. I feel so much better after talking with him. Made me realise what I need to do in order to keep myself sane.
The best listener I have encountered in my whole life!
You are such a patient listener
Practical, thoughtful, non judgemental and kind. Thankyou :)
Very helpful & inspiring. FIN 😜 Definitely coming back for another session.
Great listener,helped me understand so many things about myself and my life
Very helpful and kind
Sometimes you just need somebody to listen to your story and to push some triggers... He did it in the most perfect way
Great listener and very well spoken.
Very patient and compassionate listener, intuitive, a real knack for leading one to solve one's own troubles.
A really good listener and really kind and emphatic
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