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Mankind lives only because of the mutual bond of kindness.
I've always wanted to be a Hufflepuff, but tests persistently say I'm a Ravenclaw. 


Due to self-care break I only can chat with you now if you make a booking by clicking on the image below:



My main focus on this site is :

  • DID (dissociative identity disorder) & OSDD (other specified dissociative disorder)
  • PTSD and c-PTSD
  • sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, narcissic/borderline abuse


For trauma survivors:

For people who survived sexual assault:

  • RAINN.ORG - ANONYMOUS, SAFE WEB CHAT and resources website
  • What CONSENT is and why you are not to blame for sexual assault EVER, even if you were drunk/did not protest enough/were bribed or groomed/were in relationship with the perpetrator
  • Victim shaming and why people who blame the victim are doing it to protect themselves
  • Freezing, also known as "tonic immobility", as a reaction to being attacked

For people who live with DID/OSDD:



I am so proud to be a twin for my best buddy ever,   Tranquilla ! She's amazing! And superdupercaring!
And there is also this cool logical and supportive guy  SaintClrStudentL! He's my twin too :)  
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Feedback & Reviews
Tali is super smart when it comes to understand how you feel and strong enough to pay you a compliment when suitable, without failing to keep strong boundaries between listenner/venter. Provided that you *click*, you win a powerful listenner with thought bearing questions that will make you question what you are going through without make it too much. But be ware, there's no magic pill. You'll still have to do the work (as a venter, that is).
Awsome listenner. :)
Great, great, great
Good chats as usual.
An awsome listenner. I have no words.
Always a pleasure to chat with this listenner.
Awsome listenner. Always a pleasure to chat with.
Really caring, considerate, and helpful!
Tali is the best listener I've met here
Very caring and supportive. Tali is able to manage difficult chats by using appropriate questions to distract one from escalating emotions.
Very wonderful!!!
Consistently caring and supportive listener.
A very caring, supportive and skilful listener, who treats you like a friend. I am fortunate to have found her.
Simply Awesome!
Super supportive! Great empathy! A generous and kind soul. Always ready to help with resources too. Able to sit with you through the pain. A true gem.
Very caring and helpful. Tali provided lots of useful resources and really helped me to broaden my perspective.
Tali is the nicest and kindest person in the world. A heart of pure gold, a gem and a diamond. She brings light into my darkness and makes me believe in my strength to pull through.She saves lives and I cherish her wisdom. Thank you tali for beliving in me
I am glad she is back!
She is my favortie listener
Tali is a very good listener. She actually really really cares about you when she talks to you!
My long term listener Tali is the warmest and most compassionate human on the planet. She is so so kind and loving and caring and safe. She gives me hope and dreams and understands and respects me. She is such a special person. God bless you Tali❤️
She is amazing!
Truly amazing person
Very lovely person, very understanding and sweet!
A truly lovely listener, so caring and non judgmental.
Tali is great, we talked before and she's very helpful and supportive.
The best listener I've ever had on this app. Caring, understanding and does it's best to help. Definitely give her a shot!
Amazing listener. Tali has a real talent for this.
Well...i have to say i knew what professional means when i talked to this lady
Ali was awesome! She was very helpful and was able to help distract me from my situation. She was very understanding and empathetic.
wonderful, caring, dose care about who she talked too !! will chat again
Even though this listener didn't have experience with sexual issues, he was very professional and fast asking a lot of clarification questions very promptly. Definitely recommend, amazing listening skills!
I recommend Tali 100% to anyone. She was so present with me and real. No generic answers here, we had a genuine conversation and it left me feeling hopeful and full of joy. She is smart, funny and so loving and personable. There is so much to learn from her, I can't wait to talk to her again! Tali, I will never forget our conversation on Christmas Day 2016 :)
She stuck with me throughout the day as i looped due to my anxiety. she was insightful and delightful to t. I would recommend her to anyone. I am sure she would help bring a smile on your face or to calm an aching mind of a human being. Thanks Tali for conversing with me.
She made me believe i can make a friend. I felt heard, shes wonderful.
Thank you for listening to me attentively even though my problems seem to be small or exaggerated. Thank you for keeping it light-hearted and being funny and caring.
Helpful listener who focused on the essential and who gave useful advices, I will definitly contact again if needed! :)
Very friendly manner which helped me relax and be able to talk about what I needed to.
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