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Victor04 |
Listener - Paragon 6

Listener Rating
4.5 star rating

-No Longer Active-

Goodbye, 7Cups. Thank you for all the memories and opportunities and amazing moments. I will never forget the time I spent here.❤

Might return someday, but until then,

Farewell. :)

-Vic (2021-2022)

Number of Ratings: 69
Number of Reviews: 48
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Apr 24, 2021
Last Active in last month
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 42
Cheers 327,425
People Helped 151
Chats 2,640
Group Support Chats 842
Listener Group Chats 956
Forum Posts 729
Forum Upvotes 1,173
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Feedback & Reviews
An Angel indeed sent by the universe to heal others❤️
One of the best. This guy is loving, caring, and thoughtful. He's always there for me. He's someone who genuinely cares. His words are reassuring, his presence is comforting. He's trustworthy. He's someone you can open up to without the fear of judgement or invalidation. He does his best to help you. He tries his hardest to understand, and he most certainly succeeds in doing so. Grateful to have a best friend like him. Thank you, Victor. ❤️🤗
such a caring and thoughtful listener. he was patient and empathetic, open and non-judgemental. I highly recommend him!
Great listener. I felt so much better after talking to him
A wonderful listener, who listens to you and is very kind and understanding! I feel light after talking to him and much more better, thank you so much 😊
I was feeling anxious about it and he understood very well what I was going through. Thank you vic. Made me realize how important it is to validate your negative emotions and let yourself experience it, no matter how uncomfortable it may sound.
It was really wonderful to chat with Victor. He made it really easy to open up and was so supportive. Amazing listener.
Vic is a wonderful listener, very understanding, and helps feel good. I appreciate Vic's long term support as a listener and being here for me even though I haven hard time talking. Thank you for everything you do.
Undestanding, supportive, anything good in this world, that's what describes him best, thank you for your compassion Vic.
Such a sweet guy. Listened to my rant well. Lots of love and blessings to you Vic
A really calm, warm, and supportive listener. Thank you, my friend!
Refreshing chat. Super encouraging listener.
Helped me so much!!!! first listener to ever actually care and didn't give up on me when they realized my issues were a bit much. Amazing, kind, really cares and wants to help!
Very kind listener.
I absolutely love vic. His jokes are really funny
Vic's a great guys to talk to! ❤️
As a kind, compassionate and caring person vic is, one thing about him is that he is there for you 24/7, as a listener as well as a friend. 😊 I’ll never forget the days he supported and listened to me through my tough times, when no one else did. 🥺 You make me feel validated and special. I couldn’t appreciate you more. 💗🐰🍬
Very understanding listener and an amazing person- thank you so much for listening to me. It was a lovely chat
They're super sweet and listened with so much patience. Definitely recommend!!
Vick is really kind. I can tell how passionate he is in listening and helping people. His compassionate words warmed my heart. Thank you so much for being there for me, Vick. You made me feel better for the first time in a long time.
A wonderful listener
He is such a nice he tries to.understand all of your.problems without making you.embarrassed.. He is so fun!
Very patient. Listens to you we'll and is friendly
Super kind and listened for quite a while. I had a lot to talk about that I’m not sure if I would have shared I’d it was somebody less compassionate and understanding ❤️
Extremely sympathetic and caring
Vic = Valuable, Incredible, Caring. Vic is such an amazing listener that I would never finish describing him. He listens, empathizes with me, and doesn’t judge me.. He never fails to make me smile. Thank you
Very helpful and a great listener
Really nice listener. It was very good talking to him coz he's nice and understanding!
Nice to talk to and funny
he was amazing at talking me through my problems, he was very kind , and respectful
Very nice Listener! He is a very understanding and good Listener and Im glad i met him. He is the best!
He's such a lovely person
The kindest person i have talked to!
So, I wanna say that Vic is a really good person! He understands most of the things and tries his best to help. Devotes his time fully and is really patient. It was glad talking to him!💛 Thanks Vic!❤️
It was nice talking to him. He was really understanding and comforting. Felt better after our chat. He's a great listener.
Very very wise. Very helpful in every way.
they were v helpful n listened to me thoroughly !!
very good listerner
Tysm...a good listner...😄
Great listiner, understanding and supportive, loved the chat
they are so amazing and lovely. made me feel so much better, and helped me a lot. definitely would recommend! again, thank you and take care! 🥰💚
Helped me a lot listened to and was very helpful
He's very kind and helpful
very willing to listen to me and compassionate
Vic, you are the best, really. You gave your best while supporting me, you made me feel welcomed. You were so kind throughout the chat. Thank you so much for making me feel better. Loads of love!
very understanding and comforting! i really felt like someone’s genuinely there for me
He is a very supportive and nice listener
It was helpful
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