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I'm Alex, just a student who wants to help out as much as I can. I'm brutally honest about everything, because I don't believe telling people what they want to hear is gonna help.
I'm open minded, and ok with everything, and I'd never judge anyone for anything they have to say.
Feel free to message me anytime if you want to talk!
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Very nice and caring guy. Listened to all I had to say and made me feel like I was talking to a good friend. Definitely calmed me down :)
Vilyuubi provided her own perspective instead of just telling me to stay positive. It felt like a friend rather than a bot on the other side. Thank you once again!
A very good listener she had calmed me down well.
Really unique and kind person, stayed with me for 2 hours just to let me get everything off my chest and actively participated and stayed interested, asking questions to understand my situation better. Thank you, you made my day better.
My cup of tea kind of person. :)
What a sweetheart! Thank you Alex, you are amazing.
Most honest person I've seen, made me realize a lot of things about myself thank you so so much.
The only person that can relate to me! Thank you so much.
Very understanding and calm, made my day better!
he's very sweet
just what i needed
Thank you so much
Vilyuubi has been absolutely wonderful! Please don't pay attention to his age, he is more mature and understanding than many older people, by far! Thank you :)
Oh he was wonderful! Really knew what he was talking about with my situation. Very easy to talk to! :)
You can read people so well it's incredible.
very kind and funny made me laugh and smile A+ listener
made me feel better thank u
Understanding, sympathetic- a splendid listener!
The truth can be harsh, but you had no problem pointing it out which is highly appreciated and helpful for people to see their mess. Provided the support I needed, thank you for the conversation Vilyuubi.
such a relief to talk to, he talked with me like a best friend and encouraged me to do something with my life, he seems to have been trough a lot and that can come in hand, an absolute pleasure to speak to, i felt free all the time i recommend him!
took so much of his time to help me thank you so much
sweetest thing ever! ^_^
Alex is a really caring guy and I love talking to him. He helped me through my problem and I feel better now. My favorite listener!
very kind
Amazing person, love the support you provide, very generous and caring :)
Very intelligent person with an open mind and kind heart. Thank you, you're great! ^^
I blabbered over something which wasn't even important that much but he valued it and helped me through it. He didn't even care how much it took, he was there with me to the last minute and assured me not to worry much. I feel way better know thanks to him and I realized I'm not alone. Thank you so much!
very sweet person, loved every minute of our conversation
very good listener and helpful, thanks so much :)
Alex is a very good listener. Being a listener myself, i know what I'm looking for when I need to talk. He is attentive and understanding and takes an interest in you and what you have to say. He is engaging and sensitive. Definitely recommend him to others ^^
i wish more guys were like you, ure so sensitive when it comes to other ppl, thank u!
Helpful relationship advice! Thanks so much for the chat :)
Someone I can relate to! Your experiences are proven useful and thank you so much for spending a long time to help me out. You're a great listener and I think everyone should talk to you! ^_^
Your suggestions are lovely and helpful. You took so much of your time just for me to help me resolve my issue and open my eyes. It's true that you don't tell people what they want to hear, you just speak the truth no matter how bad it is and i think that helps people better. You're such a lovely guy and thank you so much for being here you make the world an easier place to live. I recommend you as one of the best listeners!
Willing to listen, and to offer suggestions like a good guy friend. Even if he doesn't understand something at first, he will be sure that its made clear to him before making any assumptions. Good at relating to others, and very humble, perhaps even to a fault. Thank you for the conversation Vilyuubi!
Like a breath of fresh air, someone I can relate to!
I really like how you ask questions and stay with the topic. You're interested in what I have to say and you do your best to help out. Thanks so much!
He's a really nice person. Calm and patient. And just listens and talks when he needs to. Or rather, when you need him to. He actually genuinely cares and it was really nice to have that. He believed what I said and never doubted it. And that just felt really great cause I never thought anyone would believe me. But he proved me wrong. It felt nice to have someone believe you and try to help you the way he did. He's worth talking to. Really really worth it. He can actually calm you down. I was crying when I started the conversation but I stopped as it went on. He's amazing. Thank you so very much.
He is nice
Ure cute
You are one of the best listeners ive seen on here.
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