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*** mini self-care break, response time may vary, but I will get back (available for offline message exchange) ***

Hi! I'm glad you're looking for the support you need. It's a healthy and necessary step on all of our journeys. This is a safe space, a judgement-free zone where I hope you will feel free to be yourself.

My listening approach is problem-solving oriented, I want to be able to help you help yourself. I can provide information, resources, help you brainstorm solutions, but most of all I want you to feel heard and understood.

If you're momentarily stuck in a situation with no immediate answer, I will stand by you and provide support. Know that you are not alone. 

As for the person behind the listener, I am a psychology student and volunteer. My favorite activity is reading, topics of interest include psychology, spirituality and philosophy. Currently in the process of opening a small business for handmade epoxy resin jewelry. 

Best with: 
(alcohol, sex & pornography) 
Anxiety Disorder (generalized, social, panic disorder) OCD and PTSD
Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Support
Personality Disorders
(Cluster A & Cluster B) 
Self-Esteem Issues, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm
Relationship & Family Stress, 
Domestic Violence
Spirituality & Healthy Living
LGBTQ Support, Sexual Issues, Alternative Relationships

7cups roles:
Healthy Living Support
Relationship & Friendship Support

Lucky to have the best 7cup twin in the world @ You know who you are :)
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Feedback & Reviews
Very quick response and keen to talk and help. Friendly and informative.
Excellent response time. Very patient and understanding. An excellent listener overall.
Awesome listener
Very nice, understanding, & helpful
Amazing listener, sympathetic and empathetic. very kind a considerate and made me see things from a perspective i would never even of thought of myself.
super helpful thanks
Okay, first time I got a feedback survey well after a actual good first chat. She is down to earth and awesome and a very open free thinker. Whats not to love?
Truly amazing and caring person heart of gold helped me in my time of need
She is just awesome
Simply the best listener there is.. Vix thanks so much you've helped me in more ways more than you know, the only one who could ever relate to my situation, the only one. That has been really helpful you made me have hope in the world again. You're the wisest, most hardworking person i've met and you've inspired me a lot. You are my Ray of hope. Im so glad to have met you and I hope you'll continue listening for years to come!
The best listener I have talked to so far
Empathetic and kind
Best ever experience on this site. I came here feeling down and not very hopeful that would change. I was wrong. So wrong. I am refreshed and feel hopeful again. I am so grateful for this listener. Thank you!
thanks for listening to me
Vixiana not only listened to my problems but she fully understood them as well 😊 She was able to make me look at them in a different way to see solutions and she was able to make my life clearer and less stressful. She is not only a great listener but possibly the best listener I've talked to here. Thank you Vixiana you have been a great help ❤
This person is extremely sweet and thoughtful, I feel really lucky to have talked to them. Thank you so much for the support and help!
Very very great.
Very good listener. She made cry, a lot, but in the best of ways. Heartily recommended, couldn't have found anyone better. Thank you.
An amazingly kindhearted, compassionate and kind person. She understands the situation perfectly while keeping a very professional and efficient attitude at the same time. Will most certainly ask for her again!
Very helpful and extremely insightful.
Great listener, thumbs up!
Amazing in every way
Helped me a lot with my anxiety
Amazing so much knowledge
Before Vix came into my life, I remember feeling so distraught, depressed, confused, and heartbroken after a recent breakup. I am not usually one to speak up about my problems but I thought to give 7 Cups a try and after carefully evaluating all of the listeners available, I felt deeply guided to leave Vixiana a message. From what I read on her profile, I got a good vibe from her and a good sense of who she is and felt like she was the only one who could help me. I was right…

I have gotten professional help in the past with some of my childhood traumatic experiences and I have tried reaching out for help before with the relationship problems that I face, but nothing and no one has helped me as much as Vix has. Vix is more than a listening ear. She has provided me with the knowledge, support, and awareness I’ve always needed to overcome all my obstacles. She is truly the kindest, wisest, most helpful soul I have ever been lucky enough to meet and trying to describe how amazing she is would not do her character justice. Saying that she is the best there is, is quite frankly, an understatement. She is not just a trained listener or a trusted friend, she is an angel. She is a ray of light that dispels all darkness. Since she has come into my life, she has opened my eyes and has given me vision. She has taught me how to smile again, how to live again.

I have learned the name, “Vixiana” means “full of life.” It’s a hard name to live up to but she does so without fault. She’s brave, strong, and smart. She’s been through a lot. She is the most compassionate person I know, and I know a lot of people. Thank you Vix, for changing my life for the better and for making me want to be better. Our conversations have been enlightening at the very least and I am so grateful to you for helping me in more ways than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for using your strength as a tool to strengthen others. Thank you for using your power to empower others. Thank you for all that you are and for all that you do. May God bless you with so much more (:
Thank you for your help!! Not done talking to you but I know it will be good. God bless! :)
Great help and great advice!
Than you for the team,i release my sadness. May god bless you all.
amazing listener. truly helpful
All is well now. She is strong and considerate and very nice. It was lovely talking to her :3
Hecks mcbeths this girl is wonderful!
she is awesome ! :)
A great smart human, she would listen well and respond well. she can understand you better than anyone.
she was great. I'll come back later :D
Was my first chat on 7COT. Gave me an enjoyable experience. Vixiana is an intelligent, warmhearted listener. Keep up the good job.
Vixiana was an extremely helpful and understanding listener.
She's amazing, she's wise, lovely... the world is a good place because of people like Vivi
really down to earth would talk to her again!
Great person to talk to
I feel as if this person has real life experience with dealing with some of the issues I have. She's really good to talk to.
She's absolutely wonderful. She know exactly what you're going through and will connect with you right away.
Angel. Hearttt
I came here because I had just learned of my friends passing. I was in total shock and as I live far away from home, I needed someone to talk to. Vixiana was amazing. Supportive and non judgemental. I'm over the hump and I can deal with things my own way tomorrow.
Great listener. Definitely recommendable.
very accomodating
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