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Wolfgank |
Listener - Exemplar 3

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Number of Ratings: 264
Number of Reviews: 97
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Bulgarian
Listener Since Jul 5, 2016
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 994
Cheers 381,808
People Helped 845
Chats 5,444
Group Support Chats 8
Listener Group Chats 29
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Feedback & Reviews
They listen to my story
An awesome person and listener
Very cool and calm. Helped put things into perspective a lot clearer.
Helpful listener!
He is the most patient listener I have met here. Kind, understanding and just there to listen and make you feel at home with a good friend. Very genuine connection. I am truly glad I chatted with Mr Wolf.
Was available and responsive. Yay :)
Good communication, helped me process my emotions.
Good listener !!
Thank you for your time, a little bit of your heart, and patience too. You are wonderfully awesome, Sir! โค
Always a good listerner!
Really good chat
Very kind, patient, and nice listener. A compassionate person.
Heโ€™s an amazing listener! Really talks through things rationally ๐Ÿ˜Š
He has great advice seems to know a lot about life
Very positive and friendly .takes effort to bring smile to face.seems authentic and true
He made me feel welcome and calm :)
Your words changed me in a good way ๐Ÿ˜‰
Very kind and helpful listener!
Excellant.Always understands the way I feel!!
Really had a great time
Helpful and fast replies
He's very attentive and cares, even when I'm impulsive and demanding :p
Amazing listener. They listened to the problem, asked questions to make sure they understood and gave their perspective. Very empathetic, kind and helpful :)
Very friendly and insightful guy. He is amazing!
Awesome listener!
Really understanding.
very helpful and compassionate listener
He is a good listener. I highly recommend him.
Super awesomeeeeee
Patient guy, willing to listen.
A very kind a thoughtful listener.. Very pleasant to talk to!
thanks i hope we can ship everyone to mars together
Goodlistener reads and dissects as best as possiblr
he's a caring guy, responds fast, and is very honest
Awsome listenner. One of a kind!
I was so broken after talking to him made me feel so better ..thanks
Kind and supportive. Would talk to him again. Receptive to what I was saying.
Patient listener. Thank you.
He's Easy going, ask insightful questions. Great sense of humor that lessened my stress! I had a great experience!
thank u for great chat !
Good listener & helper.
He stayed with me through the difficult times. I am ever so grateful to him!
Wolfgank was great,He really brightened my day.
he was quick to respond and pretty good
very kind and friendly
Wolfgank is the most amazing person to talk to!!! I canโ€™t explain how insightful and wise he is. Easy to talk to, listens, guides and with zero judgment. The world is a better place for him being here. Has helped me when things were so black that I was ready to give up. This man is my saving grace. Iโ€™m blessed to have had the good fortune of connecting with him. So special
loved it, nice friendly guy
Really helpful and understanding
Very quick and sincere responses. Great listening skills!! Thank you so so much :)
Very patient and emphatic. He pointed out where I erred and offered me much wisdom. Thank you a lot for your help.
Very fast at responding and very professional and gives you advice that you need to hear
He is the best listener.i have come across. He is kind, and really wisdomous.
This dude is awesome
A very kind listener
Thank you is an understatement for this guy. It wont be too much if i describe him in metaphors because he is such a someone who cannot be easily described.
Like sunshine he crept inside me and lit up every dark corner with his smiles and his light.
Way ahead of his age, mature , and so empathetic that he would get sad with your sadness and get happy with your happiness.
Out of all the living species on the Earth, he is my favourite.
I will remember him for all good reasons. For all good seasons.
I was destined to meet him here, I wish so many more people share this destiny too...and get to be in his touch. And so you will know, this world after all isnt such bad a place, it cannot be a bad place untill he is in it.
I am so fond of him. And who would n't be?
He is the best version of reality.
The version we only dream of.
Thank you so much for everything and beyond.
Got the help and encouragement I needed. Thank you again!
Enjoyed expressing my feelings freely with him... He's so understanding
A good listener
Friendly and makes me comfortable to share something that I hardly opened up about. I'm not good with writing review but he's so great that make me want to write a review for him.
great budddyyy
A very wise intelligent kind man. I enjoyed talking to him. He helped me get some really deep insights
Listened and was fair. Thanks
Very nice
He knows the right words and a good listener.
Thanks for being such a good listener and providing far and balanced advice. You made me feel better about things. :)
Very happy, given a lot of information about my situation and took the time to read it and help me, thank you
Faith in humanity restored,he is very gounded,very good listener.polite..compassion for others. Felt good talking to him.
he is very helpful and very pro.... :)
Good listening skills
Really good
Thanks john! You really helped me ...
A friendly warm soul :)
very nice guy
Thanks a lot for everything. It was very healing. Sending you love and blessings. Medley.
Lovely person who is understanding and open minded about what I had to say :)
Great listener.
Very good
Nice talking to him
He is a great listener and a friend. We talk almost everyday and he has helped me drive away my loneliness.
he's the best.
absolutely the best. I can't thank him enough!
A wonderful listener with helpful suggestions. Gave his attention and time and was very kind. Thank You.
He's doing a great job
Omg .. The best!! He was like a friend , ty so much
Very nice person!! I only talked him briefly but he has the power to make everyone feel calm and happy๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
His a really cool guy. To communicate with. His such a great friend ๐Ÿ˜Š
i like you
Fun to talk with, friendly and puts you at ease. Takes the edge of breaking the ice
He is very assertive and helping minded!
Thanks for listening
He's great.
Good guy
Good listener. My topic was a little weird but he helped a lot.
Really helpful! Thank you for listening.
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