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** on a self care break **
Hey there! You can call me Ben) and just like you I found this site during times of severe emotional stress and it helped me feel better! Im here to listen to you, to be your shoulder to lean on.. To help you. Feel free to reach out to me!

About me personally I'm 22 years old and a student. I have suffered physical and psychological abuse as a child and my early teens which has left me damaged. I've been shamed and neglected, heartbroken.. rarely remember ever waking up with a smile on my face and yet I kept silent about it all for a long long time.. in social circles i've always tried to fit in and be normal, be cool and be accepted.. it never worked out in the long run. I've experienced failure and severe loneliness.. I've seen a lot of death and misery in my life since childhood and had a very poor support system to help me then, but despite it all I've always had an undying hope for the future!

This site and some of the people I have met here too are keeping me going and helping me with my daily battle with depression! Reminding me that as long as i'm here, I have someone I can count on and to support me!

Hopefully I can be that person for you as well) Learning to love yourself for who you are is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself!

I enjoy doing calisthenic/bodyweight workouts, volunteering,  listening,  sketching,  writing and playing music. The guitar is my instrument of choice 👍
A former metalhead now with a liking for calmer music and a special love for Avicii songs)) 

I take chats on Social anxiety, Relationships,  Depression and motivation, College life, Bullying, Family stress and Healthy living but I'm willing to listen to anything you have to tell me with an open mind and heart! And I'll try my best to be helpful! 
Looking forward to getting to know you 😉

Please reach out to my listener twin : @Vixiana in case i'm unavailable. She is simply the best listener there is :)

Vix thank you... You've always always supported me. You've been my Ray of hope in the darkest of times and have given me motivation when I most needed it. You've inspired and influenced me in the best of ways and I just cant thank you enough! We joined the same year, same month and basically grew up on 7cups together. You and me have always been a team through the years. You're the best twin anyone could ever hope to have and i'm so so lucky to have met you here and to have you as my twin. ❤ Please stay golden the way you are, the world is a much better place because of people like you)) 

Ps : I also do dream analysis as part of my listening. feel free to talk about your nightmares! 

**  Discussion leader at Healthy Living sub-community

**  Peer Support

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Feedback & Reviews
Very willing to lend a helping hand.
Very caring and an active listener.
very understanding, we had an instant connection due to similar experiences. highly recommended!
Really sweet. Listened and tried to help me as best he could.
The best listener I've encountered here. He's patient, understanding, smart, non-judgemental and overall amazing. Thank you so much for offering me a safe space. You've no idea how much that means to me. We need more people like you!!!
very kind and caring listener/mod
He’s such an awesome person and is so open and understanding
Awesome man great listener
Super understanding and super kind. I always feel like he goes out of his way to listen to me and make me feel better :)
very kind and gave good advice
Nice person. Very caring and helpful
Really chill listener :)
Wonderful listener. I enjoyed it very much
He truly listens, i love how he speaks from experience and how awesome he speaks to me...much respect
really great ear!
good and great helper
he is amazing. helping me
gave great perspective and personal experience really helped them be relatable and helpful
Great listener....He has helped me so much in a challenging time in my life.
Ben really helped me to feel better
Very friendly and helpful. Responsive
He was very wonderful and validated my feelings.
Very great listener!
Kind and thoughtful
Thank you for listening to my ramble and your help
So incredibly helpful and personable. Honestly the best conversation I could have hoped to have.
Very empathetic and kind. Was a good experience chatting Has a bright future ahead of him
Great. Warm and patient.
great listener, and a great guy. thanks!
Just started chatting but he seems really really calming for my anxiety. I am having so much panic and texting here helps so much
One amazing understanding listener
Really great at listening and I felt like they really paid attention to what I was saying and were asking questions related to it. I felt heard out and like what I said was important and mattered.
Very helpful empathic all aro8nd nice person
aaaahhh I'm so happy now! and relieved! I was feeling like a giant rock of problems was above me and this listener was like "hey.. this thingy?" and, with long paragraphs and empathy, threw the rock though the window as if it was nothing. Thank you very much for that, you are amazing :)
Thank you for your time, you are always present every time I need help (what a coincidence :P) Thanks for the sincerity :) stay cool and awesome :D
Great Listener. Highly Recommended !!!!!!!!!!
very good
Are you looking for a fun listener that will also be very easy to talk to and will make you feel comfortable? have you tried and tried but you couldn't find the right listener for you? THIS is your opportunity! If you Pm this listener now you would not only be getting a great conversation but also a set of awesome feelings with it! So what are you waiting for? PM now! :P
Excellent Listener.
Thanks for being understanding about a sensitive topic.
One of the better listeners I have encountered.
Gives you a response that will truly help you!
i admire his all pursuance to make me cheerful
they are a great listener and have given me great feedback and support I'm glad I've found them to talk to on here :)
well what can i say he came he listened he talked he loved he whats my suggestion?be careful when you talk to him people :P COS YOU ARE GONNA FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!ud get addicted to him u wudnt wanna leave the chat!these are the kind of people u end up praying for.he's your joy drug,so what are you waiting for,go get him!!!..GOD Bless him,his team,and all those who seek support here.
Very supportive and great enthusiasm!!
Glad to have him as a Listener, he's one of the best!!
Ugh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sweet person
Fantastic listener and supportive friend
Very encouraging and kind hearted!!
Was very professional
Fantastic chat, most helpful and encouraging person I've chatted with online, EVER!!
He is very helpful and also has a lot of empathy, great listener. He made me feel lots better and calmer while talking to him.
Very nice.
Good one!
The thing I admired the most about this listener is that while they are optimistic, they are also realistic. Sometimes friends and family sugarcoat things just to see you happy for awhile, only to become sad again; this listener actually talked through with me with some logic and in this way I was able to find the right support without feeing awkward for asking support in the first place. I appreciate it, I really do.
really helpful, listened well and gave really good advice!
Such a sweetheart
love you mistergreeneyes :)
very compassionate
Hope i can use this service again. thanks so much : )
He was sweet and helped me a lot. Great listener!
Finally someone who actually listens and doesn't just paraphrase. It's like talking to an old friend you never knew you had
Very kind! Helped me be able to sleep!
Great listener. Really cares about you'..
mrgreeneyes helped me quite a bit and listened to what i have to say. he/she provided me with a non bias opinion and gave me the best possible advice that he could give, provided the given situation. this is my first time using this website and i will contiue to use it, and encourage others as this has been a helpfull and fun experience for me.
Best listener I've encountered so far, asks very relevant questions, really wants to understand the situation you are in and how you've come to be in that situation. I feel much much better!
mistergreeneyes has helped me see whats wrong in my life, that was really helpful
I feel relived and confident after chatting with him. He is very patience listener and i love that
decent chap
I feel soo good... polite patient and very considerate... thank you Mister Greeneye!
nice guy
MisterGreeneyes has great empathy, is intuitive and responds very quickly. This 1on1 session was my first one on 7 cups of tea and I really liked it.
Really caring and helpful, I appreciated his time immensely.
A great listener. He's honest about his expertise, but still gave the extra effort to help me out. :)
Thanks a lot...
wonderful listener... really helpful
he really helped me when I most needed it.. cant put into words how much he helped me! I love him for it :) and I would definitely recommend this listener
I was really relieved after talking to MisterGreeneyes! He was patient and provided excellent advice and even shared his own experience to show how he can relate! Definitely recommend people to chat with him!
very helpful
Seemed genuinely interested in helping people, was not like the rest.
i feel so much better after my conversation
i felt so much better after speaking to him!
He gave me self believe and gave me the go get it push that I needed
Very helpful - a great listener who calmed me down when I most needed it.
Very empathetic and kind
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