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Listener - Maven 3

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For my mentor profile, click here.
If you want to know me more, click here (I promise not to disappoint xD)

Please, please, please book a time with me before messaging me. I take 1-hour chats per day! You can do so here:

{the undercurrent pulls

my body it sweeps

pulling my out

its anger it keeps

the undercurrent draws

a turbulent tempt

it tumbles my heart

with vehement intent

the undercurrent rages

But I'm sturdy and strong

adept in the water

for that's where I belong

the undercurrent subsides

I'm floating serene

my eyes see the sun

I still live, I still dream

-Eileen Manassian, "The deleted poems". }

Topics I am not comfortable with:
Sexual health
Eating habits
Casual chats

Topics I am comfortable with:
Panic Attacks

^Please note that these are topics that are extremes for me. I do listen/discuss other topics and those can be seen on my profile.^

Aspiring psychologist, avid movie watcher, devoted foodie, an ardent feminist, and a chain-reader! You can call me Toast!

"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and the most beautiful part of us."
-David Richo

^ Words to live by.

*Racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia will be blocked distinctly and immediately. I also do not take casual chats.*
Number of Ratings: 174
Number of Reviews: 56
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since May 10, 2015
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 316
Cheers 89,307
People Helped 441
Chats 909
Group Support Chats 79
Listener Group Chats 109
Forum Posts 222
Forum Upvotes 359
Feedback & Reviews
She was awesome and kind and caring and respectful. One session with her and I love her!! I dont have any words to appreciate her, she's too good!!🧡🧡
She was really kind and respectful
it was fun talking to her\him
she was really nice and helped a lot
Amazing listener, helped me figure stuff out.
A good listener, really nice and makes me feel comfortable
She knows how to tackle the situation ❣️
Great and a good listener
She is really great at helping with panic attacks, the best I've found. Great personality and knowledgeable about mindful breathing and grounding techniques.
She is a great listener! One of the best I've talked to :) Thank you so much for responding to everything I said and not appear to be annoyed with me at all. Thank you thank you to people like you!!
Good listening skills
Awesome listener!
She had been a great listener; she gave good advice and was extremely well-understanding of how I was feeling. She even offered to give some more tips if I want to talk to her again. I really appreciate her!
Very patient and understanding, makes a very safe space and a comfortable chat. Would definitely recommend for any sort of panic or anxiety.
Thanks for the encouragement:)
Thank you for taking out sometime - Dragon
Thanks for listening
I really had an awesome time talking to her...
Very good helped me a lot
Helping me a lot
really good thanks
the listener with beautiful smile ever and after seeing it i can say that she can make your day with her inspirational sayings...............!!!!
Great and supportive!
Thank you for your kindness
Very helpful and kind towards my problem!!
Understood my problems really well
Amazing, response, Very helpful, very patient and really helped me cope with my problem! There should be more and more Angels like you, God bless you!
She's kind of really sweet and encouraging. :)
thank you.
You're doing a great job. I'm actually feeling better that someone can appreciate me and don't judge me just because of this.
Excellent listener
Caring , loving.
In essential a sweetheartsweetheart..
A very helpful and kind listener :)
I got the help I needed. And I thankfully that she listened and gave me great advice.
Articulates well, and is supportive till the end! Need more people like this, wallah
POSITIVE LISTENER, and supports so much till end!!!!
Was very understanding and showed solutions to solve my problems
Helped me find solutions to the problem
She is as amazing as I hoped~ she listened and made me feel as though I could really get through my problems one step at a time. You go, girl!
The second chat with her was so good! And the best part: She's super funny.
I feel like she pays attention to everything I say, which is so important. I appreciate your time, Kushani! You've made such a huge impact on my life. I can't wait to come back to you.
Remarkable. She's an angel.
You Rock Girl !
Exceptionally well.
Articulates well, and is very empathetic. Can't wait to talk to her again
She is simply amazing and funny
Seems very mature for her age.
It was good talking to you :) ...
One of the nice listeners of 7cups. Articulate, intelligent, and helpful.
loved talking to the listener
Kind and humble person. She's like a goddess. Can't wait to talk to her again. You go, girl.
She's absolutely lovely. Very understanding and extremely patient. Need more people like her. :)
She's lovely and pretty kind.
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