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*On a Break Due To Personal Issues*

Geek || Food Lover || Writer || Student || Gamer || Traveller || 

If you feel like talking about anything just drop me a pm :)





I don't take the following chat for personal reasons

​​​​​1) Sexual Chats.

​​​​​​2) Suicidal/Self Harm Chat 

3) Bipolar/ADHD/Borderline/Panic Attacks

I can help you with the following topics really well since I can relate to them 

1)College Problems

2)Dating Problems

3)Relationship Issues


*Im not really good with divorce or maternal or marriage issues since im young and lack any experience in these. 

My Favorite Quote is "“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

My Listener Twin is the cutie




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Number of Reviews: 148
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Languages English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Listener Since Jun 30, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
It was really comfortable to talk to this listener.. he is really kind.
This quick chat is exactly what I needed to feel less alone and re-focus my energy. Thank you
Really a nice listener,has Great patience,stay blessed!
It was very nice and direct.
Amazing listener💗 he help me to calm down while I was having anxiety.
Great listener that really made me feel better and forget about my anxiety moment ❤️
He is really great and a good listener:) i enjoyed it a lot to talk with him!!
Lively and open
Helped me clear my mind and guided me to find my passion
Amazing guy!! Loved him.
A very "alive" guy ... With a kind heart and a proactive yet caring attitude! I felt really cared for, and in a conversation with a person genuinely interested in brightening my day. Feeling very grateful. One of the big pluses is that he replies very quickly and you don't have to wait for ages till the next message! As for listening skills, I think he is a mentor for a reason - very, very knowledgeable in human nature and in different ways to calm a person down. Yay!
A very nice fella who cheered me up when I was totally down from a stupid argument I had with my mum...
Listened clearly, gave great advice in a humanly fashion! Was great!
Emphatic, responsive, kind person. A brilliant listener. The chat definitely took a load off me today! Thanks!!
very helpful
He is really open and talkative and makes you feel as if you already know him. That's really nice!
He's helpful
Thanks for listening to my nonesense! 😂😂😂
Was very helpful really listened to what you have to say
Cool dude
Pretty chill person
fine fellow
I really appreciate your support and advice for your assistance towards me, it is really helpful
BatMb to the recue!
works magic! Can I take him home?
kind and good listener
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to listen to me! It was nice to have someone to talk to and not be judged! Hope to maybe chat again another time! So if you ever need an ear...they will listen and are very empathic! Also willing to try and help you in a professional manner! And answers you rather quickly if they can! Again Thank you for your help! -Aj
Thank you. He really listened to me and was straightforward. Very refreshing.
Very kind and helping to listen to all your worries!
You're a blessing. Muneeb is a very wonderful, amazing, incredible, smart, thoughtful, sympathetic, kind, intelligent, just beyond great listener &person!!! I can go on and onnnnnn really!!! Thank you so very much for everything! You're very warm and understanding and caring! You're a hero and an inspiration. You're very calming and reassuring and you put me at ease :) You have so much knowledge and wisdom!! My favorite person ever
He is an amazing listener who will without a doubt make your day. He's extremely positively-set and will focus on the good things rather than the bad, and his approach to people is simply amazing. Being an actual human and relating to all my feelings, he made me feel like I'm being properly listened to and that's exactly what I needed. I came to him on the edge of tears and I left him smiling, because I was really happy I was so understood by somebody else. Thank you, so, so, SO much for being here available to me and others, continue being amazing!!!!
good listener with good advice
Such a sweet listener :D
Awesome to talk to. Made me smile very easily. Super friendly :)
good lustener
An amazing listener and informed about so many topics!
Super easy to talk to and provided great feedback.
Everyone here has said he's a great listener, very positive, and all that. I totally second it, and I must add, he's adorable! :)
I was very skeptical looking for another listener....but I tried Bat. He is a very gentle patient listener. Took time to really listen to why I was feeling or thinking the way I was. He even knew when it was tough for me to share. Thank you for listening to me
There was genuineness in the advice given, and the listener was able to connect and sensitize and interpret my problem really well. There was a good balance of diplomacy and professionalism too, and feasible advice was given. Great listener :)
Really fast with replies and always there to help!
Funny guy! XD
Thank you so much for listening Mb, you're an awesome listener !!!!!
Mb is patient, kind, and a great listener. A credit to this site and it's great to know there are listeners and people like him. :')
Thanks for listening. Will remember you in prayers always.
He's a great guy. Loved talking to him
It was a pleasure talking to him! Thanks for the amazing poems and song suggestions! You rock! :D
An amazing human being :D
He helped me understand my problems. He made me feel better. If I need to go talk to anyone, it would be batmb. I really appreciate how he handled the conversation. I still haven't gone through my issues but I'll slowly get there with his help. I'm glad I talked to him and glad he listened.
Thanks for the suggestions buddy! :D
He's an amazing human being! Thank you for everything! :)
Only best listener going batmanmb
Thanks for all those supportive words. They really did help a lot. :)
So kind and really understanding! I couldn't ask for anything more, thank you so much!
He was very kind, supportive and uplifting! :)
nice good guy to talk
nice talking to him
hope to cy again
What a sweet person. Really helped me deal with what I was going through and made me feel much much better.
Talks with kindness and support to help you feel stronger and better throughout your journey to happiness.
Very motivational. Thank you for listening to me.
A good chat with this listener..
nice person
there's nothing to say except for "thank you!! :)
A great listener! Extremely understanding and has a willingness to help! Thank you.
a gud listener with a great response time...knowledgeable with solutions in hand. Was nice talking to :)
Your very helpful continue it Godbless
Really helpful, a great listener and easy to talk to. Made me feel like I wasn't alone in this.
amazing person!!
super chill and nice!
Good guy,good listener! This site needs more like him!
Empathetic, rich in thoughts.Never behaved in a condescending way.
he is such a lad, and his favourite word is AWESOME that's sooo AWESOME XD
Seriously? He's the best guy ever ^^ - KanekiKen
Thanks I have a new friend now
Asdfghj perfect

great listener! helpuful n caring too.. thnk u soo much
nice cool guy love him so much
very enthusiastic to help and positive
amazing person to talk to
A very good person :) Someone who will understand your problems and who will make sure he brings a smile on your face
listening pleasure
Thanks for the help. It really means a lot. 😊
He's a really great listener and has a great taste in music. Will come up with anything to cheer you up. An awesome person to talk to
Super helpful and understanding
Best listener. Very perceptive and caring
An empathetic listener who know which buttons to press to make any member smile. Rock on bruhh :p
awesome listener..
thank you so much :) :) :)
He was absolutely amazing! The best listener ever rear! I want to thank you for your outstanding job! Thank you for expressing concern and understanding. If felt like talking to my best friend! May God bless you!
Brilliant listener, I highly recommend him.
We cn talk to him..he's nice guy..
Very helpful and kind person! Helped me vent and get to the root of my problem and solve it for myself. Very kind soul and heart! :D
awesome friend
He was awesome, quick, funny, and helpful. 5 stars
The listener supports me and give me solution to my current problem
A good and genuine listener!
he is a very cool person .. listens to super good music
Very kind, uplifting person. Great listener.
A good supporter and knows how to use coping skills
Great lister,and advicer
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